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8 June, 2010

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Makes some good points, but communism has automatic advantages over White nationalism. For example, communism is an equalizing ideology/movement and so “feels better” to Joe Sixpack. Also, the (Jewish/left-wing) pop culture is always (more-or-less) sympathetic to communism. WN is a whole ‘nother breed of cat: [Article].

5 June, 2010

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The real holocaust: tens-of-millions of Germans murdered during and after WWII by the communist/pro-communist “allies”: [Article].

1 June, 2010

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Communist: “I’m trying to ruin Western culture.” Christian: “That’s funny. So am I!” [Article].

23 May, 2010

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Would there be a political Left in America without Jews? Yes, but just barely. The Left was built by The Tribe. Look at the communist party, for example. Nearly every top communist official was a Jew, e.g., Benjamin Gitlow, Jay Lovestone, Israel Amter, Bertram Wolfe, Alexander Bittelman, William Weinstone, Herbert Aptheker, Nicholas Hourwich, V. J. […]

21 May, 2010

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You won’t be shocked to learn that that party, like most European communist parties, was heavily Jewish. It was co-founded by, among others, the Jew Adolf Warski, who, for some reason, has a shipyard named after him in Szczecin, Poland. (Do you think they’ll ever name a shipyard after Alex Linder or David Duke?). In […]

21 May, 2010

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The Jewish communist Stanley Levison – who was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s handler and speechwriter – played an important role in the early SCLC; an example of his role can be found here. MLK, Jr. was the SCLC’s first president (1957 to 1968): [Article].

19 May, 2010

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A document about Jews and communism, in 8 parts: [VNN Forum thread].

18 May, 2010

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There’s nothing to see except accounts of wholesale mass murder and oppression, so just forget about Soviet history, White man! Jewish communism is one big yawner! (*Yawn*) See? [Article].

29 April, 2010

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If only the Serbs weren’t White, the globalists would leave them alone? Regardless, the facts surrounding the Serbs don’t matter to the heavily-Jewish NWO crowd – facts like this: in the modern era, the part-White Albanians started the violence (against the White Serbs), beginning with Albanian student uprisings at Pristina University in Kosovo in 1981, […]

28 April, 2010

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Liberals love democracy. They worship it. It’s so…equalizing. (That’s why they also love communism). So it was interesting for me to learn that a noted liberal, the late rock singer Lowell George, regretted running his band Little Feat democratically. Funny! Too late George learned that democracy – like communism – leads to mediocrity. The less-talented […]