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25 November, 2008

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald: [Here].

19 November, 2008

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Cuban-style conversation monitoring at a major university [1]: [Article]. [1] the roots of Cultural Marxism are, of course, Jewish, i.e., Karl Marx, Georg Lukacs, Max Horkheimer and the Frankfurt School group, etc.

22 October, 2008

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After years of affirmative action and lowered standards, women and non-Whites still lag behind White men in actual job performance: [Article].

20 October, 2008

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The ghost of Max Horkheimer says: “When it comes to propaganda, always maintain tight control of the terminology.” Words to live by. More about the queer lobby here: [Article].

12 October, 2008

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Such words and actions by a judge toward a non-White defendant would have seemed trivial and gone unnoticed in the 1950s. Of significance is the judge’s loss of retirement benefits. That’s unbelievable and it should cause public outcry. What do retirement benefits have to do with this matter? Do Jewish, Marxism-spouting college professors ever lose […]

26 July, 2008

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How shocked Joe Sixpack would be if he knew that the landmark Brown court ruling was not based on constitutional law per se, but on social and “moral” arguments instead. In other words, legally speaking, his White children should not be attending public schools with violent negroes: [Article].

25 July, 2008

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No humans are superior? How do you explain this, for example? Or this? Further, do “moral” questions belong in science? Isn’t science supposed to be neutral? Who decides what is and isn’t “moral”? (For newbies: Jewish “scientist” Ashley Montagu – not his real name – long ago announced that all humans are “equal.” Montagu’s announcement […]

24 July, 2008

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Someone wondered aloud if China would “get away with” its new rule that negroes cannot be served in bars in Beijing. The answer, of course, is yes, the Chinese will get away with it, because they aren’t White. The “all humans are equal” propaganda, which is spouted daily by the Jews and their shabbos goys, […]

7 July, 2008

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All of the White countries are infected with political correctness, but England seems to be more infected than the others: [Article].