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19 June, 2009

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Two White men are shipped off to face prison for Orwellian thought-crimes while the U.S. government allows every sort of non-White urchin to stay in America regardless of the circumstances. Truly sickening: [Article].

19 June, 2009

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Like other Western countries, Canada carries water for Big Jew: [Article].

15 June, 2009

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Nazism was killed off decades ago, but the Jewish ideology of communism is still alive and still oppressing White people today – a good example being the ordeal of the American men who were held hostage for 5 1/2 years in the Colombian jungle by the ultra-violent, Marxist group called FARC.There is a new book […]

14 June, 2009

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “It seems that lately most of my critics have been Jews associated with the paleoconservative right: Paul Gottfried, Robert Weissberg (see my reply after Weissberg’s comment), and Lawrence Auster. Takuan Seiyo’s critique rehashes familiar arguments in a particularly nasty way, speaking, for example, of my ‘malice and brain-dead stupidity.’” [Article].

13 June, 2009

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One guy in an Israel-related spy case got no prison time at all, and another guy has had his sentence greatly reduced. The two sentences are an interesting display of Jewish power in America: [Article].

2 June, 2009

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It’s funny how every time an abortionist is murdered, there’s never any mention of the hundreds or thousands of White babies he killed. But whatever. Brainwashed White women will continue to go to the special “clinics” to get unwanted “blobs” removed from their wombs, lest the blobs interfere with their “careers”: [Article].

18 May, 2009

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There’s no slowing the Jewish tikkun olam machine as it tries to remake Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan – and who knows where else next – for the benefit of world Jewry. (Isn’t it interesting which countries the Jews select for remodeling? For example, they ignore the Asian/Oriental countries, unless you want to count the installation of […]

14 May, 2009

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How many international Jews are advising Hillary Clinton about the Serbs and the Balkans? Note the mention of Serbska/ Srpska: [Article].

8 May, 2009

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“Hello. You have reached the American Big Fat Huge Profit Corporation, manufacturer of things that you don’t really need since 1975. Due to the spread of Jewish ideas such as free trade, our customer-service center has been outsourced to other countries. To speak to a Chinaman, press 1. To speak to a Filipino, press 2. […]

4 May, 2009

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Big Jew: “More money is needed to fight the wars against Israel’s enemies. Draft a bill as soon as possible.” Congress: “Yes, master.” [Article].