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21 November, 2010

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(Above: gypsies) My grandmother once told me of how, circa 1900, White parents used to shut their children indoors if gypsies were camped nearby. The children were cautioned that under no circumstances should gypsies be approached, or be allowed onto the property of a White person. Gypsies were thought of as liars, thieves and swindlers […]

6 May, 2010

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If “won” means being saddled with political correctness/cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, feminism, non-White immigration, non-White crime, an anti-White, immoral and materialistic popular culture, a 40-year Cold War, massive debt, roller-coaster interest rates and never-ending inflation as a result of the defeat of Germany and the pathologicalization of Nazi ideas (which of course led to Jewish cultural […]

18 April, 2010

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Well, of course it is. Don’t be silly! Speaking of “Sex and the City,” actress Sarah Jessica Parker is its central figure and icon. Is that because: 1. She’s a beautiful woman and her beauty will attract lots of viewers? 2. The heavily-Jewish entertainment industry believes that she has classic Jewish features and wants to […]

6 March, 2010

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. Not that Whites should care about Mexico per se, but the worldwide sickness of egalitarianism is spreading into the “macho” Spanish-speaking countries [1]. You can blame “Western” popular culture – which now reaches around the globe – for much of the spreading [2]: [Article] [1] egalitarianism [2] that popular culture includes, of course, heavily-Jewish […]

13 December, 2009

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One minute Woods was a multiracial Jesus, and the next minute he wasn’t [1]. Funny! But not to worry. After the media gets done with the Tiger scandal, he will return to being a god: [Article]. [1] Woods is part-Black, part-Asian, part-American Indian and part-White

12 August, 2009

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Our culture is guided by endless media campaigns that are designed to “teach” us “morality,” especially regarding race, e.g., the 1991 Rodney King beating in Los Angeles: [Article].

27 June, 2009

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by Michael Hoffman. “We pause in our round-the-clock defamation of Iran to bring you, Michael Jackson. Our Zionist-controlled media have temporarily shifted from hysterical denunciation of Iran to pious genuflection before the altar of an androgyne. To the extent that Iran has been demonized, Mr. Jackson is being canonized — as ‘the’ iconic American entertainer. […]

26 June, 2009

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Give Michael Jackson credit on one count. He tried to become a White man. He didn’t succeed, of course, but he made an attempt. Interestingly, Jackson called Black people “spabooks.”

27 January, 2009

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Besides free trade, multiculturalism, inflationary money/banking policies, non-White immigration, feminism, anti-family policies and cheap pop culture, what went wrong? [Article].