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5 February, 2009

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There are a couple of things going on here: 1) Jewish arrogance: how dare a gentile – a Catholic official, no less! – question any part of the Holocaust; 2) Jewish paranoia: what if other influential gentiles follow suit and decide to publicly question parts of the Holocaust? [Article].

21 January, 2009

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From the Catholic magazine “The Point,” 1953. Yes, it’s true that when you mention Freemasons, people look at you funny. But nonetheless, this is posted as more-or-less a continuation of the discussion of Freemasonry found in the “Comments” section. Trivia: almost all of the top people involved in the horrible French Revolution were Freemasons, e.g., […]

5 February, 2008

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The Church gives, the Jews take. Since 1965, the Church has steadily lost ground by altering Catholicism to suit God’s Pets. What’s next: a Star of David for the Pope’s hat? A rabbi as Vice Pope?: [Article].

31 January, 2008

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Thankfully, some Catholics won’t follow the doctrine of the Jewish-friendly, post-Vatican II church: [Article].

20 January, 2008

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They can no longer sell cheesy items in Vatican City. It seems appropriate that the Jews could ply their trade with permission in St. Peter’s Square, especially after Vatican II [1][2]: [Article]. [1] the Second Vatican Council, aka Vatican II (1962-1965) produced the infamous Nostra Aetate declaration, in which the Catholic church absolved the Jews […]

14 January, 2008

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There isn’t much difference between modern Catholicism and Marxism. Both push egalitarianism and a one-world order. Only a few Catholics notice that race is important. (In fact, the Catholic church supported interracial marriage in the late 1960s around the time of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Loving v. Virginia ruling): [Article].

11 December, 2007

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Christian readers may appreciate this blog [1][2]: [Here]. [1] Pinay’s book “The Plot Against the Church”: [Here] [2] more about Pinay: [Here]

9 December, 2007

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God wants you to join the party, he told us so! We go live at 9PM EST Ever wonder why so many people world wide believe in such fantastic tales of magic and mysticism when it comes to their religion, BUT they avoid much more obvious truths that stare them in the face so plainly? […]

8 October, 2007

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Read Talmudic passages for yourself: Judaism is bigotry posing as a religion. Since the Catholic church gave in to Jewish wishes back in 1965, isn’t it time for the Jews to reciprocate? [1][2]: [Article]. [1] about the Talmud: [Here] [2] about the Vatican’s 1965 Nostra Aetate ruling, which absolved the Jews re: Christ’s death: [Here]

11 August, 2007

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The Jews can be anything they want to be, since they set it up that way. Sometimes they’re a race, sometimes they’re only a religion, sometimes they’re both at once, depending on the day, week, month or audience. This guy became a Catholic cardinal, all the while remaining a Jew. You’d think that the Christians […]