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5 September, 2010

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. “Jews continued to dominate some areas. Solzhenitsyn mentions the special role of Jews in Soviet psychiatry (e.g., Lifshitz and “his Jewish gang” at Kaluga Hospital) at a time when “healthy people” were being locked up in mental institutions.” [Article].

26 August, 2010

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The antidote is the poison! The cure is the disease! The ugliest form of hate in world history is Judaism, and its off-shoot, Marxism. Yet, we gentiles are told that the response to Judaism/Marxism (i.e., Nazism) is the worst hate: [Article].

21 August, 2010

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Having suffered for years under the heel of Jewish communism, Romanians know the score about the yids [1]: [Article]. [1] about the Jewing of Romania: see post #217 (scroll down if your browser doesn’t go directly to it)

6 August, 2010

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Another federal judge voids another state law. Why do states even exist? Why doesn’t the federal government just dissolve all of the states and then rename America? Here’s a possible name: “People’s Democratic Republic of Boasheimer” (after Franz Boas and Max Horkheimer): [Article].

12 July, 2010

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Life in a Jewmocracy is always filled with excitement! If his cellphone played a speech by a mass-murdering leftist like Stalin, that would surely be okay since Jewrmany is nearly a communist country, politically speaking: [Article].

27 June, 2010

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“From the 19th to the 24th of August, 1936, the first of the great trials begins in Moscow, passing judgment on the ‘Trotskyite-Zinovievist terrorist center.’ Zinoviev and Kamenev and other old-guard Bolsheviks are condemned to death and executed. Out of the 16 condemned to death, 12 are Jews.” — from the book “The Jews in […]

25 June, 2010

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The Korean War is in the news/on TV these days. In fact, I participated in a short discussion about it. I asked “if Russia and China hadn’t been Jewed (i.e., been communized due to Jewish subversion), would the Korean War have happened?” The answer, of course, is no: [Article].

8 June, 2010

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Makes some good points, but communism has automatic advantages over White nationalism. For example, communism is an equalizing ideology/movement and so “feels better” to Joe Sixpack. Also, the (Jewish/left-wing) pop culture is always (more-or-less) sympathetic to communism. WN is a whole ‘nother breed of cat: [Article].

5 June, 2010

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The real holocaust: tens-of-millions of Germans murdered during and after WWII by the communist/pro-communist “allies”: [Article].

1 June, 2010

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Communist: “I’m trying to ruin Western culture.” Christian: “That’s funny. So am I!” [Article].