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12 December, 2014

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(Above: Jewish communist Georg Lukacs) Isn’t it ironic: what the communist Georg Lukacs started in Hungary in 1919 (Cultural Marxism) is now found in all of the capitalist countries. In other words, communism didn’t really die. It just changed form and migrated. It’s alive and well, just down the street, posing as “education” [1]. [Article]. […]

14 October, 2014

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Thanks to Cultural Marxism [1], we are slowly becoming a society where every human will be considered equal regardless of his race, religion or lifestyle. You’re a child molester? No problem. America’s greatest poet, Allen Ginsberg, was one – you’re in good company! You’re a serial killer? No biggie – besides, it helps control overpopulation […]

12 October, 2014

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(Above: Jewish communist Georg Lukacs, the first person to use Cultural Marxism, a.k.a. Political Correctness, as a mind-weapon against gentiles; he used it in a school classroom in Hungary circa 1919; forget Gramsci, a gentile, who only wrote about C.M./P.C. circa 1930 while in prison; of course, Jewish communists influenced Gramsci [1]; today, C.M./P.C. is […]

9 October, 2014

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Jewish federal government official: “We can’t ban travelers from West Africa. America is part of the global community!” Black federal government official: “Yes, the global community!” Mexican federal government official: “Besides, banning Blacks from West Africa would be racist.” Liberal federal government official: “Yes, racist! It’s better to risk an Ebola outbreak than to be […]

11 September, 2014

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Sadly, most historians are court historians, endlessly repeating the “politically correct” version of history. An important speech by David Irving here. Note the mention of Hungary and Jews, and also America’s First Amendment vs. France’s Fabius-Gayssot law, which is Jewish [1]. The West will likely stand or fall on America, as Tom Metzger has predicted. […]

7 September, 2014

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Political correctness doomed investigations into the sex crimes. By the way, thanks to Jews, racism is a crime in England – hence the fears about identifying the Brown abusers [1]. [Article]. [1] England has “racism police,” which are officially and euphemistically called “Community Safety Units.” According to their website, “CSUs will investigate incidents of the […]

1 August, 2014

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Had the cop created plaques honoring Lenin, Stalin or Mao, no one would have said a word about it. [Article].

14 July, 2014

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It’s not illegal to join the KKK, and White nationalism is perfectly legitimate as long as no crimes are committed. I wonder if they’d have been investigated if they were Black and belonged to a pro-Black organization? [Article].

27 June, 2014

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Sadly, Oldman has since apologized to the Jews for his rant. (They always apologize upon reflection. Even Brando did). What sort of country do you live in when, if you tell the truth, you have to apologize? It should be, if you tell a lie, you have to apologize. This is what the Jews have […]

18 June, 2014

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First of all, who gives a damn if American Indians – the most unsuccessful people on earth next to the Negroes – are offended? Second of all, this voiding of the trademark is nothing but Political Correctness, which is actually Cultural Marxism, which came from Jews. [Article].