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18 November, 2011

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Communism, socialism, feminism, queer rights, civil rights, psychoanalysis, cultural anthropology, modern art — is there any leftist movement that hasn’t been pioneered/led by Jews? [Article]. and [Article].

21 May, 2010

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The Jewish communist Stanley Levison – who was Martin Luther King, Jr.’s handler and speechwriter – played an important role in the early SCLC; an example of his role can be found here. MLK, Jr. was the SCLC’s first president (1957 to 1968): [Article].

14 October, 2008

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Not only have the slain Jewish/Black civil-rights activists been immortalized by the American media, but the FBI agent who hunted their killers has been, too. The deliberate political and racial transformation of the South can be called a “giant hate crime against Whites.” Indeed, the three activists – two Jews and a negro – knew […]

21 January, 2008

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The large file on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s handler and speechwriter, the Jewish communist Stanley Levison. So close was Levison to King that he not only told King when to respond to his critics, but how to respond as well [1][2]: [Here]. [1] more about Levison: [Here] [2] a photo of Levison with King (left […]

25 November, 2007

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Everyone should be educated on the benefits of diet and exercise so that they can be here to fight for the future of their children and grandchildren. AND How much do you REALLY know about the current economic crisis that we are facing as Americans? Why is it happening? What does the future hold for […]

30 October, 2007

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Let’s put aside ethical questions about the police using a mobster to solve that case. Let’s focus instead on the crime itself. There are two ways to look at it. One way is the usual, politically-correct way, i.e., three innocent civil-rights workers went down to the South in 1964, simply to help oppressed Blacks gain […]