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23 September, 2008

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by Michael W. Masters. “The loss of racial identity in the Western world is symptomatic of a deeper crisis within the European peoples, whose culture and technology have provided the world with much of what we know today as modern civilization. At its core, the crisis is the inevitable consequence of a profound, and perhaps […]

2 September, 2008

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Scary stuff: [Here].

7 August, 2008

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After all, the creation of more White kids might hinder the feminist, anti-family, anti-White-male, dysgenic (read: Jewish) agenda that’s being pushed in the Western countries: [Article].

25 July, 2008

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No humans are superior? How do you explain this, for example? Or this? Further, do “moral” questions belong in science? Isn’t science supposed to be neutral? Who decides what is and isn’t “moral”? (For newbies: Jewish “scientist” Ashley Montagu – not his real name – long ago announced that all humans are “equal.” Montagu’s announcement […]

1 July, 2008

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Just when it looked like Big Jew had tricked the entire West into believing that humans are “equal,” this happens. It’s so…Mussolini-esque! [Article].

25 June, 2008

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What is the world’s biggest hate crime? The Bolshevik holocaust? No. Hitler’s “Holocaust”? Nope. Slavery? Mistreatment of the American Indians? No. The world’s biggest hate crime began in earnest after World War II and is still occurring today: it is the deliberate ruination of the White countries via non-White immigration and egalitarianism. We’re talking about […]

25 June, 2008

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Karl Marx is still taking revenge on White people, 125 years after his death. Every twisted social/political idea of the 20th century – e.g., feminism, anti-racism – sprang from him and his Jewish followers. All of those ideas were based on creating human “equality” – which is a polite way of saying that those ideas […]

4 May, 2008

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Our culture – the greatest in human history – is dying off, largely due to feminism and birth control. Young women are choosing careers over kids [1]. But another problem is that men are failing to lead. They have become sissies. In too many families, women “wear the pants.” Of course, the feminist movement is […]

3 May, 2008

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A curious term, “White supremacist.” After all, if Whites aren’t supreme, who is? [Article].

8 March, 2008

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Historic Dumfries House in Scotland, saved before it could be sold and its contents auctioned off. It will be preserved by a trust and opened to public viewing. (Prince Charles, who helped rescue Dumfries, dislikes modern structures and rightfully so: yesterday’s architecture was handsome and often beautiful, while today’s is bauhaus junk).