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19 October, 2014

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“During his visit to the Gaza Strip, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that the United Nations has established a special commission’s inquiry to look into the war in Gaza and that it plans to ‘bring violators of international humanitarian law to justice.’” The Jews love internationalism, but now internationalism is coming back to haunt them […]

18 October, 2014

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Hitler loved animals and children, and didn’t want war, but England did. There’s one big difference between Hitler and every other leader. Most leaders are merely tolerated, or, disliked. But the people of Germany loved Hitler. And he loved them. He literally saved Germany during his first four years in office, and then led the […]

27 September, 2014

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(I previously talked about how the Jewish, communist thug Lazar Kaganovich was never charged with any crime. Above are the Jewish, communist thugs Hilary Minc and Boleslaw Bierut, who terrorized Poland. Neither man was jailed for any crime)

26 September, 2014

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Of course, before there was jihad in the West, there was jewhad in the West. Jewhad leads to jihad [1]. [Article]. [1] jewhad = Zionism, and the Jewish World Revolution in general

24 September, 2014

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(Above: the mass-murderer Ana Pauker) Good. It’s about time communists paid for their many crimes. Unfortunately, most communists will never see the inside of a jail cell because bringing them to trial isn’t a big priority for most countries. (You see, the history books have declared that communism isn’t as evil as Nazism, despite having […]

17 September, 2014

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(Above: Lazar Kaganovich, the worst mass-murderer in history; he was never punished for his crimes and died of natural causes at age 98; of course, you never heard of Kaganovich in school but you heard about Hitler every day) Jews, most notably Lazar Kaganovich, committed the Holodomor – that’s why you never hear about it. […]

6 September, 2014

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How many times has Germany been Jewed? Let’s see: 1) the founding of socialism by Eduard Bernstein circa 1900; 2) the Versailles Treaty; 3) the Weimar era; 4) WWII; 5) post-WWII de-Nazification; 6) 1960s-era Cultural Marxism; so, at least six times. Oy veh, that’s a lotta Jewing! And to think, Germany is still paying money […]

28 August, 2014

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“The Hungarian prime minister said it was of paramount importance for Hungary to remain a nation state…” He’s absolutely correct. But currently, only the Jews are allowed to have a nation-state (Israel). But that will change, and sooner rather than later. You can already see signs that Europe is starting to question its racial “browning” […]

25 August, 2014

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Imagine that: even Blacks don’t like Black rule! Furthermore, re: Orania, if there can be all-Black communities (and there are many of them all over the world), then there can be all-White communities, too. Why is there a double standard? Newbies, it was Jews who wrecked South Africa by giving Blacks political power. Almost every […]

24 August, 2014

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Jewish homosexual activist: “Hey! He can’t say that! We’ve already declared that transsexuals are completely normal!” Jewish media boss #1: “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that my magazines and newspapers portray him as a lone wacko with nutty ideas.” Jewish media boss #2: “And I’ll make sure that my TV shows smear him as a […]