21 July, 2006

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nasrallah.jpg [Friday afternoon, jews were ramping up, apparently getting ready for ground invasion of Lebanon…]


Leader of the Lebanese Resistance Speaks

NSNS Friday, 21 July 2006

We have all heard the standard Zionist line about Hezbollah “terrorists” in southern Lebanon. With the Western media deeply imbedded with the enemy in Tel Aviv, New York and elsewhere, that is to be expected. To help gain a better understanding of what is taking place in that tortured land, we present the following uncensored transcript of an address by one of the protagonists in the current struggle. Here are the remarks of the General Secretary of Hizballah (Hezbollah), His Excellency Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, speaking on 14 July 2006, to the Arab nation, the Lebanese people, the resistance fighters, the Zionists, as well as to Arab leaders.

Peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings!

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21 July, 2006

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“The Eternal Jew” and Why It Still Matters Today

The Nazi-produced film “The Eternal Jew” [1940] is a black-and-white documentary which is often grainy/sort of unfocused, and which has an “old” feel and appearance to it in general.

But nonetheless, it is also a film which is still important today. In fact, it should be considered a “must see” documentary. Why? Mainly because it shows what very few other films do: it shows the Jewish people as outsiders, as “aliens,” as people who aren’t White or Western and who should not have entered White societies in the first place. That message is very important, and seeing it – rather than just reading it – makes the message even more powerful.

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20 July, 2006

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Street scene, Pretoria Road. Formerly one of the main shopping roads in Hillbrow. The mattresses and blankets are from locals who sleep in the streets.

Today, our tard president bushy was over to the niggers, sucking ass, the usual. Well, here’s the end of that road – and it will happen as inescapably as two and two adding to four wherever White men allow jews to take over their country and legislate racial integration.


20 July, 2006

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crispycoon.jpg [From southafricaiscrap blog… Where you learn what its like to live in the middle of a ghetto because the nation is the ghetto.]

Electricity Thieves Attack Police Trying to Stop Illegal Connections: A South African Tradition Which Costs Untold Millions

While casting my beady eye over which stories to choose for today’s blog – gosh, there are so many – this one caught my attention: in the “coloured� suburb of Reiger Park, Boksburg, yesterday, a mini riot started when local residents attacked police who had come to protect a private contractor sent to dismantle illegal connections to the power gird.
About 500 locals attacked the police, who had to deal with a road blocked with burnt tyres and big rocks. The mob then threw rocks at the cops, damaging three vehicles. Three of the rioters have been arrested and charged with public violence. (Source).

Now here’s a thing, I thought, especially for foreign readers, for who the very idea of electricity theft might even sound bizarre. But it’s true.

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20 July, 2006

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Britain ‘had apartheid society’

Sutton Hoo helmet, PA

Anglo-Saxon treasures suggest they were economically superior

An apartheid society existed in early Anglo-Saxon Britain, research suggests.

Scientists believe a small population of migrants from Germany, Holland and Denmark established a segregated society when they arrived in England.

The researchers think the incomers changed the local gene pool by using their economic advantage to out-breed the native population.

The team tells a Royal Society journal that this may explain the abundance of Germanic genes in England today.

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20 July, 2006

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Thousands of Rapture Bunnies head to Washington to yawp for Israel. Dirt will be served.

[Right: John Hagee, leader of no-neck brigades]

The thousands of Christians in Washington – who came and are staying at their own expense – will be urging the US government “not to restrain Israel in any way in the pursuit of Hamas and Hezbollah”, he said.

Hagee is a prominent vermiculturist whose Texas terrarium holds some 18,000 lubricus terrestris-im, many of which, like the dramatician to the right, are heading off to Babylon proper to heave hosannas to cynically amused Israelis and their duly purchased Congress.


20 July, 2006

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by Bud Conrad

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20 July, 2006

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Shep Smith tried to fellate the dead fegeles back to life, but to no avail…

Smell ya later, kikes!

JERUSALEM (AP)–A military helicopter crashed in northern Israel near the Lebanon border early Friday, and two people were badly injured, witnesses and Israeli media said. The Israeli military had no comment. Rescue services said one of the wounded was in critical condition. An AP photographer saw the wreckage of one helicopter on the ground. Israeli media reported that two helicopters collided, causing the crash. Israel has been conducting a large-scale military operation in Lebanon, involving large numbers of aircraft, including helicopters.

20 July, 2006

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Bush goes and speaks to jew-organized NAACP niggers, and one of them comes up with this (story with video):

“Malt liquor is made by white beer companies but only sold in black neighborhoods, and you don’t get suspicious?” he asked. “They put a thing in it called manganese, and once you get so much manganese in you, you will kill your momma, but they’ve got you believing that’s normal for you to act that way.”

Analysis: Dick Gregory has been around the world, he has more extensive experience with whites and the wide world than any nigger this side of Bill Cosby, he can actually read, and… he actually believes what he’s saying. So what do you think the average nigger believes? And “our” president, who would never speak to a pro-White group, Whiteness being illegal as an organizing priniciple, according to the jews who demand that Bush appear before hostile, jew-organized nigger groups, brags about how quickly he’ll sign off on the latest bill letting every nigger more than a minute from lethal injection votespew his hatred of human Whites.

20 July, 2006

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The Associated Press has agreed, like other organizations, to abide by the rules of the censor, which is a condition for receiving permission to operate as a media organization in Israel.