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5 March, 2014

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Yeah, that’s just what you want to do: flood your White country with Black fags who don’t speak English. [Article]. Related article about African fags/asylum in the EU: [Here].

2 March, 2014

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In the New World Order, all humans will behave in a certain way, or else. [Article].

22 February, 2014

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I know how to cure a Nazi: hand him a bag of pot and a bus ticket to Berkeley. Problem solved! The next time you see him, he’ll be wearing sandals and saying “far out, man!” [Article].

16 February, 2014

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But they don’t call it “Marxism.” They call it “equality.” Call it what you will, it aims to “level” society so that all humans are the same. It aims to destroy Western (i.e., White male) culture, just like regular Marxism, except regular Marxism was economic, while this is social/cultural: “In recent weeks, French parents have […]

24 January, 2014

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That’s why the queers push “gay rights” so hard. It’s the last no-no that hasn’t been legitimized. All the other taboos (race-mixing, drug use, multiculturalism, promiscuous sex, etc.) are now “normal” or very nearly so. Of course, the pro-homosexual movement was built by Jews and is pushed by the Jewish-controlled media and pop culture. [Article].

22 January, 2014

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Now it’s the fags who have all sorts of special rights. Who’s next – pedophiles? Back when America was managed by White men, there was such a thing as private-property rights (a private business is private property, after all). Back then, you could serve, or refuse to serve, anyone you wished. Not today. Since 1964, […]

18 January, 2014

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Can you imagine a Western leader publicly saying that homosexuals are a danger to children? Ha! It would never happen. It’s funny how non-Western leaders like Putin – who are supposed to be such liars – tell more truth than leaders of the “free” Western countries. Of course, there’s a reason for that: in the […]

5 January, 2014

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If you asked 100 people if negroes in the Congo have a natural right to live among themselves, without the presence of foreign interlopers such as Chinese or Swedes, most of the people would say “yeah, sure, they have that right.” They would say that because they know that some rights are not government-given or […]

31 December, 2013

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I once heard an anecdote that happened during the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989. It seems that a couple of female soldiers were sent out on an errand by their superior officer. They left in a jeep/humvee and, at one point, the jeep got a flat tire. The girls could not change the tire […]

28 December, 2013

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As regular (i.e., economic) Marxism declines in the world, cultural Marxism is gaining ground. The alleged goal of both types of Marxism is the same: equality [1]. [Article]. [1] but, in reality, Marxism, a Jewish movement, wasn’t about equality. It just claimed to be. Marxism was really about wrecking the White countries, especially England, but […]