22 March, 2020

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U.S. Senator: “Well, we know that they (the Chinese government) suppressed the actual news, and we know that they ordered the whistleblower doctors to keep silent. Of course, one of those doctors, at least, lost his life because of that. We know that they delayed global response to this virus by weeks, weeks that represent thousands of lost lives.”

That official communist censorship of news of a deadly virus has to be worth some major, major cash in the West! How much will the U.S. government charge China? Many, many billions of dollars, I’m guessing. No doubt, the money will be extracted in huge trade tariffs by America, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, etc. Oy veh!! That expense is in addition to the Chinese economy going bankrupt or nearly bankrupt due to Kung Flu. I wouldn’t want to be a top Chinese party leader right now. Just saying. I’m guessing heads will roll in Beijing as top party leaders point fingers of blame. Will there be firing squads in Beijing? Probably. Will this spell the end of Chinese communism? Let’s hope so. What a price to pay for China following a Jewish ideology! (Maoism is a variation of Marxism–Leninism).


22 March, 2020

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A good Coronavirus video. Stay home for 2 weeks and the case rate should smooth out and turn down significantly. [Video, duration is 19 minutes].

22 March, 2020

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Good quote from the web: “Give White people bricks, they will build you a civilization. Give Black people a civilization, they will give you bricks.”

22 March, 2020

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There was a lot of Coronavirus gloom-and-doom at web forums today.

Regardless, in a world with 7.7 billion people, 300,000 cases of Coronavirus (most not resulting in death) is almost child’s play. Almost. The case number is at 300,000 now, most in China, Italy and Spain. As social isolation measures kick in, that growing number will slow significantly.

21 March, 2020

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U.S. population = 327.2 million.


Coronavirus “has sickened over 24,000 people nationwide in the U.S. and claimed more than 280 lives, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.” (most of the dead were old people).

But someone is getting rich! Like, media bosses, who are getting massive ratings.

21 March, 2020

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You can live life like it matters, or not. You can fight for your people, or not.

“Postmodern Western liberal culture is largely one of perpetual adolescence, in which the primary virtues are acting according to one’s individual will, identifying oneself in a hyper-individualistic manner, and expressing these identities via conspicuous consumption and behavior. We do not “live towards” Death, with a sense of purpose and a feeling that we are part of a much grander civilizational trajectory. We do not understand that Death has shaped our historical path, and that it hangs over us in ways that should direct our actions in the present.”


21 March, 2020

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Seen on the web: “Yes, United States was founded by immigrants but that doesn’t mean that those open border policies should stay the same when the nation has matured and its predominant culture has taken root.”

Newbies, that old claim that America is “a nation of immigrants” is false. Out of America’s 118 founders, only a handful were foreign-born (i.e., they were White men born in England/Ireland/Scotland) [1][2]. The vast majority of America’s founders were WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) and were born in America’s original 13 colonies. Granted, you could say “well, America didn’t exist when those men were born.” Right, but that’s a mere technicality.

Most people get the idea that America is “a nation of immigrants/founded by immigrants” from Hollywood and from the poem found under the Statue of Liberty (that poem needs to be removed) written by the Jewish activist Emma Lazarus.


[1] 118 White men created the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the U.S. Constitution

[2] 3 were born in England, 3 in Ireland, and 2 in Scotland

20 March, 2020

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White person #1: “I’m not a racist! In fact, my boyfriend is Black!

White person #2: “My 3 best friends are Mexican!”

White person #3: “I’d rather eat sand than say something that would offend a person-of-color!

White person #4: “Racism is evil! Jesus said so!”

White person #5: “All human beings are equal! My history teacher, Professor Goldberg, said there’s only one race: the human race!” [1].



[1] “There is no race but the human race,” declared Otto Klineberg, a Jewish “race expert” and a buddy of the famous Jewish fraud, Franz Boas, in 1935

19 March, 2020

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Jean-Philippe Rameau (French, 1683-1764).

Rameau gets it: classical music should be bold, bright, fresh, hopeful, and non-sleep-inducing. Just as Shakespeare could turn a phrase, Rameau could turn a note.

[Audio; 1 hour, 12 minutes].

19 March, 2020

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There is NO mention of citizenship in the 2020 Census. It just asks for race, sex, names, dates of birth, person’s-relationship-to-you. That’s a bold mistake. We need to know everyone’s citizenship. (Interestingly, the 2020 Census says “for this census, Hispanic origins are not races.” Really? Why not? Last time I checked, Mexican was a race, or, if you prefer, ethnic group. Mestizos are a hybrid race).