7 January, 2019

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But he needs help with legal expenses. Why not donate to his cause? [Article].

6 January, 2019

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Jews are notorious for being cruel, for only caring about themselves. Indeed, according to Judaism, Jews look down upon gentiles as “unclean animals”; and look at how the Jews treat the Palestinians in Gaza; in fact, Gaza is a giant prison camp. Jews are also notorious liars and swindlers who lack “normal” morals and decency; they have no “normal” sense of right and wrong [1][2][3].

Jewish behavior towards non-Jews is sociopathic. Sociopaths are unable to feel compassion or empathy for other people. This basically means that the Jews are indeed sociopaths, and therefore, they should be banned, by law, from holding any positions of power or authority in America/the West.

[1] a good way to judge Jewish behavior is simply to look at Israel, a parasitic state founded on Jewish terrorism and built on stolen land (“parasitic” since America funds, and protects, Israel). The Israelis have attacked all of their neighbors and they have attacked some of them more than once, e.g., Egypt. The Jews have a frightening nuclear plan for the world called “The Samson Option” that most people don’t even know about. Should paranoid, genetically-defective sociopaths own nukes? Well, I’m guessing, uhhhhhmm, let’s see….no! The Western world should demand that Israel give up all of its nuclear weapons

[2] “The general pattern is this: Jews will move into an area of economic activity and with a lot of fast patter and sleight of hand persuade the Gentiles in charge that they are financial geniuses who can benefit the economy generally with their activity and along the way can make a lot of money for any Gentiles fortunate enough to be allowed to collaborate with them. The greediest among the Gentiles climb on board, and for a while there is a flurry of activity, with a great deal of money changing hands and moving to and fro. Then the bubble bursts, the Gentiles all find that their wallets are missing, and the Jews claim that it wasn’t their fault, while they count their profits.” — Dr. William Pierce, audio/text

[3] e.g., Jews in Israel engage in White slavery even today, and Jews completely dominate the pornography industry in America

5 January, 2019

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“Ireland’s Minister of Justice and Equality Charlie Flanagan…” — oh, they’ve got a Minister of Marxism! How non-Western of them! When did Ireland become part of the Soviet Union? Just recently?

Anyway, do you live in Ireland, and have you “emotionally abused” your wife? Then you’re under arrest for spousal abuse! (Even though you have never once hit her!). This is complete bullshit. “Violence” means just that: violence. How far Ireland — a formerly-White country — has sunk into the sewer of Political Correctness (i.e., Cultural Marxism). A woman’s fickle feelings dictate whether or not you go to jail for committing “emotional violence”! Those fuckin’ idiots. (I thought women were “equal” to men? If they’re equal, why do they need this law? Hmmm?).


4 January, 2019

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Alex Linder once said that, if a politician wants to win an election, he need only run on one promise: if elected, he’ll give the citizens their freedom back. If he did that, he’d win by a huge landslide. Yes.

On that note:

True, building a border wall will guarantee (or almost guarantee) that Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020. But another thing that will guarantee, or almost guarantee, his re-election is if he fixed America’s truly horrible tax code — laws that are so nightmarish, so crazy that even many accountants don’t understand them (think about it: the tax code is 75,000 pages of mind-boggling nonsense).

Here’s an idea: how about a very simple flat tax — for example, everyone pays 4% of their yearly income as tax, regardless of who they are? Or, better yet, abolish the income tax altogether and create a big point-of-sale tax on all non-essential and luxury goods (e.g., TVs, cameras, watches, booze, candy, soda pop, etc). (Trump might be able to accomplish some tax reform by executive order, as F.D. Roosevelt did).

If Trump were to combine the two ideas above (the border wall and fixing the tax code), he’d win the 2020 election by a giant landslide, no matter who his opponent was. It would be the biggest election landslide in history.

4 January, 2019

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“Baruch Goldstein, remember, is the Jew from Brooklyn who went to Israel so obsessed with Jewish racial hatred against the Palestinians that he slaughtered 29 of them in February 1994 while they were praying at the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. Goldstein sneaked up behind the Palestinians while they were kneeling in prayer and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing 29 of them and wounding another 60…

Goldstein became an instant national hero to the Jews, and many Jewish tourists from America make a pilgrimage to his tomb near Hebron. The tomb bears an inscription in Hebrew which in English reads: “He gave his life for the people of Israel, its Torah, and its land.” The growing number of tourists and religious Jews attracted to Goldstein’s tomb has caused a public debate in Israel: on the one hand there are the Israelis who are worried that the public worship of a mass-murderer might not be good for Israel’s image in the United States if the goyim — the Gentiles — who are financing Israel through their foreign aid payments ever find out what’s going on, and on the other hand there are those Israelis who want to see the Goldstein cult continue to grow because they are certain that the goyim are too stupid ever to find out what’s going on.”


2 January, 2019

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Jews are the most difficult, most argumentative, most hard-to-please people on earth, hence the reason nobody likes them. Here’s one example for newbies. Scenario #2 actually happened at my Dad’s workplace some years ago, though not exactly with the same dialogue:

Scenario #1, Two Gentiles:
Gentile: “Here’s $20.00 as a little birthday present. I didn’t know what to get you. Go buy yourself something.”
Gentile co-worker: “Gee, thanks! I appreciate this!”

Scenario #2, Same Thing, But With a Gentile and a Jew:
Gentile: “Here’s $20.00 as a little birthday present. I didn’t know what to get you. Go buy yourself something.”
Jewish co-worker: “Hmmmm. You must be an anti-Semite after all.”
Gentile: “What are you talking about???”
Jew: “Why did you give me only $20.00? I’ll bet you, had I been a gentile, I would have gotten $30.00. And also, my birthday is today. You should have given me this money yesterday, because by the time I finish work today, all the stores will be closed and I won’t be able to buy myself anything…”

1 January, 2019

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Re: this post at the VNN Forum.

It seems that some people still think that Alex Linder writes on the VNN main blog (i.e., the VNN main website, located at www.vanguardnewsnetwork.com). He does not write there anymore, although that may change soon. These days, he only writes at VNN Forum and at Kirksville Today.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions about the VNN blog vs. the VNN Forum. They are not the same thing.

1 January, 2019

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Bronze sculpture: “Dionysus” by Edward McCartan, 1923. (It is 26 inches high; it recently sold for $209,000).

31 December, 2019

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Jeepers. Ballsy rock and roll. No synthesizers here. This music will scare children and old ladies. Singer/bassist Lemmy had two settings: loud, and louder.

[Video; duration 1 hour, 15 minutes].

31 December, 2019

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(Above: Adolf Hitler with Eva Braun, circa 1944)

In Russia, the Jewish Bolsheviks didn’t wait to murder millions of White gentiles after the “Russian” Revolution in late 1917. The Bolsheviks began murdering people almost immediately (this was known as the Red Terror, which was carried out by the secret police known as the CHEKA). The top Jewish official, Grigory Zinoviev, said in 1918 that 10 million people in Russia must be liquidated, and they were, and actually many more than that. Yet, Hitler waited 5 whole years before even beginning to crack down on the Jews in late 1938 (and even those early anti-Jewish laws were mild). So, who was nicer? Hitler or the Jews? The answer: Hitler was nicer, by a long mile. Hitler was a gentleman, giving the Jews plenty of time to flee Germany with their belongings [1], while the murderous Bolsheviks were thugs who gave the White gentiles no time to flee Russia before slaughtering them [2].

[1] so much for the “planned extermination of the Jews.” What plan?

[2] CHEKA victims murdered in Kyiv, 1918