21 February, 2020

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(Above: the wooden “gas chamber door” at the Auschwitz internment camp in Poland).

How was Dr. Josef Mengele “the Angel of Death” when a million Jews (including Anne Frank) survived Auschwitz? He was more like “the Angel of Life,” saving an untold number of kind, sweet, innocent Self-Chosen and thereby allowing them to escape to New Jersey and make careers out of moaning about being gassed 4 times at Auschwitz and 5 times at Belsen (“the Nazis ran out of Zyklon-B each time! What luck!”)[1].

Hardly anyone doubts that Jews, communists, homosexuals and other miscreants were sent to political internment camps by Adolf Hitler’s government, and, that some of those miscreants died in those camps, usually from diseases, or from being forced to masturbate non-stop for days on end; women were exempted from that ghastly but hilarious method of execution. Regardless, the idea that “6 million Jews” were “gassed” by the Nazis is a complete fantasy spun by that dangerous race of swindlers and con artists. For example, look here at the shabby wooden/glass door of the Auschwitz camp’s “gas chamber” and consider this: Zyklon-B gas (i.e., Hydrogen Cyanide, or HCN, gas) is highly flammable (!), and air/HCN gas mixtures can explode, and HCN gas, when used for executions, must be used in a negative-pressure (vacuum) chamber, under heat. How could you use HCN gas in an “execution gas chamber” made with a cheap wooden/glass door? You couldn’t, of course [2]. In so many ways, Zyklon-B (a brand name for German pesticides) would have sucked as a murder weapon. (Let’s be realistic about mass murder: Why did the Nazis not simply machine-gun dozens of people at once, within 15 seconds, in a bulldozer-dug pit, and then afterwards, fill in the pit with the bulldozer? That would have been much safer, much simpler, much faster, and far less expensive than using toxic HCN gas. The Hollowswindle simply does not pass the logic test).



[1] Anne Frank was first sent to the Auschwitz camp and later to the Bergen-Belsen camp, where she died not from gas but from a disease called typhus

[2] here’s a genuine, sealable, fire-and-explosion-proof, gas-chamber door

20 February, 2020

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Play it for your family and friends. Audio; duration is 34 minutes: [Audio].

20 February, 2020

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“DARVO is an acronym that stands for deny, attack, reverse victim and offender.” — Rationalwiki.org. “DARVO” (which was originally applied to the behavior of sexual abusers) nonetheless perfectly describes what the Left does when confronted with facts:

Deny the behavior
Attack (attack the individual who is challenging liberal doctrine), and
Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender

20 February, 2020

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We are witnessing “the Third-Worlding of America.” And this is not an accident. If Los Angeles really wanted to, it could stop the “homeless epidemic” within a month’s time [1]. Clearly, the wealthy city doesn’t want to.



[1] most homeless people (previously called “transients” or “vagrants” or “bums”) are “professionally homeless” (i.e., homeless by choice). Trivia: America used to have vagrancy laws, under which you could be arrested for sleeping on the streets. Those laws were either abolished or are no longer enforced

19 February, 2020

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News quote, June 20, 2018: “The World Health Organization no longer classifies transgender people as mentally ill. The United Nations health agency announced Monday in its 11th International Classification of Diseases (ICD) catalog that “gender incongruence” — the organization’s term for people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were assigned at birth — has been moved out of the mental disorders chapter and into the organization’s sexual health chapter.” Hmmmmm. Why did WHO do that? Gender confusion is mental.


19 February, 2020

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Woman #1: “My 4-year-old daughter is transgender. She was a boy until last Friday!”

Man #1: “My 5-year-old brother became a woman last night! I’m so proud of him! He’s already wearing lipstick!”

Woman #2: “My mother just became a man at the age of 94. It’s kind of awkward calling her Frank but she’s finally found herself, er, himself!”

Man #2: “My dog changed his gender and now he’s so much happier! I bought him a George Michael CD for Christmas!”

Woman #3: “My hamster Shirley became a male last month but didn’t like the dearth of wardrobe choices so now she’s a female again. But I support her 100% either way. The gender rights of rodent-Americans must be taken seriously! Elect Bernie in 2020!”


19 February, 2020

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(Somewhere in a checkout line in America):

Chinaman: “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…achoooo!”

White man: “Get the hell away from me, slant!”

White liberal standing nearby: “Oh, such violent racism! I’m calling the police!”

(later, at the home of the White liberal): White liberal: “I’ve just been diagnosed with coronavirus! I could die! My god! Why did they allow those goddamn fucking chinks into our nice White country??? Goddamn slants!!”


18 February, 2020

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This will be the big thing in the next 30 years: as America splits into two hostile groups of humans (“normal, traditional, White people” vs. “all the worthless people”), states and entire regions will be morphing into ideological blocs. Good. If Blacks, Mexicans, Jews, liberals, feminists and fags want to wreck America, let them wreck their part of it, not our part of it. Maybe America could split neatly in half, vertically: normal Whites could claim the warmer, western half and “The Other” could claim the colder, eastern half (but forget southern California, it’s already part of Mexico; maybe northern California could join us by morphing itself into Nevada).


18 February, 2020

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More or less they did steal it. The British “found” Hawaii in 1778, America made it a territory in 1898 and annexed it as a state in 1959 [1][2]. But it’s much more complicated than just being an act of “theft”: racial nature/instinct/drive (which is sometimes derisively called “manifest destiny” by the Left) played a big role as well [3]. Let this help you to understand it:

White Man, circa 1600 AD: “Tomorrow, we’ll start building a huge ship to sail across the ocean. We’ll search for new lands!”

Brown Man, circa 1600 AD: “Tomorrow, we’ll sit around and eat those berries that make us see funny things!”

White Man and Brown Man are very different in their natures. White Man explores things, invents things, builds things, always strives for more and better things, even if it kills him. Brown Man doesn’t: he basically eats, fucks, and watches the clouds roll by. Yet he is said to be “equal” to White Man.


[1] in 1993, the U.S. Congress and president Bill Clinton “apologized” for Americans overthrowing the Kingdom of Hawai’i (the proper spelling) in 1893

[2] Hawaii is very diverse today: Native Hawaiians are only 10% of the population — many of them have moved to America; the biggest racial group is Asian at 37%, followed by White at 27% and “mixed race” at 23%

[3] “Manifest Destiny”

17 February, 2020

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Jew: “Yes, we Jews nearly wrecked Germany in the 1920s via communism and socialism, and yes, we later declared financial and political war on Germany in 1933, and yes, we created WWII which totally destroyed Germany, and yes, we lied about Hitler ‘gassing’ us in order to get Israel, and yes, we still make Germany pay us millions of dollars per year in ‘Holocaust’ reparations. But, nonetheless, we forgive you — but you better keep the money coming!”

German: “Saaaaay, that’s mighty non-White of you.”

(Question: if Auschwitz was a “Nazi death camp” run by the Satanic Angel of Hades, Dr. Josef Mengele, how did millions of Jews survive it? Why did Auschwitz have a brass band comprised of camp inmates? The inmate musicians would have had to be replaced every day due to the ongoing “gassings.” Lies surround the Auschwitz story like flies surround a garbage truck).

[Video, animated; duration is 7 minutes; it seems that this woman is, or was, quite the Holo-celeb!].