14 July, 2019

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Vermont state official #1: “Saaaaay, I’ve got a great idea: let’s hire a Black diversity boss!

Vermont state official #2: “Why?”

Vermont state official #1: “Because every White state needs a Black diversity boss, especially one who has worked in New York City! Major big-city cred there!”

Vermont state official #2: “Why?”

Vermont state official #1: “Silly boy! Cultural Marxism only works if you don’t ask questions! As soon as you start questioning things, that’s when the trouble starts and White people start getting fired! Now, pipe down and remember this slogan: ‘African-Americans bring more fun for everyone!’ And smile when you say it!”


13 July, 2019

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Negro #1: “If’n dat gun ain’t a ben on de table dat day, my LaDerrickus, he still be alive today, word! It be de gun dat kill ‘im!”

Negro #2: “Sho’ nuff! Dem White peepo guns, dey be killin’ all de peepo in dis hood! Dey’s all be nearly daid affer dem guns show up!”

Negro #3: “Dang! Eebil White peepo! De KKK be behind it all, dog!”


13 July, 2019

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You can deny Jesus, you can deny the devil, you can deny gravity, you can even deny all physics! You can deny the Roman Empire, the Civil War, WWI, earthquakes, tornados, flatulence and Bigfoot. But you cannot ever question any part of the Holy Hollowswindle. To do so is to anger the Jews and to get fired from, or at least demoted at, your job. In fact, to anger a Jew is to anger God himself. Jews are gods in human form. Ask any rabbi. (If millions of Jews were “gassed” and cremated in the “gas ovens” of Auschwitz and other concentration camps, there would have been huge, 10-foot-high piles of human ash all over the entire areas surrounding Auschwitz and other camps. Every human body that is cremated leaves a whopping 6 pounds of ash behind if a man, 4 pounds if a woman. Yet, such huge piles of human ash were never reported by anyone and no photos of such piles of ash exist. A little detail that the Jews overlooked when they invented their bogus Holocaust gassing story, although granted, modern Hollowswindle books may have caught and “corrected” the embarrassing mistake by now; any Jew who was found dead in any Nazi camp likely starved to death when “the allies” bombed the supply lines, i.e., roads, bridges, rail lines; and, to think, the Hollowswindle didn’t even happen in Florida!).


12 July, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Amoral individuals really gained an advantage over the rest of us with the ascendancy of mass democracy. The 19th and 20th centuries have been the golden age of amorality, the age in which clever scoundrels have been able to rise to the top of the dungheap with ease and without having to worry about losing their heads. All they have had to be able to do is fool large numbers of the least perceptive and least discriminating members of our society — that is, large numbers of voters — and that is a lot easier than fooling the most perceptive and most discriminating people — that is, people of the sort who used to be the leaders of our society in less democratic times.

Every time an election year rolls around, all of the amoral people who also have good acting skills are prancing across our television screens in an effort to persuade the voters to put them into public office.”


12 July, 2019

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Leftist #1: “If this immigration law is passed, millions of children will die!”

Leftist #2: “If this immigration law is enforced, millions of children will be terrorized!”

Leftist #3: “Innocent children are being tortured by Donald Trump’s Nazis in the basement of the Pentagon!”

Leftist #4: “Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of children crying, thanks to Trump’s immigration policies!”


12 July, 2019

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“I think I’ll work on the electrical system without checking it for live current first” — this Chinese doofus no doubt said to himself.

A web search shows that most accidental human electrocutions occur in non-White countries. Duh.

Cautiousness is a White trait. Being an idiot around hazardous substances/situations is a non-White trait. (e.g., I once saw a negro cleaning tools with lots of gasoline while smoking, and lighting, cigarettes. Furthermore, I’ve seen Mexicans with scary work habits involving ladders. Securing a ladder before climbing it is not something that Mexicans do, apparently).


In this video, a chink is actually being cooked by electricity after being zapped — watch the front guy carefully and look for sparks [Video].

A fried Mexican: [Video].

12 July, 2019

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From the Stormfront Forum:

“Freedom of Association is a fundamental human right.

If Whites don’t want to associate with non-Whites, for whatever reason, they don’t have to. And they do not have to explain or defend themselves.

State-imposed multiculturalism is a violation of their fundamental right to Freedom of Association.”

Yes. The U.S. Supreme Court has already ruled that freedom of association is a basic constitutional right. This fact needs to be repeated over and over again, daily. Our right is being violated by Affirmative Action and various other “diversity” programs. It’s time to start filing lawsuits to protect our right. Find some patriotic, pro bono attorneys [1].

[1] “Legally, the freedom of association is considered to be a fundamental right protected by the Constitution. In the Supreme Court case of N.A.A.C.P. v. Alabama (1958), a unanimous Court ruled that the NAACP did not have to reveal to the Alabama attorney general the names and addresses of the NAACP members in the state because it would violate the NAACP members’ freedom of association” [Here]

11 July, 2019

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Re: the July 9th post about Triumph of the Will:

So, it was okay with “the allies” that communism enslaved and murdered half the world for 45 years (in some places longer than that), as long as Nazism didn’t take root! [1]. Yes, Jewish communism triumphed while White Nazism was globally attacked, vilified and even banned by law. Note for the record that Nazism was less severe, yes, less severe than communism! Does that make any sense to you? Why was the less-severe ideology attacked and banned, while the more-severe ideology was allowed to thrive worldwide? It shouldn’t make any sense to you. It should shock you and anger you that America and the “allies” embraced communist mass-murderers like Stalin. Adolf Hitler didn’t even want war. But America and Britain did. It was Britain (under American pressure) that declared war in 1939, not Germany! Hitler was merely trying to reclaim the land that was wrongly stolen from Germany by the horrible 1919 Versailles “Peace” Treaty (e.g., land such as Danzig). Only the Jew won WWII. Their main enemy (Nazi Germany) was slain and they got their own state a few years later! With Israel, at last the Jews had “arrived.” They were no longer greasy urchins who wandered the globe causing trouble. They became “normal people.” If only the world knew the truth: that the Jews — a racist tribe of swindlers and con-artists — are a danger to mankind. They were dangerous during the Roman Empire and they are even more dangerous today, since they now have nuclear weapons.

[1] the major Western “allies” of WWII were: America, Britain, France, Canada, Australia

10 July, 2019

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For the 116th Congress of the United States of America

Short Title: “The America Coming Home Act”

Co-sponsors: millions of patriotic American citizens

A Bill

To end American presence in the Middle East.

Since the 1970s, America has maintained a heavy political and military presence in the Middle East, with disastrous results: America has endured an oil embargo (in 1973), numerous terrorist attacks (including 9/11), endless political turmoil and three wars (the 1991 Gulf War, the 2003 Iraq War and the Afghanistan War), and America is currently heading for another war with Iran. It is time for America to end her expensive, unproductive and unnecessary presence in the Middle East and “return home” to her long-neglected domestic duties (e.g., the U.S./Mexico border crisis).

Beginning January 1, 2020, America will cease all political and military activity in the Middle East. All U.S. embassies and U.S. military bases in the Middle East will close permanently.

Furthermore, U.S. military armaments will no longer be sold or given to any Middle Eastern countries, including Israel. Additionally, all U.S. monetary aid to the Middle East, including to Israel, will cease; the problems of the Middle East must be solved by Middle Eastern people, not by America.

America will continue regular trade with countries in the Middle East.

10 July, 2019

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Brown illegal alien detainee #1: “Waaaaaaaaa! We snuck into this White country and all we got were hot meals, hot showers, fresh water, medical care, air conditioning, cable TV, snacks and soft beds! It’s just not fair!”

Brown illegal alien detainee #2: “(*sob*) You White racists! I’m gonna call the UN — they’ll make you treat us fairly! (*sniff*).”

Brown illegal alien detainee #3: “Racism! Racism! I’m gonna report you guys to Nancy Pelosi!”

Brown illegal alien detainee #4: “Are these tacos fresh? They don’t seem very fresh…and I want more salsa…and more lemonade…”