30 November, 2021

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(Above: Ernesto “Che” Guevara (1928-1967), a violent, asthmatic loser who was turned into a hero by the media; this photo was taken by accident [unplanned] in 1960 by Alberto Korda, and it’s known as “Guerrillero Heroico”; Che never looked that good in real life and the photo is truly an oddity, a one-in-a-million image).

I mentioned Somoza and Castro in yesterday’s post (“Book Excerpt: the Story of Anastasio Somoza,” 11/29/21). So I naturally thought of communist “revolutionary” Che Guevara as well.

Some thoughts on Guevara:

— Nobody went farther on one photo than Che did! Nobody! The famous Korda photo (above) “made” Che. It “created” him. It made women (and a few men) swoon. “A handsome, brave hero fighting against freedom! Ohhhh!”

— Che was a “successful loser.” Everything he touched turned to shit, but the media, and college girls of both sexes, turned him into an icon, a legend, a folk hero (hat tip: Dr. William Pierce).

— The world was lucky to have Che in a sense: it’s good that he was a foolhardy idiot. Had he not been, many thousands of people would be dead today.

— How much hate do you have in your heart to travel all over the world trying to create Marxist revolutions, as Che did, knowing that if those attempts bear fruit, thousands of people will die? The answer is: a lot of hate! But then, Marxism is a creed of hate [1]. Nobody hates like a Marxist. (How come Che is never called a “hater” but White nationalists like Duke are?? Ponder that).

Fast vs. Slow Revolutions

Che tried to overthrow the nation of Bolivia in 1967. He failed, and he was executed for trying it. That was an attempted “fast” revolution.

Illegal Mexicans are currently sneaking into America by the thousands-per-week. The end result will be that America will fill up with Mexicans, eventually leading to Mexicans dominating America since, when they arrive, they naturally outbreed Whites by a factor of 4 to 1 (4 Mexican babies born for every 1 White baby born). This is an attempted “slow” revolution.

Each one above is an attempt at overthrow. One is simply faster than the other.

The Mexican invasion of the U.S. is slow but is nonetheless an attempt to overthrow America, and it should be treated by our government as such.


[1] “To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.” -— from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by British historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241.

29 November, 2021

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(Above: Anastasio Somoza Debayle, who was at least half-White on his mother’s side; his father appeared to be largely-White, i.e., Spaniard)

An anti-communist, Nicaraguan leader Somoza (1925-1980) was a loyal ally of America and of freedom.

Yet America (under Jimmy Carter’s horrible leftist “leadership”) did nothing to help Somoza while the communists raped and murdered Nicaragua in 1979. Even worse than that, at every turn, America blocked Somoza’s many attempts to defend Nicaragua against the communists. America does that a lot: we betray our friends. Trivia: Somoza graduated from West Point military academy in New York in 1946.

Sadly, shortly after America betrayed Somoza, he was assassinated by communists while living in exile in Paraguay; his murder was planned by Fidel Castro — of course! Ironically, America was also largely responsible for Somoza’s death since President Carter denied him political asylum in the U.S., where he would have been much safer. What a jerk Carter was. Like Pinochet, Somoza was hated by leftists throughout the world (after his death, his family members, living abroad, had to change their names for safety reasons); and like Pinochet, the lies surrounding Somoza’s rule are thick and heavy; but you can judge a ruler by how hated he is by the global Left, and judging by that hatred, Somoza was a saint.

[Book excerpts from “Nicaragua Betrayed” (1980)].

29 November, 2021

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(Above: an AR-15 rifle).

Besides the fact that he’s a White male, I mean.

The gun that the leftists hate so much, the “evil black AR-15 rifle” which they say “is only good for military battlefield use” is the very gun that Kyle used to defend himself in a civilian situation against multiple left-wing attackers. Kyle did much to popularize the AR-15 even more than it already had been. (The AR-15 is a good rifle: you can change parts on it quickly, it has soft recoil so even women and children can shoot it, and spare parts and ammo for it are widely available).

29 November, 2021

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(Related: News headline, Nov. 26, 2021: “Slovenia: Drivers must present COVID certificate in order to refuel cars”; this means that the unvaxxed citizen cannot get gas without a “health passport.” This is pure Marxist control. It’s Soviet thuggery).


“The most salient feature of totalitarianism is control of movement, which entails tracking each citizen. Before the internet era, this could only be achieved roughly.”

“For the state, the whole point of tracking is to reward or punish, mostly the latter. In the past, you’d be invited to the police station, or just dragged off the street. Now, punishment can be much tidier, and instant, even for the tiniest sin. That’s where the vaccine, green, access or health passport comes in.”

“To prevent such scenarios, we must reject the newly-introduced right-to-live pass. Worse than Soviet-era internal passports, it can prevent us from buying even a cheeseburger. As with the jab that’s designed to sicken, disable, sterilize or kill, it’s not about our wellbeing. No pass, no entry means we’re constantly at their mercy.”


29 November, 2021

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Liberal politicians always do this: they demand that the little citizens do “X,” but they don’t have to do “X.” Everything is for show. Big money says that most liberal politicians are not Covid vaxxed, even if they say they are. And if they “got the vaxx on live TV” then it was a saline jab (it was fake).

Headline: “Austrian Leaders including Chancellor Shallenberg Seen Out Celebrating at Massive Party Mask-less After Putting Country in Lockdown”


More do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do [Here].

28 November, 2021

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“Ahasuerus at the End of the World” by Adolf Hirémy-Hirschl, 1888 (he was a Jew who converted to Christianity).

28 November, 2021

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What’s the difference between Stalinism and Australianism? Very little difference. The Soviet Union ended in 1991.

A White woman was forcibly quarantined by the Australian government for 14 days due to Covid-19, a virus that is mild 97% of the time (unless you have underlying health issues, or have been vaxxed, and then it’s more severe).

This is Medical Marxism. In a democracy! Yaaaay, democrazy! Yaaaay, freedumb! Yaaaay, idiots voting for idiots! By the way, don’t think this couldn’t happen in America. After 2020/2021 and Joe Biden, anything is possible.

“But once at the facility, Hodgson said, she was informed that she would have to stay there for 14 days “no matter what” and that she “[had] no choice. So, I’m here against my will,” the woman said.”


28 November, 2021

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With Covid-19, it’s all in the wording, isn’t it! Read this Michigan government statement carefully (bold text is mine):

Liberal Michigan governor Whitmer: “Right now, our doctors and nurses are reporting the vast majority of their patients are unvaccinated or have not yet received a booster dose. We can all do our part to help reduce the strain on our hospital systems by getting vaccinated, making an appointment to get a booster dose…”

(Why do you need 3 shots within 6 months? That’s a pretty crummy vaccine by any standard).

Anyway — so they have now more-or-less reclassified what “fully vaccinated” means. Now it can mean “anyone who hasn’t had a ‘booster shot.'” Previously, it meant that “you’ve had ‘the 2 jabs.'” Why did they reclassify that? Because, within the past few months, most of the people who became sick with Covid were …wait for it… vaccinated people! (In the UK, 81% of new, serious Covid cases have been vaxxed people. Read about “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” or ADE) [1].

Furthermore, liberals hate the military — usually. But not this time! How desperate this move is to call in the military for a usually-minor civilian problem! The vaxxed people are the problem now and they know it. So how do they respond? By pushing still more vaccines! This is appalling and immoral.



[1] Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) causes the mutation and strengthening of Covid-19, and experts warned about the dangers of mass vaccinations early on.

28 November, 2021

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In this case, “negative” doesn’t mean what you might think:

A negative right = a right you were born with. A natural right.

A positive right = an artificial “right” which requires someone else’s labor or money in order for you to enjoy that “right” (e.g., free college, free healthcare).

Leftists embrace positive rights. Rightists embrace negative rights.

“The difference between negative vs positive rights is that one requires action while the other requires inaction. Negative rights are the requirements of someone else not to interfere in your ability to obtain something. Positive rights are a requirement of someone else to provide you with something.

You may hear negative rights referred to as “liberties,” and that’s because they are basic human and civil rights stating that no one can interfere with our right to obtain something through trade or bartering.

Positive rights are often called “entitlements” because they are things that someone must provide to us, whether we’ve earned them or not. We don’t have to do anything to obtain positive rights; they’re granted to us.”


27 November, 2021

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(“This is one of those views which are so absurd that only very learned men could possibly adopt them.” — Bertrand Russell, 1959. Only an intellectual would believe that human races don’t exist. Being “well-read” [being an intellectual, usually a Ph.D.] doesn’t mean you’re smart. It means that you’ve read 138 college textbooks written by leftist Jews. You are merely “book-smart.” Your head is filled with Jewish nothings. The U.S. government is filled with intellectuals. Hence the reason America is now circling the drain).

“‘Race-denialism’ is defined as follows: “The denial of the existence of human races, in part or in whole, as they have historically been perceived and as they are commonly perceived today.”