15 September, 2019

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One great thing about liberals is that they have no self-awareness (even some animals have self-awareness). Liberals do crazy things without realizing that those things are crazy. For example: trying to railroad Supreme Court justice Kavanaugh again with another half-baked sex claim after the first attempt to do so failed spectacularly. That’s great news because come November 2020, the liberals are going to lose the election so badly that the Democratic Party will likely disband. [Article].

15 September, 2019

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“America’s pastor” Reverend Billy Graham’s 1972 comment to U.S. President Richard Nixon about Jews, when Graham didn’t even know he was being audiotaped, is important. Given Graham’s spotless personal reputation, the comment is significant and revealing.

A conversation between Nixon and Graham, in the Oval Office, at the White House, Feb. 10, 1972:

Graham, talking about Jewish power in America: “This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country’s going down the drain.”

Nixon: “You believe that?”

Graham: “Yes, sir.”

Nixon: “Oh, boy. So do I. I can’t ever say that but I believe it.” (Wait a second: Nixon was the most powerful man on earth in 1972, but he couldn’t say that? Why not? Says who? Very revealing!).

Graham: “No, but if you get elected a second time, then we might be able to do something.”

Graham later issued a written public apology for his truth-telling — but why apologize for telling the truth?

14 September, 2019

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A big social/political movement needs to be started, designed to reclaim the word “gay” from the queers and give it back to the normal people.

For decades, the queers have co-opted the word “gay.” The word used to mean “happy and carefree” until a Jewish writer (it’s always a Jew!) named Gertrude Stein stole it circa 1922 [1]. Ever since around 1960, in the Western world, the word has widely meant homosexual — which seems odd since those people are not happy people; they have suicide rates five times above the average.

The word “gay” needs to be reclaimed for normal people. A possible slogan for such a movement: “Always gay but never a fag!”


[1] see Stein’s 1922 story “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene”

14 September, 2019

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He’s gonna be okay after all!

14 September, 2019

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Citizen #1: “I’m down with it!”

Citizen #2: “So am I!”

Citizen #3: “I caught it last Tuesday!”

Citizen #4: “I caught it from my history teacher! Who knew that there were 100 different genders? Maybe I’ll become a demi-girl, or maybe a demi-boy, or maybe a demi-sexual, or maybe a semi-demi-sexual…”

Citizen #5: “I caught it from watching TV! I guess there’s no cure for it, other than becoming a Nazi, and who would want to do that??”


13 September, 2019

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Executive Order No. 123456789

“Effective December 1st, 2022, America will end her long and ridiculous political and military presence in the Middle East. All U.S. political/diplomatic offices, and military bases, in the Middle Eastern region will be permanently closed by that date. — Signed, The President of the United States.”

12 September, 2019

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(“In a room full of people, the first person to complain about anything will be a Jew.” — I overheard that one day. Yep!).

1960: a Jew is born, and immediately it begins whining: “This hospital sucks! Cheap decor! And that doctor is a quack, and so is the nurse! They took way too long getting me out of that womb. Were those instruments sterile?? I’m gonna sue them both! Also, this delivery room is freezing! How much is all this gonna cost me, anyway?? I smell anti-Semitism! They hate Jews!”

2030: the Jew dies, and it’s still complaining even after its death: “This casket is way too expensive! And it’s too small! And it’s metal — Jews can’t have metal caskets! Besides, I wanted to be cremated anyway! What’s with this cheesy funeral music? Is that Beethoven?? It sucks! Don’t you have any klezmer music? How about Bob Dylan? This is all anti-Semitism! It’s hate! I’m gonna sue the funeral home, the city, and the state! It’s all anti-Semitism! Why, why do they hate Jews so much??”

11 September, 2019

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On the TV today, it’s going to be “9/11 Remembrance” all day long. In fact, it’ll probably last a week.

Like Holocaust Remembrance, 9/11 Remembrance has become a religion of sorts. And why not? Both events are Jewish-connected and the Jews — a vengeful tribe — are the people of “never forget” (actually, their motto is “never forgive, never forget”).

But America’s culture itself has become Judaized: today, there’s a huge, taxpayer-funded memorial for nearly everything: 9/11, Oklahoma City, AIDS, Matthew Shepard, Fallen Educators (!), Lassie, Tiny Tim, and so on. (Some memorials have yet to be built: National Global War on Terrorism Memorial, National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial, National Native American Veterans Memorial, etc.).

As for the 9/11/01 terrorism event itself, who did it? I believe that Israel “hired” (i.e., recruited, aided, funded) Arabs to commit 9/11. That way, if the plan failed and the terrorists were caught beforehand, Israel could deny any involvement and point to the Arabs. After all, Israel is famous for doing things like that: recall the 1954 Lavon Affair, one of many Jewish “false flag” events. Anyway, that’s my theory. You may have a different theory.

10 September, 2019

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Oy veh! John Bolton, the man who wanted to tikkun olam the world and especially the Middle East, has been fired. A sad day for Israel.

10 September, 2019

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The Jews, 1919: “We will remake the world into a place that is safe for the Jews!”

America, 2019: “We will remake the world into a place that is safe for the Jews!”

Call me crazy, but I’m seein’ a connection here!