6 July, 2018

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(Above: C. [Cyril] Northcote Parkinson, 1909-1993)

“To the first group must now be added Marxism – a creed, like the others, of violence, a religion derived ultimately from Judaism.”
-— from the book “East and West” (New York; Mentor Books, 1965) by British historian C. Northcote Parkinson, p. 241. (Today, it would be quite scandalous for a famous historian to link Marxism to Judaism).

6 July, 2018

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Oh, this is really funny. Quick, by a show of hands: how many of you communists in the West: a) refuse to move to the tropical “paradise” called Cuba, b) still live with your bourgeoisie parents, c) buy food at evil, capitalist food stores, d) drive, or ride in, evil, capitalist-made cars and e) own evil, capitalist-made computers? Every one of you! And, how many of you actually believe that the alienated, revolution-minded Jew, Karl Marx, wanted the gentile world to be “equal” and “fair”? As if Marx gave two shits about the well-being of the gentile world. Like all radical Jews, he wanted to upset the apple cart.

Communism has been tried and has been proven to be a failure in numerous countries already. For example, in the Soviet Union and China, after decades of communism, “the state” never “withered away” and disappeared as Marx had promised [1]. For newbies who know little about communism: it was designed by Marx, who hoped that he could destroy the White countries by planting ridiculous ideas in the heads of the White citizens [2]. The scary part: his plan would have worked had more White people embraced communism; but it still might work via a new form of communism known as Cultural Marxism, a.k.a. Political Correctness; more people are embracing Cultural Marxism today than embraced the original communism; even pre-school children are being brainwashed with Cultural Marxism.

One more thing: communism must always kill and oppress large numbers of people, because there are always plenty of citizens who won’t “toe” the Marxist line. As shown in every communist country, those dissenters are always murdered and/or imprisoned.


[1] Many communists call themselves “socialists” because it sounds better — sort of like a burglar saying, “I’m not a burglar, I’m only a trespasser.” Socialism is “pre-communism.” Lenin admitted that “the goal of socialism is communism”

[2] Marx admitted that, if his poisonous ideas didn’t spread to England, all of his efforts were wasted, which was basically an admission that his ideas were designed only for the White countries: “Marx, when living in England, said that any revolution that did not spread to England was a storm in a teacup.” — – from the book “European Jungle” (London, England; Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1939), by F. Yeats-Brown, p. 64;  furthermore, Dr. William Pierce called communism a “poisonous, anti-White creed” in National Vanguard Books Catalogue #19, June 2000, page 33, top right. Marxism was an ethnic (Jewish) movement posing as a political/economic movement

5 July, 2018

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“From the beginning of recorded history up until 30 or 40 years ago any father in a White society whose daughter copulated with non-Whites would lose everyone’s respect; he would become a social outcast. A father’s duty was to raise his daughters as well as his sons to have pride in themselves, in their family, in their community, in their race. In ancient times, if a White girl were caught with a Black or an Asian, then it was the father’s responsibility to cut her throat. The Roman paterfamilias, for example, understood and accepted that responsibility.

Well, the American or the British father of today, typically a potbellied couch potato swilling his beer and watching his ball games while his children do whatever they please, has come a long way down from the paterfamilias, but I suppose it would not be entirely fair to blame him alone. The Roman father did what he did because that is what his society expected of him, demanded of him. The 21st century father does nothing, because his society expects nothing of him; in fact, it virtually prohibits him from doing anything. He has been emasculated and disempowered. He has become a sorry, impotent figure indeed.”




5 July, 2018

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(Above: the powerful, Jewish “anti-racism” leader, Arnold Aronson, wearing glasses, middle)

Well, this is a step in the right direction, anyway. It was Jews who gave America the unconstitutional, freedom-stealing “Affirmative Action” law, i.e., Jews (such as Arnold Aronson) lobbied very hard for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and a Jewish congressman, Emanuel Celler, wrote and introduced the bill that created the CRA (which contained the Affirmative Action mandate) [1]. In fact, Jews built the civil rights movement, e.g., they founded the NAACP in 1909.



[1] the 1960s civil rights laws violated the First Amendment right of White people to freedom of association



4 July, 2018

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Yes, it’s good to celebrate the fact that America is no longer under the thumb of Britain. But now, America is under the thumb of Israel [1]. Same bondage, different “master.”


[1] America has been Israel’s slave since the 1975 Sinai II agreement, which included a secret agreement which is renewed regularly:  “Kissinger’s series of secret understandings included a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Israel in which he committed the United States to “make every effort to be fully responsive … on an on-going and long-term basis to Israel’s military equipment and other defense requirements, to its energy requirements and to its economic needs.”

3 July, 2018

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Dr. William Pierce once said that Jews “are no more likely to be communists than anyone else.” He said that the Jews just used communism as a tool, the way a plumber uses a wrench as a tool. This may, or may not, be true (see the footnote). And it hardly matters: Jews have always been more liberal than the surrounding populations, whether they live in California or Iowa or Maine.

As a general rule, leftists and Jews are ideological twins, politically speaking. Even “conservative” Jews advocate liberal policies in the Western countries because those policies are good for the Jews (e.g., increasing non-White immigration and creating “anti-racism”/”hate crime” laws). The only issue that Jews and leftists might differ on is Israel/Palestine. It’s true that Jews built the political Left here in America but that’s not as true in other Western countries where the Jews had far less political power, e.g., Canada.

-Both leftists and Jews advocate political and social policies that are harmful to Western culture (e.g., more immigration and more feminism, multiculturalism, and gun control).

-Both see the West as disposable: “use it and then throw it away.”

-Both see the West as evil: “White men oppressed Blacks, Browns and Jews!”

-Both are destroyers: unlike traditional White men, they don’t “build societies” or “preserve societies.” Instead, they only “tear down societies.” In fact, they can’t build anything up. They’re incapable of it.

-Both feel threatened by White freedom.

-Both routinely tell incredible, shameless lies in order to advance their agendas.

-Both have a cruel streak, which is most evident in their “win at all costs” mentalities. Both will stop at nothing to gain political/racial advantages. (Granted, White conservatives should learn from that!).

-Both are intolerant of people who don’t believe what they believe, all the while insisting that they’re “tolerant of other viewpoints.” Both will viciously attack anyone who questions their “sacred” beliefs (e.g., look at how leftists react when anyone questions feminism or “global warming,” or how Jews react when anyone questions “The Holocaust” or Israel’s policies).

-Both use the federal government (i.e., federal laws and federal power) to control people. They use the government as a weapon against their enemies.

-Both verbally attack others based not on facts but only on character (e.g., “you’re a hater!” “You’re a racist!” “You’re a Nazi!”).

-Both don’t “think” about political and social issues as much as they “feel” about those issues (because both register higher in “affect intensity”)[1].


[1] a “high AI” (affect intensity) person feels more emotion, while a “low AI” person feels less emotion

1 July, 2018

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Of course the key issue will be abortion. That was also the case back in 1987 when president Ronald Reagan tried to get judge Robert Bork onto the court. The leftists and the Jews were in absolute hysterics at the thought of Bork joining the court, due to his common-sense views about abortion. The leftists and the Jews attacked Bork like no other nominee in recent history. They even paid Hollywood actor Gregory Peck to make anti-Bork TV commercials. It worked: Bork didn’t join the Supreme Court.

Abortion is all about keeping the feminist movement going strong. (Abortion is a 10th Amendment issue, i.e., it should not be a federal issue). Note that abortion was “filed” under “privacy rights” by the Supreme Court in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, but there’s a problem with that: abortion isn’t a private act. It doesn’t take place in your house or car. There’s a doctor and a nurse present. Insurance companies are involved. But the court was liberal in 1973 and desperate to please the feminists by creating an abortion “right.” Roe v. Wade was a bullshit ruling and the leftists know it, hence the reason they fear that Roe v. Wade will be overturned eventually [1].



[1] a Jew, Lawrence Lader, played a key role in the Roe v. Wade ruling: “One of his books, titled simply “Abortion” (1966), was cited eight times in the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision”  [Here]


30 June, 2018

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If 2 or more people conspire to create a situation, involving the use of force, that hinders or delays the enforcement of federal laws, that’s “seditious conspiracy” [1]. I suggest that the media is conspiring in such a way: every media article about illegal immigration portrays illegal aliens as “good” people and anyone who opposes them as “bad” people [2][3]. Flooding America with illegal aliens does, in fact, “hinder or delay” the ability of federal immigration officials to enforce the immigration laws, since “many more aliens coming into America” equals “many more enforcement difficulties” by default.


[1] the federal law reads: “…or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States” (I say that the “force” in this case is using millions of illegal Brown invaders as weapons against America — a human flood, in other words. It’s similar to inciting a riot — a slow-moving riot)  

[2] the American media created/instigated the current illegal-alien crisis by using pro-immigrant propaganda during the past 40 years. That propaganda convinced large numbers of Americans that illegal immigration shouldn’t be opposed and that illegal aliens are nice people who have a “right” to invade America because they are “poor” and because America is supposed to be an ethnic “melting pot.” The media propaganda led to “sanctuary cities,” warning systems that tip off illegals about impending arrests, and other illegal things. Without the media “legitimizing” illegal aliens, America’s current immigration mess would be far less severe than it is. If someone counters this argument with “but the media has a free-speech right,” I would say “yes, but it doesn’t have the right to create/instigate an illegal invasion”  

[3] the media decides which words will be used to describe illegal aliens; the media has decided that using the word “illegal” to describe an illegal alien is a no-no. The “correct” word is now “undocumented” (which is confusing and therefore incorrect since it doesn’t address which documents the illegal alien lacks. There are many different types of documents: medical documents, insurance documents, etc. )


28 June, 2018

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Jews are international people, so who better to lead the NWO? In Look magazine, January 1962, the boss Jew, David Ben-Gurion (1886-1973) predicts parts of the New World Order before they happen — of course, he would know, wouldn’t he? Among other things, Ben-Gurion talks about a “world alliance” (we already have three: the UN, NATO and the EU, and more will follow) and an “international police force” (we have two: NATO and America, but I repeat myself) [1]. He predicts the fall of Soviet communism, the EU, and America becoming a welfare state. Both the UN and NATO are creations of the Jews, and the EU was certainly Jewish-influenced if not directly created by Jews [2][3].


[1] America is the de facto leader of NATO

[2] a Jew, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky, created the framework for, and wrote the charter for, the United Nations, which was founded in 1945; NATO sprang from Chapter VII of the UN Charter

[3] a mention of the founding of the EU

28 June, 2018

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I smell a rat. Why did it take the federal government one year to file “hate crime” charges against Mr. Fields over the Charlottesville rally incident? Sounds like the case against him is shaky at best.

More importantly, “hate crime” laws are baloney. They’re nonsense. You can’t have different punishments for the same crime. That’s Orwellian and unconstitutional. “Hate crime” laws punish opinions and beliefs. In other words, a White guy will get 10 years in a federal prison if he attacks a Black guy because he doesn’t like his race but he’ll only get 3 years in a local prison if he attacks a Black guy because he doesn’t like his clothes. Same crime, but different sentences due to Cultural Marxism, which champions Blacks and demonizes Whites [1]. That’s un-American. Also, a federal crime means a federal prison sentence, so the guy’s family will have a more difficult time visiting him in prison, since federal prisons are often out-of-state and far away. A local crime demands local charges and local imprisonment. Hate crime laws are anti-White and just plain ridiculous, and all such laws should be voided by the Supreme Court.

(Also: had the left-wing protesters stayed at home during the Charlottesville rally and allowed the White people to rally in peace, the outcome of the rally would have been very different).

[1] that type of sentencing differs from 1st degree murder vs. 2nd degree murder vs. manslaughter sentencing. Planning a murder days or weeks beforehand is different from committing a spur-of-the-moment murder or a heat-of-the-moment murder. A person not having the time to think about committing a murder vs. him planning a murder long beforehand is a legitimate legal consideration re: sentencing since sudden passions (e.g., sudden anger) can momentarily override logical thought and reason