12 October, 2020

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“With multiculturalism, no religion is superior. And no culture is superior. Never mind that such notions fly in the face of objective truths to the contrary. If nothing is superior then nothing has value. In essence, you have achieved cultural egalitarianism.”

“Even a partial breakdown of parental authority softens the atmosphere and makes each generation more susceptible to socialism and social change. Hence, it is white, heterosexual males who are invariably singled out for charges of racism, xenophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.”

“When is the last time you ever saw a woman, minority or homosexual accused or charged with a hate crime? Apparently, only white, heterosexual males have a 100% monopoly on hate. This school of thought has created the psychic decapitation of any potential national leader who could unify Americans based on a shared religion or culture.”

The entire article is here.

11 October, 2020

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Seen on the web: a Jewish man describing himself as a “democratic socialist.” So, he wants the government to control everything, but yet, he wants the people to vote on that idea first! How can the people vote on it, if the government is truly socialist and all-controlling (e.g., Venezuela; Hugo Chavez was called a “democratic socialist” and he called his ideology “21st-century socialism”)? The fake “election” would be rigged by the all-controlling, socialist government. “Democratic socialism” is fake, like everything else on the Left. Indeed, all of leftism is a lie. [1].


[1] “There were some initial signs of economic prosperity under Hugo Chavez’s democratic socialist regime in Venezuela in the early part of this century, but that “success” was brief and unsustainable. Chavez was able to distribute to his people some of the bounty from stolen property when his government seized the country’s oil production in 2006 and 2007 by forcibly taking over oil companies such as Exxon Mobil, France’s Total, and Italy’s Eni. Relatively high oil prices also artificially helped the socialist regimes of both Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro in the short run. But the corrosive, demoralizing, and devastating effects of socialism have now been exposed, as the country has gone into an economic death spiral of poverty, chaos, starvation, and death.” — from an article titled “Animated chart of the day: The rise and dramatic fall of democratic socialism in Venezuela” by Mark J. Perry, at www.aei.org, December 2019.

11 October, 2020

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(Above: the Jewish Marxist, Georg Lukacs (1885-1971), an early Frankfurt School associate, was the first person to teach Cultural Marxism in schools, circa 1919 in communist Hungary. All forms of Marxism sprang from Jewish intellectuals who hated and feared White, Western culture and wanted to destroy it. Regular Marxism failed to destroy the West, but Cultural Marxism will likely kill it).

The biggest threat to the White, Western world is Cultural Marxism (hereafter, CM) [1]. It’s much more of a threat than regular (i.e., economic) Marxism was, because it’s more widespread and more ubiquitous — it’s found everywhere today and it can be practiced by anyone.

In circa 1920, the smarter Marxists of the world began to realize that regular Marxism (which was anti-White by default) didn’t “sell” well. Not many people “bought” it. So Marxism needed to be updated and re-packaged, and it was. The end product of the updating was CM, which is basically modern radical leftism. It was “Marxism applied to culture, rather than to economics.” It was also anti-White by default. Its main “positive” selling point? It didn’t require a violent, armed revolution to install it. It could be installed by fancy words and snappy chatter. If you could, say, sell used cars, then you could install CM into a college, or even a state government. In fact, a ten-year-old kid can use CM in his schoolyard! For example, he could accuse his playmates of racism, sexism, classism, age-ism and climate-change-denial, and then he could snitch on them to the principal!

The goals of regular Marxism and CM are the same: to destroy White Western culture under the clever banner of “equality,” or “justice,” or “fairness,” or “progress,” etc. According to the Marxists, the world will become a great place only after all of the White people disappear.

Some examples of CM:

1. Advocating racial diversity and multiculturalism in the White countries.

2. Advocating feminism, transgenderism and homosexuality in the White countries.

3. Advocating non-White immigration into the White countries.

4. Calling White people congenitally “evil” and “racist” in the White countries.

5. Advocating policies that weaken, limit or suppress White culture in the White countries.

6. Championing Black and Brown people, while at the same time demonizing White people, in the White countries.

7. Criticizing or minimizing the achievements of White people in the White countries.

CM isn’t just “a passing fad.” It’s been around a long time (a century). Like regular Marxism, it’s an attack on White, Western culture. It’s a movement that can, and will, marginalize and ultimately kill millions of White people. That’s the endgame of it. And, like regular Marxism, CM is a fraud, i.e., it cannot be made to work. You can’t create a utopia by oppressing and demonizing White people. It won’t work.

A central belief of CM is: “White, Western culture is evil and oppressive and racist and fascist, and it should be destroyed for the sake of all humankind.” Never mind the fact that White people aren’t evil and are, in fact, usually too benevolent and too kind for their own good, and, that they invented nearly the entire world, which benefited everyone else on earth, e.g., White people invented the wheel, concrete, electricity, the lightbulb, the airplane, the automobile, democracy, the concept of free speech, the bicycle, the camera, the telephone, the computer, the furnace, air conditioning, the piano, the violin, musical notation, indoor plumbing, dental care/hygiene, the calendar, food pasteurization and sanitation, etc. Far from harming and oppressing all of mankind, Whites “gave the world to mankind” as the late gun guru Jeff Cooper said [2]. (The Cultural Marxists who hate Western culture are angry people who couldn’t cut the mustard in life, or, they’re jealous of all the great, White achievements, and so are trying to take revenge on the White man).

Some history of CM: it’s a combination of Marxism and Freudianism. (“Political Correctness” is a part of CM). It came from racial/ethnic (not religious) Jews within the Frankfurt School, first in Germany and later at Columbia University in New York City; it came from Jews such as Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Walter Benjamin, etc. CM expanded and “improved upon” regular Marxism. It took regular Marxism and applied it to culture, to all parts of everyday life. That made it much more “effective” (i.e., more dangerous) than regular Marxism. CM’s central tenet that “all humans are equal” is not just a lie, it’s a bold lie. That lie is killing the Western world. All humans are not equal. Nature made us all unequal. All humans vary greatly in IQ, in physical ability, in beliefs, in ambition, in ethnicity, in size and weight, in values, etc. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two humans are alike, and thank God they aren’t.

Despite the fact that CM is a fraud, it’s found virtually everywhere in the West today, most especially in the universities, but also in the workplaces, in the public schools, on the TV, in newspapers, in magazines, in churches even! Everywhere humans exist day-to-day, you’ll find the sick ideology of CM. Even priests and kindergarten teachers can practice CM. There are virtually no limits to CM usage. It can be applied anywhere and everywhere. It’s extremely versatile. CM is like a wrench that will fit any nut or bolt.

Sadly, some of America’s federal laws incorporated CM into them: the Civil Rights Act of 1964, for example. And also the horrible 1965 immigration law known as the Hart-Celler Act, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972. Those illegitimate, dangerous laws should be voided.

Fact: if it’s not stopped soon, CM will probably destroy the Western world. It’s a deadly threat to White people. CM must be banned in all of the Western countries. Donald Trump, are you listening?


[1] one example of Cultural Marxism in practice: not long after Donald Trump was elected president of America in November 2016, nearly every TV commercial in America featured a Black person or a mixed-race couple. This was the bold pushing of the CM tenet of “diversity” onto the White Western world.

[2] “In view of this queasy multiculturalism with which we are continually affronted, it occurs to us that Western Europeans gave the world to the human race, and there is nothing harder to forgive than a favor.” — author, writer and firearms legend Jeff Cooper (1920-2006), in Guns and Ammo magazine, August 1995, page 105

10 October, 2020

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Apparently, Eddie Van Halen was god-like in the guitar world. But why? Was Van Halen a fast guitar player? Yes. Very fast. But, was he a good guitar player? By many accounts, he was only so-so, talent-wise; his guitar solos were at times catchy, but not at all historic.

We live in a world today where being fast equals being brilliant. That’s just not true.

10 October, 2020

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I hate it when that happens. D-oh! Remember the crazy plot to kidnap a liberal governor/attack a police building that was “uncovered” by the FBI? Well, things aren’t as they seemed (the first tip-offs were the anarchist flag and the huge, African-style “ear gauges” on one of the guys…not exactly right-wing stuff…).

9 October, 2020

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Mother Lode (1982); starring Charlton Heston and Kim Basinger. It’s about gold mining and murder.

[Movie; duration is 2 hours].

9 October, 2020

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A news quote: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday announced legislation to create a commission that would allow Congress to oust a president from office, using the 25th Amendment…Pelosi was joined at the Capitol by bill author Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., who said the coronavirus crisis has further shown the need for a succession plan…”

“Bill author” Raskin?? But of course. Raskin, a Jew, was a player in prior, similar attempts to remove Donald Trump from office. In July 2017, he wanted to create a “special panel” — made up of doctors and psychiatrists (and who would choose them?) — to examine Trump to determine whether he was “mentally fit” to be president. Jews have led the movement to remove Trump from office.

9 October, 2020

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Did you know that California has a state law requiring “ethnic studies” for all children in the public schools? That’s right. What is “ethnic studies”? It’s basically “White people are evil but Brown people are wonderful” propaganda. It’s Cultural Marxism. It’s state-sponsored mental child abuse of White students. It should be outlawed in America. Why isn’t it outlawed? Why do White people tolerate this crap?

So why did Governor Newsom veto this bill? It wasn’t because he didn’t like it. It was because Jews, and other minorities, didn’t like it (but don’t worry, the bill will be green-lighted next time. After all, this is California, the land of fruits and nuts!).

If you are a parent, home-school your kids. It only takes an hour per day. Or, maybe send them to a good charter or private school.

8 October, 2020

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Each time, the standard, anti-White FBI plan goes like this: an undercover FBI informant joins — at the urging of the FBI — a White, militia/Nazi group. Then, the informant persuades the group members to commit “X” and “Y” illegal actions, and then the FBI swoops in and arrests the White guys. Each time. Same thing. It’s like the same movie over and over again. Without the greasy undercover-informant “persuaders,” the FBI would have no cases against militia/Nazi groups. (This particular case smells badly of “wannabies talking big after having a dozen drinks”; I mean, really! They were gonna attack a state police building and kidnap a governor??? Bullshit. My god, this is pure ass-clowning here; what’s next? The feds will uncover a sinister KKK/NRA plot to kidnap 50 U.S. Senators and force them to eat Cheez Whiz without crackers??? And your tax dollars are paying for this. Why doesn’t the FBI go after real criminals, like, antifa thugs??).


8 October, 2020

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The infamous White cop, Derek Chauvin, is now out of jail on $1 million dollars bond. Why such a high bond? Oh, yeah, that’s right: the negroes and the SJWs in Minneapolis demanded it of (Jewish) mayor Jacob Frey.

No cop would knowingly commit murder while being filmed on video. Chauvin knew he was being videotaped via cellphone and via police-cam because he was staring right at the citizen who was cellphone-filming him. The cop obviously did not intend to kill Saint George Floyd, and in fact, he didn’t kill Saint George, who actually OD’ed on fentanyl, with contributing factors of death being high blood pressure/an enlarged heart/a badly-clogged heart artery (i.e., Floyd was already half-dead from the latter and would have been dead within a year; also, Floyd was recorded on audiotape muttering “I can’t breathe” while he was standing next to the cop car! So much for the cops “killing” him).