11 April, 2018

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Seen on the internet: “Cohencidental/Cohencidence.” As used in a sentence (for example): “The Jews didn’t conspire to start the war. It’s just a Cohencidence that all of the generals are dual-citizenship yids.”

(Thanks to a reader/commenter at counter-currents.com)

11 April, 2018

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“The same educational system which turned out the people who designed the Mars mission is turning out millions of people today who not only haven’t a clue about physics or chemistry or mathematics, but who also haven’t a clue about the history of our people — or even about the proper use of our language. And I’m talking about university graduates. Why bother to take courses in the language of Shakespeare and Milton when one can graduate instead by taking courses in subjects like “California Wines” or “Park Science” or “Black Hair As Culture and History”?”


10 April, 2018

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Northern Asians (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans) are smart, but they’re robotic and uncreative, like human copy machines. As Alex said, they are “copy, repeat, copy, repeat.”

[Article at VNN Forum].

8 April, 2018

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Associate Professor of The Classics, Matthew Sears
The University of New Brunswick, Canada

Re: your recent newspaper article about Aristotle and “scientific racism” titled “Aristotle, Father of Scientific Racism”:

Mr. Sears: I realize that Canada is now a left-wing country full of Soviet-style Political Correctness. But nonetheless, you, of all people, should be able to see the giant elephant in the room, but for some reason you either can’t or won’t. Let me help you: Western Culture is White and only White. Unfortunately, there are Blacks in Kansas and Iowa today because our Founding Fathers stupidly brought Black slaves to America (but only after buying those slaves from Black tribal chiefs in Africa).

“White racism” and “scientific racism” are silly and moot terms; you might as well say “cold ice cream” or “wet rain”; why even bother saying them? Of course Whites are racist against Blacks and Browns (i.e., unsuccessful and often violent people). What’s your point anyway? Whites gave the world to mankind and we’re very proud of that. We don’t want Blacks and Browns in our nice, safe (until recently) White republic — why would we?

Blacks and Browns should thank us every day for their cars, computers, telephones, electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, TV sets, democracy, etc., but of course they don’t. Jealousy breeds contempt and hatred.

VNN blog,

8 April, 2018

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This is a two-fer: Trump criticized both Syria and Russia at the same time! How many Jews have been whispering into Trump’s ear?

According to the Zionist baloney that was repeated by Trump, Syrian leader Assad is an “animal.” Really? Then what is Israel’s leader Netanyahu? He’s certainly no saint: Israel’s leaders are known for their violence against neighboring states, e.g., Egypt and Syria. Indeed, Israel has attacked all of its neighbors over the years, some of them more than once. In fact, Israel almost nuked Egypt in 1973.


7 April, 2018

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How long will it be before freakishly large dogs, and humans, walk among us? Probably not long. In fact, there may be genetic freaks being bred in secret laboratories right now (possibly in an effort to build an army of tall, muscular super-men) [1].


[1] newbies: speaking of genetic freaks, Jews get a wide array of genetic diseases because they are heavily inbred — yet Jewish Hollywood loves to make jokes about “inbred rednecks in Alabama”

6 April, 2018

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A Jewish mayor in Illinois ignores the 2nd Amendment and instigates a ban on so-called “assault rifles” (by the way, an “assault rifle” is a fully-automatic machine gun. Most people don’t own machine guns. They own semi-automatic versions of them). The 2nd Amendment doesn’t mention any specific types of guns, only “arms.” Newbies, the gun-control movement in America is mostly Jewish-led [1][2]. (Note: if any gun is suitable for “militia” use, it’s the so-called “assault weapon.” It’s based on a military gun. In other words, those guns should be the last guns anybody would want to ban)[3].


[1] in the border areas of Israel, Jewish civilians can legally carry fully-automatic assault rifles, i.e., machine guns. How ironic!

[2] a list of Jewish gun-banners

[3] the 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”

4 April, 2018

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Until they stop pushing Cultural Marxism and anti-White ideas, the Western universities need to be de-funded. Without money, the universities will have to close.

“Frankly, given what an open-air insane asylum that university has become, that young man might be better off NOT getting a diploma there. The world needs plumbers, carpenters and auto mechanics. The world doesn’t need screechy feminist professors and more liberal Social Justice Warrior students.” — Stormfront poster WhiteRights. Right. Many of the vocations that universities produce aren’t needed. At all.

2 April, 2018

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White gun owner: “Why are you confiscating my guns?”

Jewish lesbian judge: “Because you’re a right-wing extremist — oops, I mean, uhh, because you’re a danger to the public and you can’t be trusted with guns! (gavels). Next gun case! God, I love this job…”


1 April, 2018

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by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.


“Leonard is exceptional at highlighting the hypocrisy and sheer malevolence of cultural Marxists. The same people who claim to want to “integrate” immigrants into Western society are often the first to claim there is no indigenous culture to integrate into. Leonard points out that the aim of the cultural Marxist is not to integrate immigrants with the native population, but to recruit and incite the former against the latter”