12 May, 2017

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Female Marine #1: “I just broke a nail!” (*sob*)
Female Marine #2: “My mascara is running!” (*sniff*)
Female Marine #3: “I didn’t know that we actually had to wear combat boots! They hurt my feet!” (*sob*)
Female Marine #4: “This rifle is way too heavy. Can I have a lighter one, without that pointy dangerous bayonet-thingy?”


11 May, 2017

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“Jews, Jews, every where, And all the White power did shrink; Jews, Jews, every where, Nor did anyone raise a stink!” — stolen from the poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

The USA? Why not rename it “the JewSA”? Not only was the Obamacare architect a Jew, but the “Hillarycare” architect was also a Jew.


11 May, 2017

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“We’ve seen this before”? Seen what before? Is that a little reference to Uncle Adolf? Hmmm? Anyway, Jews have led the anti-Trump movement, not because he poses any threat to them, but because they think he does (never mind the fact that several Orthodox Jews hold top positions in Trump’s administration, e.g., Trump’s son-in-law and key adviser, Jared Kushner. Indeed, Trump doesn’t behave like an anti-Semite) [1].


[1] Jewish neocons have led the anti-Trump movement, largely because they think Trump is too friendly with Russia’s leader Putin, and is too isolationist in his foreign policies (but he has not been isolationist, e.g., his North Korea policy and his April missile attack on Syria, which was Zionism that would make George W. Bush proud)

10 May, 2017

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Now you know, I am making a pretty serious accusation. I am accusing the Jewish population as a whole — and the Jewish media bosses in particular — of planning our annihilation as a race, of planning to commit genocide against us. And I don’t want anyone to think that I am basing my accusation on only the few instances of racially motivated killings I already have cited: their suppression of the news of the Fayetteville murders of two White girls by the Crips and their sensationalizing of the news of the Fayetteville shooting of a Black drug dealer and his girlfriend by a White soldier and of the dragging death of another convicted Black criminal in Teaxas by three Whites. And so today I’ll talk a bit more about anti-White crimes which the Jewish media have deliberately covered up. The details aren’t pleasant — in fact, they are shocking — but I believe that many listeners need to be shocked.”


10 May, 2017

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To paraphrase Bill Clinton, it all depends on what your definition of “far” is. In this case, “far” is a very short distance, a millimeter, maybe. [Article].

9 May, 2017

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Texas now has a law that prohibits “sanctuary cities.” It’s about time! Let’s hope this type of law spreads to other states.

[Article]. More Here.

9 May, 2017

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Alex Linder on the Alt-Sleight: it’s “smoke and mirrors” designed to draw attention away from the Jews who have run the anti-White movement since Day One [1].

[VNN Forum thread].

[1] Jews founded, or at least funded, most left-wing/”anti-racism” organizations

8 May, 2017

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The globalist, anti-White, anti-France retard Emmanuel Macron won the May 7 election. Or did he? Will we ever know for sure whether or not the election was stolen from Le Pen? Either way, Macron will spell doom for France’s White culture: Brown immigration will greatly increase and the White population (you know, the people who built France) will be displaced and destroyed – that’s also known as “genocide,” which is against the Geneva Conventions prohibiting genocide, which the French government signed in 1950 [1].


[1] genocide means “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”

2 May, 2017

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White man: “You liberals always say that race doesn’t matter.”

Liberal: “That’s right. Race doesn’t matter. There’s only one race: the human race” [1].

White man: “Well, if race doesn’t matter, then why do you care about how many Blacks are in medical school in Missouri?”

Liberal: “Uhhm, well…uhhh…hmmm…oh, stop asking questions, you intolerant White male!”

White man: “So, it matters to you that I’m White? I thought race doesn’t matter?”

Liberal: “Just be quiet, you racist, fascist, sexist, homophobic, cisgender, climate-change denier!!” [2].


[1] a slogan coined by the Jew, Otto Klineberg

[2] the strange word “cisgender” (an anti-heterosexual slur) was coined by a “transsexual” (by the way, there’s no such thing as a “transsexual”)

30 April, 2017

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Alex talks about this issue a lot, and for good reason. Newbies, here’s the main outline of the Jewish Problem, a.k.a. the Jewish Question:

1. Jews have been “at war” with Whites for centuries. Jews consider Whites to be their most dangerous enemy.

2. Due to a variety of factors (e.g., their control of the media and Hollywood), the Jews now have the upper hand against Whites and are very close to wiping out Whites via several different methods (e.g., by pushing immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, open borders, etc.).

3. Whites must learn that Jews are their very worst enemies and must act accordingly (but Christianity hinders such acting by Whites).

4. Whites can’t save the West without dealing with the Jews – it’s impossible. Whites cannot continue to ignore the Jewish problem like they have been doing ever since WWII ended. The Jewish problem won’t go away by itself. It must be solved once and for all. How to solve it? Alex mentions that.

[Alex Linder blog post].