10 November, 2019

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Quoting a newspaper article: “Income inequality in the United States would fall drastically if people were compensated based only on their ability.”

Nope. The opposite is true. If people in America were paid only based on their ability, most Black and Brown people wouldn’t even be hired, let alone be paid more! It’s only because of federal Affirmative Action laws that Blacks and Browns are hired.

Cultural Marxism is driven by an obsession with human equality, just as regular Marxism was driven by an obsession with human equality (as officially claimed, anyway). They’re both nearly the same thing, only regular Marxism is economics-based. Both desire to murder the West, only by different methods. Both are based on lying and deceit — the truth will kill both types of Marxism.


10 November, 2019

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I freely invented this Derrida-speak (because that’s what Derrida did, he invented everything freely) vis-a-vis The Great 2019 Donald Trump Impeachment Circus. (This is supposed to be funny):

“If there was a quid pro quo, then the Ukrainians would have to know that Trump knew that the Ukrainians knew it, because if they didn’t know that Trump knew that they knew that Trump knew, then they would know that he knew that they knew that he didn’t know, which is that he knew that they didn’t know, when they did know. But if it was a pretend quid pro quo, then he knew that they knew that he didn’t know that they knew, which means that they didn’t know that he knew that they didn’t know.” If you’re a fan of Derrida, this makes perfect sense!

10 November, 2019

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(Above: little Jacques Derrida [pronounced DARE-idda, 1930-2004], trying to look important, and taller)

“He was a leading Western philosopher!” they say. No, he wasn’t, he was an angry Jew who politicized words and talked in circles to hide the fact that he was full of shit. Quoting a major British newspaper’s obituary of Derrida, on October 11, 2004: “Derrida’s name has probably been mentioned more frequently in books, journals, lectures, and common-room conversations during the last 30 years than that of any other living thinker.” That should scare you badly, White man.

“To pretend, I actually do the thing: I have therefore only pretended to pretend.” — Jacques Derrida. (Wow, how deep. College kids and “intellectuals” love that kind of talk! It sounds cool when you’re stoned).

If Derrida were alive today, he’d say something like this: “Everything that the White, Western philosophers wrote is defective and illogical, because I say so and I’m always right! There’s no such thing as facts or truth, because life is a giant question mark and it’s very arrogant for gentiles to try to solve the mysteries of life. Only Jews can solve those mysteries, which don’t really exist anyway, except as theories!” [1].

Derrida’s “philosophy” (actually, it’s anti-philosophy) greatly aided today’s “if you believe it, then it’s true” reality-denying movements (to Derrida, there is no reality, just theories and opinions). Two examples of such movements are: Transgenderism and the Otherkin movement. They make no sense at all — unless you apply Derridaism (my word) to them. Then suddenly they make sense. It’s only a short step from Derridaism’s reality-denial to crazy ideas such as “a man can become a woman” and “I may look human, but I’m not. I’m really a cocker spaniel.” (Many Otherkins are also trannies and drug users, big surprise).

Some background on Derrida: he suffered from “anti-Semitism” as a child (that explains a lot!) and he invented a stupid, but surprisingly popular, “philosophical analyses method” called “deconstruction” in the 1960s. “Deconstruction” basically amounted to this: “find some text written by an old White guy and then try to make him look ridiculous by criticizing every word of his text, while also searching for hidden meanings, stereotypes, negativity and inequality in his text.” That’s all “deconstruction” is. An attack. A tearing-down or tearing-apart of a gentile’s work. It’s another way to attack White culture, by attacking White language. Derrida hated the White Western world. He hated the Western philosophers, whom he thought had “privileged speech” (yeah, where have you heard “privileged” before?). Deconstruction originally applied to written texts only, but later it spread and influenced various social and political realms of the Western world. Here’s a quote from the web: “Deconstruction has had an enormous influence in psychology, literary theory, cultural studies, linguistics, feminism, sociology and anthropology.”

A good example of Derrida-type bullshit is found in what Bill Clinton famously said under oath during his impeachment “trial”: “It depends on what your definition of ‘is’ is.” That’s perfect Derrida-type gobbledygook. (You’re “speaking Derrida” when college women go “oooooooo, that’s so profound!”). The very idea that this clown is considered to be a great “Western” philosopher!


[1] I’m going to try my hand at “speaking Derrida” here: “In this case, however, there is a ‘there’ there. We know this because if there wasn’t a there there, it wouldn’t be there, and if it wasn’t there, we wouldn’t know that it wasn’t there.” And that’s my first time trying that, too! I’m going to invent more Derridaisms and post them occasionally. You can, too. Feel free to make up all the Derridaisms you want and post them in Comments.

9 November, 2019

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If White people in the Western world can move about freely (e.g., go shopping at the grocery store, or vacation in another state/country) then they can surely speak freely without fear of punishment (but try to speak freely in the UK or Germany and you’ll often end up in prison; ask Ursula Haverbeck). In fact, freedom of speech would naturally trump freedom of movement, since the latter is more dangerous (e.g., a moving White person could be engaging in revolution or crime, or, be carrying a concealed knife, gun or bomb).

Bottom line: If you can move about freely, then you can surely speak freely! If a government allows one, it must allow the other.

8 November, 2019

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(Disclaimer: this post has nothing to do with White nationalism per se).

I’m always interested in what Zappa has to say about music. Now, I may not always agree with what he says, but, I’m still interested in what he says, re: music. Note the mention of John Lennon, Yoko Ono and MTV. I give Zappa credit for doing his own thing.

[Video, duration is 19 minutes]

8 November, 2019

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“Since any facet of society could be turned into a “cause,” Fay would not be adrift for long. Soon she turned (along with many other radical Jews) to feminist and homosexual issues. She entered another relationship with a woman, called “Katherine” by Pearlman. One of the cases she became involved with helped push California law into accepting the “rights” of lesbians in custody cases. Another gash in the fabric of Gentile society.”

“Fay’s life perfectly illustrates the nature of radical Jewish activism and the immense harm that it can inflict upon society. Her work amounted to nothing more than “disruption of White society.”


8 November, 2019

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In fact, in Mexico, sex between men and female children is very common. Note: that’s a severe felony in the West. (Sex with children is legal “throughout much of Mexico” and in some parts of Africa).

“Since 1990, the media have reported on fifty-three specific girls aged ten or younger who have given birth in Latin America. In the United States…there were four reported births to girls that young — and three were to immigrants.”


8 November, 2019

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News quote: “We were doing everything we were supposed to do – and better,” Obama said of her family, recalling when they got a new address on Chicago’s South Side. “But when we moved in, white families moved out.”

Gee, imagine that. I can’t fathom why anyone would move from Chicago’s heavily-Black, crime-ridden south side. Can you? I’m stumped.

Put on your thinking caps, newbies: if Black people didn’t commit more crime and cause more trouble than Whites, why would White people flee from “darkening” neighborhoods to Whiter neighborhoods? Moving is an expensive, pain-in-the-ass endeavor and nobody moves without a good reason. Obviously, Blacks are a problem (just ask anyone who has experienced neighborhood “darkening”!).


7 November, 2019

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This 1949 song is famous and has been recorded by countless famous people. But Johnny Cash’s version, posted here, is probably the best version. [Video].

7 November, 2019

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(Above: “Dr.” Martin Luther King, Jr. in jail — as usual. King stole roughly half of the material in his doctoral thesis, but nonetheless, his Ph.D. in Theology from Boston University has never been revoked. Why not? [1]).

Citizen #1: “So, the people of Kansas City didn’t want a street named after a Black, Marxist pseudo-reverend who instigated riots, plagiarized his doctorate, and slept with White prostitutes.”

Citizen #2: “Yeah, I know! There’s so much racism in Kansas City!”

Citizen #3: “Those rotten White people! MLK was like Jesus for colored folks!”



[1] Further reading: “King’s Doctorate Upheld Despite Plagiarisms” by Larry Gordon, Los Angeles Times, Oct. 11, 1991