10 April, 2021

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“Defensive Racism” (2004) by Edgar J. Steele. A good book. I noted with interest his comments about IQ (page 17). (I have my own theories about IQ [speaking as someone who is not an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination; but my dad was]. Several of my theories about intellectuals, i.e., people with Ph.D.s: 1) they are much more likely to be egalitarian; 2) more likely to be taller, soft-spoken and have really tiny penmanship; 3) more likely to lack “horse sense”/common sense; 4) more likely to be petty, stubborn and closed-minded. I knew several intellectuals through dad and I didn’t like any of them. In fact, I can see why dictators murder intellectuals. One intellectual I knew came very unglued when I told him via email that, despite the common usage, “Hispanic” does not refer to Mexicans, but only to Spaniards. That was “racism” on my part, he said. Yeah, as if a white-wine-sipping Woody Allen freak would know about racism…).

[Book; a .PDF file].

10 April, 2021

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The old college syllabus — radicalized.

by Dr. William L. Pierce.

“NO GROUP OF PEOPLE can hope to gain control of their destiny unless they possess two essential things: the will to survive as a people and knowledge. The purpose of this guide is to provide a reasonably accessible storehouse of knowledge for the English-speaking reader — and a little inspiration as well, in the hope that the inspiration and the knowledge together will strengthen and guide the will of the reader to participate in shaping the future of his people.”


10 April, 2021

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This gives new meaning to the term “gibsmedat!”

And great timing. Just when we WNs need more fresh recruits. There is even video of the attack.


9 April, 2021

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Remember court-packing? It’s baaaaack!

I’ve always been fascinated by how, when liberals don’t get their way, they try to remake the entire government. Sore losers! They also want to end the filibuster in the Senate, and end the electoral college.

President Roosevelt tried to “pack” the Supreme Court with more judges in 1936, but he failed. He wanted to give his liberal policies a political advantage by adding more liberal judges to the court. It was a horrible idea then, and it still is.

But now, Biden and his crew are going to look into whether court-packing can be done. Can it? I doubt it. It isn’t a popular idea with most people.

“Chairing the panel are Bob Bauer, a New York University law school professor and former White House counsel and Yale Law School Professor Cristina Rodriguez, former deputy assistant attorney general at the Justice Department” [1].

So, a Jew and a Mexican/Latina are gonna lead the group that will decide if the highest court in America will be ruined or not. Oh, boy!



[1] “Born in New York City into a Jewish family, Bauer graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1970. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard College in 1973, and his Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law in 1976.” — Wikipedia, April 2021

9 April, 2021

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Fact: White men are more intelligent and more cautious than Brown or Black men.

Men also have faster reaction times (due to testosterone) and have better visual-spatial skills than women. So, it’s logical that a company would want to hire more White men and less of “The Other.” This would make sense.

(Trivia: female U.S. Navy pilots have fared poorly landing their planes on aircraft carriers. Women pilots crash on takeoff/landing much more often than men, and they are doomed by stalls and crosswinds much more often than male pilots).

But no! We can’t have any common sense today! There’s a new god in the world. His (or her?) name is Diversity and he/she must be worshiped. No matter the cost. Diversity Above All!

“Today, United has one of the most diverse pilot populations of any U.S. carrier with nearly 20% of our pilot group made up of women and people of color. We are working toward raising that number even higher by partnering with diversity-led organizations and continuing to remove gender and racial barriers. And we’re going one step further with plans for 50% of United Aviate Academy students being women and people of color to ensure our students reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.”

Note for the record that all American companies that employ more than 15 people must, by law, hire via Affirmative Action (A.A.), a.k.a. “reverse racism” because it can legally reject White men due to their race/sex. A.A. says that all companies must hire “X” number of Blacks, “X” number of Mexicans, of women, of midgets, and so on. A.A. came from the Jew, Emanuel Celler’s Civil Rights Act of 1964. It’s unconstitutional yet it still stands decades later.


8 April, 2021

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A new version of “Onward Christian Soldiers” by American journalist Donald Day (1942).

[Book; a .PDF file].

8 April, 2021

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“Piece of Mind” (1983) by Iron Maiden. [Here]. (By the way, I would avoid, if I were you, the song “Run To The Hills” on their previous album “The Number of the Beast” which is about the U.S. cavalry vs. the Indians and is rather appalling. This album, however, seems pretty good, and has very good melodies).

8 April, 2021

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Today, you will speak “PC” and “Cultural Marxism” or you will be fired. Says who? Says the powers that be (usually, Jews or people who take orders from Jews). Jews don’t like free speech — someone could tell the truth about them. Oy, veh!


8 April, 2021

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First Hirschfeld, then Biber (pronounced “Bye-ber”). Jews have a funny habit of pioneering “liberating” movements that are harmful to Western culture: Marxism, feminism, socialism, civil rights, human rights, homosexual rights, “sex-change” procedures, etc. You name the “liberating” movement and it’s a safe bet that Jews pioneered it.

There’s no such thing as “sex-change” surgery but Biber pioneered it anyway. Removing a guy’s dick and then creating a fake vagina in its place is not “changing his sex.” It’s sexual mutilation.

From 2006, but still very important:

“Stanley H. Biber, a small-town Colorado doctor who for decades was internationally renowned as the dean of sex-change surgery, died on Monday at a hospital in Pueblo. He was 82 and lived in Hoehne, Colo.”

“He became one of the country’s most prolific providers of the operation, which, it was estimated, he performed more than 4,000 times beginning in 1969.”


7 April, 2021

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This ammo shortage is getting bad. And very suspicious. It began circa March 2020 but should have leveled off to normal by now.

Which Jewish billionaire is buying up all the ammo in America so that “right-wing fascists” can’t buy any? Is it you, George? Hmmm? Maybe it’s more than one Jew. Maybe it’s several. Huh, Michael? You can tell me. Be honest. Getting paranoid about a White revolt, Michael? Hmmm?

[Forum thread].