13 November, 2017

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Israel is now 75% Jewish? How on earth did that happen? Someone has been doing some serious ethnic cleansing (and it wasn’t the Palestinians who did it).


13 November, 2017

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A Western scene by Dalhart Windberg (click image to enlarge; title of painting unknown)

12 November, 2017

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(Above: the Jew, Leo Pasvolsky, the man who created the framework for, and wrote the charter for, the United Nations, founded in 1945; the communist/Soviet agent Harry “the Hop” Hopkins has been credited for “saving” the UN founding conference in San Francisco in 1945 by meeting with and appeasing Soviet thug Joe Stalin; there were so many communists involved in the founding of the UN that it’s surprising that anyone takes the UN seriously; why is America even involved with the UN?)

You’ve heard of Political Science courses at universities? Well, green Marxism really is “political science.” Those who don’t embrace the ideas of green Marxism are portrayed as fools or as morally bankrupt scoundrels. (It was previously called “global warming” but the green Marxists had to change the name to “climate change” once the so-called climate-change-deniers discovered scientific evidence that the earth was not getting warmer at the rate that the green Marxists claimed)[1]. Green Marxism is another global scheme in a world full of global schemes.

[1] there was zero “global warming” from February 1997 to October 2015 (that’s almost 19 years); the earth’s temperature has naturally fluctuated over the centuries

9 November, 2017

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Jealousy and envy are very powerful things. The leftists and the non-Whites hate us not because we’re “racists.” They hate us because Whites gave the world to mankind; Whites “set the bar” as high as it will ever, ever go. That’s a tough pill to swallow.


9 November, 2017

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(This week’s William Pierce Wednesday item is being posted today instead)

by Dr. William Pierce.


“I told him that decent children’s books are becoming increasingly difficult for parents to find in bookstores or libraries, because the multiculturalists have had a devastating effect on the publishing of children’s books, insisting that every illustration in children’s literature show a racially mixed group, that homosexuals be portrayed positively, that little girls be shown doing typically “boy” things and vice versa. In fact, I said, there has been a real effort afoot to keep traditional children’s books away from children. The multiculturalists don’t want White children to learn about their own history and traditions. They don’t want White children to learn the values and attitudes that are inherent in the sorts of books that White children used to read in America before the Second World War. So the National Alliance searches for good children’s books which the multiculturalists haven’t gotten to yet and makes them available to parents who want their children to learn these traditional values.”


8 November, 2017

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Trannies are not legitimate, since they are living a lie every single day, i.e., there’s no such thing as a “transgender” person. A person cannot change his/her biological sex. If you were born with male sex chromosomes (“XY” chromosomes), you are a male. Period. (Females have “XX” sex chromosomes). Believing in a “transgender” person is like believing in the Tooth Fairy or little green men from Mars.


7 November, 2017

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“The left’s identity is based off of hating Western Culture and anything associated with White European people.” — Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

(The political Left was built largely by Jews. The Left and the Jews are bosom buddies, two-peas-in-a-pod. Without the Left, the Jews could not have succeeded in their wrecking of American culture, e.g., the civil-rights movement, which was created, funded and staffed mostly by Jews but cemented into law by leftist gentiles such as presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Barack Obama).

6 November, 2017

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The Southern Nationalist flag. Simple. Easy to remember and reproduce. Manly. (All of the reasons why Germany’s swastika flag worked so well).

5 November, 2017

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About the anti-White atmosphere in America in the era of Black Lives Matter, Social Justice Warriors and Antifa

1. White people founded and built the republic called The United States of America in 1776, therefore it belongs to us; we are not leaving it, nor are we going to be marginalized in it by Black and Brown extremists who didn’t build America and who actually hate America. If you don’t like our country, there’s a simple solution for you: leave it. Move to Canada or Mexico.

2. White people are tired of being expected to apologize for the “racial crimes” of their long-dead ancestors. Modern Whites were not involved with slavery, nor were they involved in aggressions against the Indians, a.k.a. Native Americans.

3. White people want an end to immigration into America and justifiably so: Our country has 325 million people in it already. That’s more than enough people to clog our cities and freeways, and more than enough to cause crime rates to soar. Indeed, Donald Trump was elected by White people based upon the idea of less immigration.

4. White people are fed up with paying for, fighting in and dying in endless foreign wars that aren’t our wars. We did not ask for the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the Gulf War, etc. White lives are not cheap and we are not cannon fodder.

5. White people want to end the Cultural Marxism that permeates every part of America: Our schools, our media, our workplaces, our movies and TV shows. Cultural Marxism (an anti-White creed that pushes multiculturalism and “diversity”) is destroying our country.

6. White people are tired of the liberal, anti-White media deciding what is, and isn’t, legitimate speech or legitimate behavior. Only we should be allowed to decide that.

7. White people will no longer tolerate the censorship of pro-White speakers – such as Richard Spencer – at the universities. We Whites built the universities, so they belong to us, not to the Black/Marxist troublemakers.

8. White people are sick of Muslim terrorism and the never-ending “war on terror.” There wouldn’t be a “war on terror” if the U.S. government would stop letting Muslim immigrants into our country and would stop invading Muslim lands on behalf of Israel; why doesn’t Israel fight its own wars?

9. White people are tired of one ethnic group – the Jews – dominating America. For example: Hollywood, the mainstream media, social media, the banks, Wall Street, the music industry — in other words, they dominate most of our culture. Don’t the Jews have their own country (Israel)? Of course they do. Then why are they ruining our country? Let them destroy their country if they want to engage in nation-wrecking.

10. White people are also angry about globalism. We are sick of seeing our jobs and our sovereignty disappear. We are tired of one-sided trade agreements that weaken our country but strengthen the Brown countries. We are fed up with foreigners owning a significant portion of America (about 40% of it). Why do the Chinese own hotels in Pittsburg? Why do the Arabs own supermarkets in Omaha? And foreigners own roughly 50% of all U.S. Treasury debt. Why is that? Is this our country, or theirs?

11. White people have had enough of the bought-and-paid-for politicians in Congress who sell out our interests at every opportunity. We need new leadership. We need politicians who represent us, not special interests.

12. White people founded and built America, and it belongs to us.

3 November, 2017

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This is a perfect meme. It makes the point, yet it’s not “hate” or “White supremacism.” It’s very mild for Sally Soccermom and Joe Sixpack.