27 August, 2019

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A hockey stick graph? It looks more like a dreidel-shaped graph to me. Almost every Western guru is a Jew, including the “global warming” guru.


27 August, 2019

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One of the most important things that I learned from Dr. William Pierce is that the Jews love democracy, and they love it for a reason. In a democratic country, the Jews have a free hand. All they have to do to control the country is to gain control of 1) the media and 2) the entertainment industry (movies, TV, music, etc.). If they do that, they can effectively control public opinion, and if they can do that, they can basically control the country. Pierce calls this “Jewish democracy.”

Look at “global warming” (which has now been renamed “climate change” since, during some recent years, the earth didn’t get slightly warmer, e.g. during 2006; in fact, it snowed in Los Angeles in February 2019 for the first time since 1962! Yeah, there’s your warming, pal.). How did the “global warming” myth become “fact”? Simple: the media repeated the words “global warming” daily for 20 years until the warming became a “fact.” Today, “global warming” is so “real” that people who question it are called weirdos.

26 August, 2019

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Gee, I was wondering why, for the past 2 years, I have seen so many, many TV commercials featuring mixed-race couples.

From Wikipedia:

“In 1998, it (American Association of Advertising Agencies, or AAAA) opened up its membership to marketing communications companies in addition to advertising agencies. Ad industry changes meant that agencies were no longer just creating ads but also engaging in public relations, direct marketing, sales promotion, and corporate branding. Furthermore, in 2009, it rebranded as the 4A’s, to retire the words “American” (advertising is an international affair) and “Advertising Agencies” (as member firms offer a wide array of services).”

“It has a Benefits division that provides insurance for more than 160,000 of its member agencies’ employees.[1] Its DC office, which opened in 1969, “monitors federal and state government activity and works to protect agencies and the advertising industry against burdensome legislation and taxation”.[2] It also organizes a number of conferences and events, including the Transformation Conference[4] and issues annual awards for the best agencies in different categories.[5]

Marla Kaplowitz has served as AAAA’s President and CEO since May 2017.”

25 August, 2019

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How many Black people were lynched by White people in the old days (circa 1865-1930)? A reasonable but high guess is around 1,000 (or about 15 Blacks per year, within a 65-year period). Lynching wasn’t a common event, despite the liberal media hype. Some of the people who were lynched were White criminals. Most of the time, a negro was lynched because he misbehaved in some way towards a White person, e.g., he tried to molest a White woman (or he tried to sing a rap song in church, heh-heh-heh).

By contrast, how many Whites are murdered by Blacks each year these days? With 17,000 murders committed per year in the U.S. today, a reasonable guess is around 3,000 Whites per year (it’s hard to guess since race/crime statistics are often “cooked” by government officials for anti-White political reasons, e.g., Hispanic offenders are often labeled as “White” in crime statistics).


24 August, 2019

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Speaking of creepy 1960s Jewish radicals:

“The first part of the Yippie program, you know, is to kill your parents. And I mean that quite seriously, because until you’re prepared to kill your parents, you’re not really prepared to change the country, because our parents are our first oppressors…” — Jewish radical Jerry Rubin, in a speech at Kent State University, 1970. No, our first oppressors are oily yids like you.

“Give us an inch — and we’ll take a mile. Satisfy our demands, and we got 12 more. The more demands you satisfy, the more we got.” — Rubin, in his 1970 book “Do It!”. That quote sums up today’s Left nicely. Leftists are never satisfied with anything. That’s the way revolutionaries are: “More, more, more!” they scream. “We want it all! Now!”

24 August, 2019

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Paul Krassner, a major 1960s counterculture figure, has died. I just learned of this — must have missed the TV news that day. Krassner was a bigshot in the hippie/counterculture movement, which nearly destroyed America. Krassner was a key man involved in the instigation of the rioting at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Most of the counterculture leaders (keyword) were Jews. Most of the infamous slogans used by the counterculture also came from Jews, e.g., “Make Love, Not War” (coined by early radical Gershon Legman; that’s a good slogan, by the way, we should all practice it).


23 August, 2019

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Neat idea. But how can you buy, say, Boardwalk and Park Place if the state already owns them? And the “Get Out of Jail Free” card — does that also work if you’re White and you have a job? We need to know that because you can’t stand in a government bread line all day if you’re in jail, I tried it once (it takes 8 hours to get from the back of the line to the front of it, unless you’re Black and you have a switchblade, then it takes 5 minutes).


23 August, 2019

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(Above: Leo Pasvolsky, center, smoking a pipe)

Ever since 1945 (the year the United Nations was founded), White people have been expected to save the world [1]. Yup. Each time there is a crisis, anywhere on earth, White people “must” solve the crisis with their money, their man-power, their military, their food, their medicine, etc. Why? If Brown people are “equal” to White people, why do they always need White help?

Why are American (White) tax dollars helping Venezuelans? Why aren’t the Brown nations (like their neighbor Colombia) helping the Venezuelans? Surely Colombia has turned a nice profit from cocaine and coffee sales by now.

Why do Brown people always need White help? You know the answer to that question: because Brown people are semi-retarded. (An important part of human intelligence is identifying and solving problems).


[1] the Jewish, U.S. State Department official Leo Pasvolsky created the UN and, by default, NATO, since it came from Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Besides Pasvolsky, many of the UN’s top co-founders were Jewish communists, e.g., Harry Dexter White, Harold Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Victor Perlo, Solomon Adler, David Weintraub and Abraham G. Silverman. The UN is basically a Marxist organ and should be called “the JewN”

23 August, 2019

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And to think, no one even knows what a “human right” is! Ask 100 people on the street to define “human rights” and they’ll stammer, “well, uhmmm, they’re…let’s see…they rights that, uhhhh…hmmmm…” Yeah. No one knows what they are because there’s no such thing as “human rights” unless you’re a radical Jew named Cassin who wants to stick it to Whitey.

Anyway, if you’re a human blight (e.g., you’re Black, Brown, queer, have three arms, etc.), then you can spend your life hiding behind human-blights laws. But if you’re a normal person, you have to face the world without special, Marxist laws to help you.


22 August, 2019

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A 2012 film by Corporacion 11 de Septiembre. There are many political lessons here. Chile’s prior leader Allende was a vile Marxist posing as a democrat. There are lots of politicians like Allende, all over the world. They will always come to power posing as democrats. This video can be downloaded, before it disappears down the memory hole. For English captions, click “cc” on the bottom right of the video. [Video, captioned, duration is 2 hours].