21 March, 2019

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Israel stole the Golan Heights from Syria during a war that Israel started in 1967. Now, Trump has told Israel that the stolen land belongs to…Israel. As someone said, this brazen “gift” to Israel by Trump is a big game-changer in U.S./world relations; this is major Israeli ass-kissing by the Trump administration. [Article].

About the 1967 Middle East war.

21 March, 2019

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by Dr. William Pierce.


“Let me give a specific example of this problem. I have stated, both explicitly and implicitly, on a large number of occasions my belief that Blacks or Negroes or Afro-Americans or whatever you want to call them, are inferior as a race to Whites, or European Americans, in the innate abilities involved in building and maintaining a civilization. That is, I’ve claimed that Whites are smarter and more creative than Blacks.

Now, in opposition to this the U.S. government, the schools, the churches, and especially the controlled media all claim that there is no such difference in abilities between Blacks and Whites. A difference in skin color, yes, but that’s all. There’s no difference in problem-solving ability, in creativity, or in temperament between Blacks and Whites that gives Whites an edge at building or maintaining a civilization. That’s the official dogma. Any government official or any public school teacher or any minister in a mainstream church who contradicts this dogma — or even fails to support it with sufficient enthusiasm — will be hounded from his office or from his place of employment by the media or by his more orthodox colleagues.”


21 March, 2019

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Jewish gun-banner #1: “Oy veh! We must control the goys and their evil toys!”

Jewish gun-banner #2: “Yes! If we don’t control them, OMG, it could lead to freedom for White people! We can’t allow that!”

Jewish gun-banner #3: “Neffer again…neffer again! Remember the HollowCo$t! The gas chambers! Oy veh — my sister was gassed 5 times at Auschwitz and 6 times at Dachau! Neffer again! Oyyy veeeeh!”

Missouri: “Why don’t you all take a slow boat to Jerusalem?”


20 March, 2019

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(They’ve already punished Whitey for slavery in many ways: Affirmative Action mandates, higher taxes, the Fair Housing Act of 1968. But they’re not done yet).

Seen on the TV: news people talking about White people paying money to Black people as payment/compensation for slavery, which ended 153 years ago.

Ha-ha! If Blacks had not been brought to America as slaves, they wouldn’t now be senators, congressmen, mayors, police chiefs, fire chiefs, etc. They would still be living in grass huts in Africa, eating grubs and giving one grunt for “yes” and two grunts for “no.” Some life, eh? You bet. Slavery was actually the best thing to ever happen to Blacks. If you ask a negro today if he would like to go back to the “African grass hut days,” $100 says that he wouldn’t consider the idea for even one nano-second. Where would you buy a 40-ouncer in the jungle, homie?? Where would you get yer purple drank, word??

Instead, Blacks should pay Whites for all of the violent crime that they have committed on Whites since, say, 1900. (That would amount to many billions of dollars. Think Blacks would pay that? When pigs fly, that’s when!).

Besides, who would decide which Blacks get reparation payments, and, from who? And how much money would they get? It’s a ridiculous idea in so many ways. Life isn’t fair. It never was.

More [Here].

18 March, 2019

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Yes, White men can get rich from capitalism. But so can Jews and Brown people. That’s a serious problem in the White West. Capitalism is a “sword” that can be wielded by anyone. In the hands of honest, decent White men, capitalism is good (most of the time, anyway). But in the hands of our racial opponents, capitalism isn’t okay. It’s dangerous to Western culture. [Article].

18 March, 2019

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“Meanwhile, in Silicon Valley and similar tech outposts, experts see automation and artificial intelligence creating a future where fewer human workers are needed to produce more products and services.”

So, then, we don’t need any more Brown immigrants! Close the immigration doors, America. Permanently. [Article].

17 March, 2019

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…why would you want millions of Mexicans to come to America? (Yeah, yeah, everybody knows a “good” Mexican, just like everyone knows a “good” Jew). Mexico is a bandito state. Every service in Mexico works on illegal bribes, i.e., if you want service, then you’re required to pay off whichever official you must. Did you know that Mexico is actually a failed country? That’s right. When the majority of your states are run by criminal drug gangs, then you have lost control of your country. It has failed. In fact, Mexico is a giant security risk for America. [Article].

More about Taylor Meyer’s murder in Mexico [Here].

17 March, 2019

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this happens (i.e., gun control; attempts to ban guns never stop, it’s a monthly thing, usually coming from Jews, Browns or women; remember, gun registration is the first step towards gun confiscation; the government can’t take guns that it doesn’t know you have. [Article]. Finally, on that same topic, as someone else said recently, the 2nd Amendment protects not one, but two rights: the right to keep and bear arms (the words “keep” and “bear” mean two different things, and if you look in your dictionary you’ll see the big difference). Gun control laws interfere with your Constitutional rights. See the 2008 U.S. Supreme Court case “District of Columbia v. Heller” which talks about “keeping” and “bearing” arms and which makes clear that the 2nd Amendment was not about “the militia” or “the military” but about citizens in general (recall, the citizens were the militia in the early U.S.A.).

16 March, 2019

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(What’cha doin’ with that cell phone, LaShaunda? Making a drug deal? Callin’ one of yer many “baby daddies”? Do you really wanna use that phone?That’s evil White technology! Do Blacks and Browns want to ignore White accomplishments and “go back to primitive”? Like, living in grass huts in Africa (above)? The smart money says they don’t. But without White Western culture, Blacks and Browns would have: no indoor plumbing, no fresh or hot water, no toilets, no electricity, no A/C, no refrigeration, no internet, no cars. How would LaDerricus make a big drug deal in da ‘hood without wheels? Word!)

If Whites aren’t supreme, who on this planet is? Whites gave the world to mankind (and yet, no one ever thanks us! Why not?) [1].


[1] among the things that White people gave the world: democracy (yeah, I know, bad idea), electricity, the lightbulb, concrete, the TV, the radio, the stereo, the camera, refrigeration, indoor air conditioning/heating, the automobile, the airplane, the computer, maps, the clock, the wristwatch, the water pump, the bicycle, physics, philosophy, pasteurization, sanitation, the telescope, astronomy, space travel

16 March, 2019

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It’s always the Left that commits political violence. Yep! A young leftist hit a right-wing Australian senator in the head with an egg — as you can see, it was caught on film (the fact that the leftist used an egg suggests that the attack was not simply spontaneous but was planned, which should be a felony). The senator did not blame Muslim immigration per se for yesterday’s New Zealand shooting attacks. He instead said that there was a “link” between violence and Muslim immigration, which is entirely true. By the way, Muslim immigrants never assimilate. They remain “a people apart” in whichever country they immigrate into. So why is Muslim immigration officially sanctioned and tolerated? How can you make any country better by adding thousands of Muslim fanatics to it? It’s ridiculous.