4 January, 2021

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I have a special hatred for the late communist bully Fidel Castro (indeed, for both Castros: his brother Raul, too). Why? Because Cuba is only 90 miles from America. That’s way too close.

What’s the difference between a mafia boss and Fidel/Raul Castro? The Castros’ rule is called “legal”; a mafia boss doesn’t enjoy such legality.

Various comments that I have seen or heard about life in Cuba:

— The food-ration books (“libretta”) do not cover all food expenses, only some of them. The poor Cuban must buy more food
with his pesos, on his tiny salary.

— Cubans live on 400-800 pesos a month, the equivalent of 20-40 U.S. dollars.

— There are always shortages of something in Cuba: toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc. Always.

— Cubans always blame their economic plight on America. “It’s America’s fault that we are poor!” (Not true: they are poor due to communism and the Castros’ stupidity).

— Power outages are common in Cuba. So are water outages. Sometimes they happen daily.

— Many Cubans eat only one meal per day (“almuerzo,” aka, lunch). They cannot afford to eat more.

— Cubans can now become self-employed in certain professions, if they pay taxes, but that’s not enough to improve the economy to any significant degree.

— In Cuba it is common for buildings to suddenly collapse. The government does not take proper care of Cuba’s infrastructure.

— Since Barack Obama’s “normalization” process was announced in December 2014, things deteriorated politically and economically in Cuba — the opposite of what Obama said would happen. (Luckily, Donald Trump reversed many of Obama’s rules for Cuba).

4 January, 2021

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(Above: Michael Wittmann [1914-1944])

Early Life

First Campaigns

Eastern Front

Officer Training

The Final Battle

4 January, 2021

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“Amen and Awomen”?? Hah-ha-ha! Liberals go crazy and end a century of tradition for PC reasons, knowing nothing of what they’re really saying. “Amen” is a very old word, meaning “so be it” or “it is true.” [Article/video].

4 January, 2021

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“I Started a Joke,” cover, by Allie Sherlock. [Song].

3 January, 2020

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I had no idea how deep the Deep State tick was embedded in the American body until this news article. That horrible insect does NOT want populism in the White House:

“All 10 former US defence secretaries still living, including two who worked for Donald Trump, have called for the president and his supporters to accept he lost the election and warned against attempts to involve the military in his increasingly desperate efforts to overturn the result.”

“In an unprecedented joint letter published in the Washington Post, the defence secretaries addressed the worst fears of what could happen in 17 days of Trump’s administration remaining before Joe Biden’s inauguration: an attempt by Trump to foment a crises with the aim of triggering a military intervention in his last-ditch struggle to hold on power.”


3 January, 2020

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At least the Klan is trying to do something constructive.

This happened in Tulelake, CA. (I noticed that the city’s leadership is 99% White, with only one obvious Hispanic. Is that “diversity”?).

Did you know that the KKK was anti-Catholic for years? Apparently it had to do with the Vatican, which is of course a foreign entity, giving marching orders to Americans.

Note the mayor’s comment: referring to the KKK, he said “that’s not who we are.” Yeah, we’ve heard that song before — from Obama in fact. Who’s “we”? We who? He also said: “We’re a community of veterans, and those were certainly not the ideals they fought, and sometimes died for, to preserve in our great nation.” First, America is no longer a nation. We’re just a country now. Nation means “a group of people who are alike,” e.g., in Japan. It does not refer to borders or land per se, although it can, in Japan’s case for example. Second, are we supposed to believe that U.S. soldiers in Vietnam or Korea were fighting for White dispossession, Cultural Marxism and faggotry here in America? I seriously doubt that. WWII veterans? Ditto.


3 January, 2020

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Bradley R. Smith (1930-2016) is gone, sadly, but his CODOH website (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) is still here [1]. Why not visit it today? [Here].


[1] Smith, a libertarian, was once a deputy sheriff, and he was also once tried and convicted for selling a banned book (Henry Miller’s “Tropic of Cancer”)

2 January, 2020

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This food store in Cuba only has 3 items for sale: “juice in bags, ginger, and coarsely chopped cornmeal.” Three items!

People are now starving in Cuba, since Cuba’s latest “sugar-daddy” (socialist-run Venezuela) has nearly collapsed [1].

You always hear leftists moan about countries committing “human-rights violations.” But strangely, the leftists are completely silent about Cuba starving its citizens (as if starving your citizens isn’t a human-rights violation!).

(Trivia: Fidel Castro visited the U.S. several times to give speeches at the UN in NYC. But he was never arrested, despite the fact that Castro stole millions of dollars worth of U.S. property, and murdered and oppressed some Americans, during the early years of the “revolution.” Had Castro been a Pinochet-type of guy, he surely would have been arrested).

[Blog about Cuba].


[1] Venezuela is moving to ban all paper money in favor of a digital currency, in order to hide its train-wreck-like economy from the citizens. How much of that horrible economy is due to U.S. sanctions and how much is due to general idiocy on the part of President Nicolas Maduro is unknown; maybe 50%-50%?

1 January, 2020

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(Above: Cuban food ration books, which you must use to buy stale bread from the communist government [limit: one loaf per person] after standing in a line for 7 hours. Yummy!).

I recall reading about a man who owned a gas station/food store in Cuba before the communists took power in 1959. He was a White Spaniard, as are (or were) many successful people in Cuba. When the communists found out that he owned a gas station/food mart, they shot him dead. That was his “crime”: owning a gas station/food mart! Can you believe that? The joys of communism.

How sad that America more-or-less installed the communists into power in Cuba, by telling Cuban leader Fulgencio Batista to step down from power because America no longer recognized his kinda-corrupt government. He did step down, paving the way for Fidel Castro (1926-2016) and Marxism. (It seems that America didn’t believe that Castro was a communist because the American newspapers were saying that he wasn’t. Of course).

U.S. president Barack Hussein YoMama began “normalizing” American relations with Cuba just weeks after he took office in 2009. Why on earth would he do that? Castro was a thug and a killer, and it was no secret. So is his younger brother Raul, who is now ruling Cuba. Barack Hussein YoMama had no good reason to “normalize” relations with Cuba.

Furthermore, why would Canada and the European Union (which are also democracies of course) invest heavily in Cuba, knowing that Cuba is a brutal communist country that hates freedom and free speech, and that throws its citizens into jail for the slightest political infractions?

It’s rather fascinating to watch “freedom-loving Western democracies” aid and abet communism by making nice with Cuba. Why are they making nice with assholes who hate freedom and success?

Thank god, president Donald Trump has reversed most of Barack Hussein YoMama’s “normalization” rules for Cuba, citing among other reasons Cuba’s injuring of American diplomats with hidden sonic weapons that made them sick — some of them permanently so.

A few facts about life in Cuba:

Food lines: Standing in line to buy food from the government-run food stores is a routine thing. And that food is low-quality, and there is never enough of it. People often leave the stores empty-handed, e.g., the store only had 35 loaves of bread and there were 50 people standing in line. The Cuban government “allows” you to buy food with “food ration books.” You take the ration books to the government stores in order to buy the food. If you displease the government in any way, your food rations will be reduced and your family will receive less food. The government literally controls how much food you will eat. Better toe the communist line!

Gas lines: Waiting in a line, by sitting in your car near a gas station, for hours, to buy gasoline, is a routine thing. In communist countries, there are always shortages of everything (unless you’re a big, powerful government official, and then you can get anything you want. So much for communism making everybody “equal” — yeah, equally miserable, but some are more miserable than others).

The government can arrest you for any reason, at any time. You have no legal rights.

Your belongings can be seized by the government anytime, for any reason.

Why would Western democracies support this type of a country? It makes no sense. By supporting Cuba they are only prolonging the Marxism there.

1 January, 2020

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Four different rallies in D.C.? Good. The more, the merrier.

I predict at least a million people will go to the rallies — and probably more than that. Let’s hope that the D.C. professional whores get the message of the rallies. [Article].