8 February, 2020

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(Above: the U.S. Supreme Court building [built in 1935], a great example of classical Western architecture; today’s architecture is not Western but Jewish).

Tucker Carlson said some great things about modern architecture last night on Fox News. I’ll sum up his comments, in a general way, here:

There’s a reason why men lust after pretty women but ignore ugly women; why people travel hundreds of miles to see the Redwood Forest, or the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone National Park or Niagara Falls; why they visit (traditional, not modern) art galleries. The reason is: people need beauty in their lives. It makes them feel good; it inspires them, gives them a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

And the opposite is also true: ugliness depresses people and makes them feel gloomy. Depressed people have less energy and vigor.

Today’s architecture is pure ugliness. It’s depressing to look at: boxes with windows, nothing more than that. Yet every city in America is filled with that ugliness. Why?

It’s no accident that modern architecture is ugly. It was designed to be ugly. Look at the people who create it. They are leftists and Cultural Marxists. (Carlson didn’t say that they were Jews, but 99% of them are). Modern architecture was intended to depress you and make you feel gloomy. It seeks to un-inspire you, to give you a feeling of hopelessness. A hopeless man, a depressed man, cannot win. He’s just marking time until he dies. With modern architecture, a White man cannot be proud of his culture and his heritage. That’s the whole idea behind modern architecture.

President Trump is planning an Executive Order next month that requires new federal buildings to be made which look “classical” and beautiful, similar to the U.S. Supreme Court building. No doubt, the Left and the Jews will accuse Trump of “Nazism” and “White supremacism” for that.

7 February, 2020

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That’s typical feminist propaganda. Men have faster reaction times to both visual and audio stimuli, due to centuries of hunting animals [1]. There are also sex differences in spatial abilities (e.g., estimating distances). See also the book “Brain Sex” by Moir and Jessel, 1989/1992 (read it online here).



[1] “Furthermore, male medical students have faster RTs (reaction times) as compared to female medical students for both auditory as well as visual stimuli.” — from a study titled “A comparative study of visual and auditory reaction times on the basis of gender and physical activity levels of medical first year students” (2015); in International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research

7 February, 2020

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(Above: Albert Bierstadt, “Sierra Nevada Morning,” 1870).

Which White artists, in your opinion, had “very rare talent”? In other words, when you look at their works, you say to yourself, “Holy crap, these guys were born with paint brushes in their hands!”

I’ll go first and list a few of my favorites in that category:

— Jacques-Louis David (French, 1748-1825)

— William Adolphe Bouguereau (French, 1825-1905)

— Albert Bierstadt (German, 1830-1902)

7 February, 2020

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(Above: the Soviet dream is finally coming true!).

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the Soviet States of America,
and to the insanity for which it stands,
14 brown nations, oh, my god, they’re too visible,
with dispossession and destruction for Whitey.

5 February, 2020

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Now that Trump has not been impeached (I’m assuming that beforehand), if he wants to score major points with his White voters, he could…greatly simplify the federal tax laws by creating a small, flat tax via Executive Order (e.g., each person in America pays 9% of their annual salary as tax, no exceptions, no write-offs, and, people earning, say, under $25,000 annually pay no federal income tax; the current “average” rate of federal income taxation is 16% to 20% depending on household situations; also, to please certain people (i.e., his rich pals), Trump could make the new flat tax begin, or end, at certain income brackets).

5 February, 2020

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(Above: the Marxist, Jewish philosopher Max Horkheimer (1895-1973). He and his Jewish, Frankfurt School buddies are ultimately responsible for the new social attitudes at West Point and elsewhere).

Officer #1: “Here at West Point military academy, in order to prepare for lives of combat and manly aggression, we watch insightful social commentary by Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda!”

Officer #2: “Yes! It’s all part of being a good, masculine soldier in diverse, gender-neutral, 21st century America!”

Officer #3: (*Blushing*) “Uhhhm, speaking of gender, I’m having my ‘reassignment’ surgery tomorrow!”

Officer #2: “Finally getting your own vagina, eh, Frank?? Well, good for you, girl! Like I always say, there’s no such thing as too much diversity!”

(News quote: “Cadets were obligated to view ‘Miss Representation’ and ‘The Mask You Live In’, two documentary films produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, first lady of California and wife of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA). ‘Miss Representation’ features commentary from assorted left-wing and partisan Democrat figures, including Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), Katie Couric, Rosario Dawson, Jane Fonda, Rachel Maddow, Rosie O’Donnell, and Gloria Steinem”).


4 February, 2020

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(as of about 6:00 PM Eastern Time, Tues.)

Saaaaay, here’s good news for America: a homosexual and a Jewish socialist are the top Dem favorites in “conservative” Iowa. Huh. Yay, corn belt! Old-timey people. Not.

4 February, 2020

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(Above: New York lawyer-turned-“Colonel” Murray Bernays, left, with judge Robert Jackson, circa 1945).

If a Martian came from outer space and landed his spaceship on Earth, and you met him and ultimately told him that everything surrounding World War II (the deadliest war in history) was engineered by the Jews, he wouldn’t believe you. Why not? Because he would, no doubt, be a smart little Martian and he would ask you “are the Jews still alive?” and you would, of course, answer “yes,” to which the Martian would logically respond “then your story is fake because no people on earth would allow such dangerous subversives to live among them.”

The main architect of the Nuremberg Tribunal was a Jew, Colonel Murray C. Bernays (1894-1970) of the U.S. Army’s Special Projects Branch (who was married to Sigmund Freud’s niece). Bernays pioneered the idea of using the bogus charge of “grand criminal conspiracy of/by the Nazi Party” to convict the Nazi leaders of crimes which did not exist as crimes before they were committed, i.e., Nuremberg was based on illegal, “ex post facto” law. Bernays’ ideas about prosecuting Nazi leaders were adopted nearly word-for-word by the gentile, American prosecutor, Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson. Bernays found his inspiration for the Nuremberg circus in the Jew, Raphael Lemkin and his book “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe.” Lemkin believed that organizations like the Nazi Party were “criminal conspiracies.” (Another powerful Jew, Colonel David “Mickey” Marcus, was chief of the U.S. Army’s War Crimes Division and he personally selected the judges and prosecutors for the Nuremberg Tribunal. As a de facto general in the Israeli army, Marcus later waged war on the Arabs in Palestine — you see, it’s okay for Jews to fight their enemies, but it’s never okay for White people to fight their enemies, unless the Jews approve of it).

3 February, 2020

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God: “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

The Devil: “Putin! Putin! Putin!”

Marcia Brady: “Russia! Russia! Russia!”

Jimmy Hoffa: “Putin’s the new Hitler!”

Bigfoot: “Russian election interference! Russian election interference!”

Shaggy: “Like, Russia’s gonna invade us any day now, Scoob!”

The bad guy with no teeth in ‘Deliverance’: “Trump is in cahoots with that fella Putin!”

Marvin the Martian: “Oh, dear, Russia is Nazi Germany all over again! We’re doomed, I say! Doomed!”

My neighbor’s dog: “Arf, arf, arf, arf, woof!” (translation: “I hear Russian tanks coming down the street right now!”).


3 February, 2020

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It’s tough to beat the art of Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806; above: his “The Beloved Child”). Fragonard’s dreamy, idyllic paintings are still popular with White people over 200 years later. (Trivia: most of Fragonard’s well-to-do clients were executed on the guillotine during the French Revolution, which no doubt bankrupted him).