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National Futurists to the Front! by Constantin von Hoffmeister

Book Review: Crossing the Rubicon by Apollonian

1922 Munich Speech by Adolf Hitler

50 Jew-on-Jew Quotations by VNN Staff

Hitler on Jews: Mein Kampf, Chapter Two by Adolf Hitler

"Keep on Rockin' in the Third World" by Douglas Wright (12/25/04)

Movie Review: 'Taxi Driver' by William Anderson (12/24/04)

Recipe for Disaster: Nonwhite Troops in (Non)action by William Anderson (12/24/04)

Caste-ing Aside Catholics and Mormons by J.B. Cash (12/24/04)

Manifesto of National Futurism by Constantin von Hoffmeister (12/24/04)

Down, Down, Down: Jeboo'z Goin' Down! by "Newz" Numberman (12/27/04)

Wagner: Desecrated but Undefeated by Michael Polignano (12/24/04)

Jesus Christ, Racialist by The Shadow (12/24/04)

Freedom of Speech by The Shadow (12/17/04)

Book Review: Storm of Steel by William Yates (12/17/04)

The White Arts Movement by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson [Instauration]

Weapons of Christmas Destruction by Edgar Steele (12/16/04)

The Death of Western Art by Kenneth Lloyd Anderson [Instauration]

A Black Mark on Baseball by J.B. Cash (12/14/04)

BTL: DiLorenzo by Hunziger (12/14/04)

Pearl Harbor Revisited by VNN Staff (12/14/04)

The Great Betrayal [Instauration]

Movie Review: 'Alexander' by T.C. Lynch (12/12/04)

Jewish Movers and Shakers [Instauration]

Why Walt Disney Is No Friend of Jewry [Instauration]

Book Review: The Perfect Failure by Apollonian (12/12/04)

Who Owns America? by Walter Mueller (12/12/04)

Fiction: "Jake Brake," part four by Mike Woodson (12/10/04)

No Hate in Our Hearts by The Shadow (12/10/04)

Media Notes by The Crux (12/08/04)

The Biological Superiority of the Nordic Race by Constantin von Hoffmeister (12/06/04)

Area Man Faithfully Repeats Back Every Media Message Ever Fed To Him by Douglas Wright (12/06/04)

Understanding Anti-Semitism, Part II of II by Mark Farrell (12/02/04)

Vdaring? by James Jackson (11/30/04)

A White Nationalist Syllabus, part four: Music by VNN Staff (11/30/04)

Fiction: "Jake Brake," part three by Mike Woodson (11/30/04)

The Clintessential Eastwood by Judson Hammond

Black Players Versus White Fans by J.B. Cash (11/29/04)

Do You Worship a Parasite? by George Lincoln Rockwell

Fiction: "Jake Brake," part two by Mike Woodson (11/29/04)

Understanding Anti-Semitism, Part I of II by Mark Farrell (11/29/04)

Seven Dirty Words by Edgar Steele (11/29/04)

Movie Review: 'Shattered Glass' by Alex Linder (11/28/04)

The Survival Characteristics of the Jewish People by The Shadow (11/24/04)

White Nationalist Syllabus, part three: Architecture by VNN Staff (11/24/04)

Fiction: "Ghost Treaty" by White Proletariat (11/24/04)

Book Review: The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order by Donald E. Pauly (11/23/04)

Easy Divorce = Hellish Lives by Doug Johnson (11/20/04)

ADL Backgrounder by VNN Staff

Me, Jesus and Sylvia at the Polls by Jim Floyd (11/19/04)

Terror of Wives by William Forrest (11/19/04)


Introduction of Professor Kevin MacDonald by Sam Dickson

Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive? by Kevin MacDonald

Letter from Cincinnati by C. White (11/17/04)

Dostoeyevsky on the Jews by Dostoeyevsky

Christian Anti-Semitism Best Orients and Unites Patriots by Apollonian (11/17/04)

Movie Review: 'Der Untergang'
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (11/17/04)

Fight the System
by J.B. Cash (11/17/04)

First Data's Polly Baca: Conquistadora Chicana-ry
by Terry Graham (11/17/04)

Fiction: "Hitler Brigade"
by White Proletariat (11/17/04)

Fiction: "Jake Brake"
by Mike Woodson (11/17/04)

New Pro-White Publication Hits the Streets
by VNN Staff (11/17/04)

The Iraq War and the Conspiracy of Silence
by Richard Hartmann (11/15/04)

Daryl, the "White Race Redeemer and Savior," a Year 2009 Fiction
by Shane C. (11/14/04)

by Alex Linder (11/13/04)

Movie Review: 'Quiz Show'
by Rich Brooks (11/13/04)

Eulogy to Theo Van Gogh From America
by Terry Graham (11/13/04)

Final Judgment, Chapter 4
by Michael Collins Piper

Fiction: "Opportunities"
by J.J. Archer (11/13/04)

WN Syllabus, part two: Art
by VNN Staff (11/13/04)

Lessons for the Kids
by White Proletariat (11/13/04)

Whose Colors Are You Wearing?
by J.B. Cash (11/12/04)

From ADL Report: "Breaking the Cycle of Hate: The Final Stage"

Ménage à Kwa
by "Newz" Numberman (11/11/04)

Jefferson Davis - Our Greatest Hero
by Gerald McWhinney (11/11/04)

The Good Aliens
by The Shadow (11/10/04)

Do You Speak Jewglish?
by The Shadow (11/10/04)

The Silverberg Awards
by VNN Staff (11/09/04)

Who Won? Who Cares?
by Alex Linder (11/08/04)

What is Changing in Math Education?
by Mathematically Correct (11/08/04)

Debating Ryerson
by Dov F. (11/08/04)

We've Been Had
by Edgar Steele (11/08/04)

A Conversation About Anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Censorship
by VNN Staff (11/08/04)

Vicious White-Bashing in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle
by Bo Sears (Resisting Defamation) (11/07/04)

The Invisible Backpack
by White Future (11/07/04)

Project Schoolyard Update
by Panzerfaust (11/07/04)

Book Review: Don't Call Me Brother
by Rich Brooks (11/07/04)

Notes from the Sceptered Isle
by John Nobull (Instauration)

Waspishly Yours
by V.S. Stinger (Instauration)

Election 2004
by Alex Linder (11/03/04)

Hoover and the Great Depression
by J.B. Cash (11/02/04)

Look to Germany
by Walter Mueller (11/01/04)

A Bush in the Hand is as Worthless as Two Johns
by Edgar Steele (11/01/04)

Hitler and Today's Majority
by Moriarty (Instauration)

After Multiculturalism, Multinationalism
from Instauration

Fuck the Vote
by Gerald E. Morris (10/31/04)

The Neocons & Me
by James Jackson (10/30/04)

Reaction to Lorden on Hitler
from Instauration

Vote for Bush
by Michael Polignano (10/30/04)

Anthropology and Nature of Countermeasures: Sympathy for the Christians
by Apollonian (10/29/04)

A White Nationalist Syllabus
by VNN Staff

From Freedom to Slavery
from Instauration

Mr. O'Donnell, You Are Wrong
by Iranian for Aryans (10/29/04)

Fair Harvard's Jewish Jubilee
by Moriarty

Baseball 2004 Striking at the Caste System
by J.B. Cash (10/27/04)

by Edgar Steele (10/27/04)

Understanding Jewish Trickery
by Max Hadden (10/26/04)

America's Twin Towers
by Edgar Steele (10/26/04)

Mr. Smith Goes To Jooree Duty
by John Smith (10/25/04)

Movie Review: 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow'
by William Spencer (10/25/04)

by "The Salesman" (10/20/04)

by "The Salesman" (10/13/04)

Oh, Those Pesky Ten Percenters
by Judson Hammond

White Pride and White Guilt
by Michael Polignano (10/9/04)

Remember Christians Are "The People" And Christianity is Means to End
by Apollonian (10/9/04)

Inductive Logic and How It Will Work For us Patriots
by Apollonian (10/9/04)

Masters of Deceit, ch. 13: Communist Discipline
by J. Edgar Hoover (10/9/04)

White Independence! White Revolution!
by Kyle McDermott (10/9/04)

Sands of Iraq...Shores of America
by Nick White (10/8/04)

Defensive Racism
by Edgar Steele (10/7/04)

Kant: Preceptor and Con-Artist of Subjectivism and "Morality"
by Apollonian (10/7/04)

Musings of a Revolutionary
by Jack Canada

Open Letter to Amy Goodman
by Rob Freeman (10/7/04)

Interracial Cinema Classic Revisited
by Judson Hammond

Book Review: Israel: Our Duty...Our Dilemma
by Apollonian (10/6/04)

Alex' Bible, the CD-RW Drive and the Salesman
by William T. (10/6/04)

Manstein's Hitler
by Peter Lorden

BTL: Sobran
by Alex Linder (10/3/04)

Personal and Studied Reflections on the Mechanisms of Media Control
by Alex Linder (10/3/04)

History, Throbbing and Pulsating: Thus We Make It Work -- FOR US!
by Apollonian (10/3/04)

Gee, Wasn't World War II Such Fun -- When "Good" Won?
by Apollonian (10/3/04)

A Clarification on Jews and Violence
by Stojgniew O'Donnell (10/03/04)

The Atrocity That Wasn't
by Judson Hammond

Waspishly Yours
by V.S. Stinger

SIMPLICITY -- It Really Works
by Apollonian (9/24/04)

How George Bush Made Me into a Liberal Love Slave
by Edgar Steele (9/24/04)

Itz a Nice Day for an Enema
by "Newz" Numberman (9/23/04)

A Bold Proposal: Christianity -- Ideal Anti-Judaic Weapon -- Must Be Wrested From Pelagians!
by Apollonian (9/23/04)

Media or Medea? Halloween or Holocaust?
by Lucius Junius Brutus (9/23/04)

A 22-Year Veteran Congressman Exposes Israel's Lobby
by Mark Farrell (9/23/04)

Yet Another Scenario for the Struggles for America's Future
by Stojgniev O'Donnell (9/23/04)

A Final Response
by Max Hadden (9/23/04)

Straight Talk About Wiggers
by Lawrence (9/04)

Nigger Reich Legal News
by Madder Max (9/21/04)

Movie Review: 'The Ladykillers
by Rich Brooks (9/21/04)

Goodness and Gracious
by Billy Roper (9/20/04)

Where We Are, How We Got Here, and Where We're Going
by Richard Hartmann (9/20/04)

The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy
by Apollonian (9/20/04)

Double Standard!
by Peter Lorden (9/04)

Report from Munich's Oktoberfest
by Hans Trinker (9/20/04)

Hitler Is Not My God (part two)
by White Proletariat (9/20/04)

What To Do?
by Michael Polignano (9/19/04)

Mass Appeal White Religion
by Arthur H. (9/19/04)

Racism: Innate or Learned?
by Anon Ymous (9/19/04)

SS Leadership Guide: Hitler Soldiers
by Alfred Kotz

SS Leadership Guide: Bearing - Duty - Fatherland
by Alfred Kotz

SS Leadership Guide: On Folk Community
by Alfred Kotz

On America's Sickness and Inevitable Destruction
by Stojgniev O'Donnell (9/18/04)

Do Whites Have a "Right" to Their Culture?
by Stojgniev O'Donnell (9/18/04)

He Cared: Rev. Richard G. Butler (1918-2004)
by Edgar Steele (9/17/04)

Economic Revolt is the only Path to Political Revolution...Apropos a Conversation with a Small-Scale Farmer
by Andrei Kievsky (9/15/04)

The Coming Balkanization of America
by Edgar Steele (9/15/04)

"Hate Germany" Propaganda Exposed
by Holten Whitney

Birdman Essay Fails for Inductive Logic, Culture, and Fraud-Complex
by Apollonian (9/13/04)

Young Swedish Nationalist Murdered by Immigrants
by Meister Eckehart (9/13/04)

Ethnic Pandering
by J.B. Cash (9/13/04)

Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?
by J.B. Cash (9/13/04)

Jews of Bloomberg Financial News Service Attack France's 35-Hour Workweek
by Andrei Kievsky (9/12/04)

Surviving The Economy
by Andrei Kievsky (9/12/04)

Hitler Is Not My God
by White Proletariat (9/12/04)

Yes, Jews Are the Problem -- But THERE'S MORE
by Apollonian (9/12/04)

Most Promising Cultural-Political Program for Success
by Apollonian (9/12/04)

by White Men (9/04)

GOP Convention Coverage: The Main Event
by Richard Hartmann (9/11/04)

GOP Convention Coverage: Day One
by Richard Hartmann (9/11/04)

The Jew From Close Up
by Nathaniel Taylor (9/11/04)

Movie Review: 'People I Know'
by Yggdrasil (9/10/04)

"Behind the Lines": Bush Speech
by Il Ragno (9/10/04)

The Evil of Two Lessers
by Billy Roper (9/10/04)

by Michael Polignano (9/10/04)

Feldbericht Aus New York: Day One
by John Smith (8/30/04)

BTL: jew Gottfried
by Richard Hartmann (8/30/04)

In Search Of (No) Conspiracy (Whatsoever)
by Il Ragno (8/30/04)

Understanding Hitler
by Max Hadden (8/30/04)

F.Reed the What?
by W.T.F. Reed (8/30/04)

VNN Milky Way Exclusive: Jonas Salk Revealed the Greatest Kike Fraud Since Einstein
by VNN Staff

The Real Racists
by Edgar Steele (8/30/04)

by Alfred Kotz

Letter to jew Gottfried
by Chris Conole (8/30/04)

Celine On Race and Jews
by Frédéric Vitoux

Book Review: A Pretext for War
by Apollonian (8/30/04)

More on Fred
by Alex Linder (8/27/04)

Fred's Fallacies
by Douglas Wright (8/27/04)

Catholicism: Circumcision for the Other Head
by Alex Linder (8/27/04)

A Weak Message Forecasts Failure
by White Proletariat (8/25/04)

Capitalism is Ideal, Along With Reason, Objectivity, and Rule-of-Law
by Apollonian (8/25/04)

Reading Reed
by Alex Linder (8/25/04)

Our Jewed Vocabulary: 'Controversial'
by Alex Linder (8/25/04)

An Anatomy of the Classes
by Paul Fussell

Walter Ulbricht in Stalingrad
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (8/24/04)

Kabbalah: Televangelism for the Urban Elite
by Andrei Kievsky (8/24/04)

The The Al Qaeda Hoax
by Apollonian (8/24/04)

The Confusionary
by J.J. Archer (8/23/04)

Letter from New York
by White Man (8/23/04)

Dietrich Eckart
by William Gillespie

Movie Review: 'Fahrenheit 9/11'
by Alex Linder (8/07/04)

SS Guide: The Art of Command
by Alfred Kotz

SS Guide: The Forms of Order
by Alfred Kotz

SS Guide: The Essence of The Order
by Alfred Kotz

SS Guide: Loyalty
by Alfred Kotz

SS Guide: Symbol
by Alfred Kotz

Movie Review: 'The Village'
by Iranian for Aryans (8/15/04)

Movie Review: 'The Village'
by Rich Brooks (7/31/04)

How I Was Fired by Bill Buckley
by Joseph Sobran

Our Multi-Hued, Multi-Gendered Global-Deployment Jewish Mercenary Force, aka the United States Armed Forces
by Douglas Wright (7/30/04)

The Creators of the World's Misfortunes
by Joseph Goebbels

Zundel's Martyrdom -- It Ain't Good Enough
by Apollonian (7/30/04)

Great Russia
by Fredrik Haerne (7/28/04)

A Touchy Subject
by Paul Fussell

Thoughts on the New South Africa
by Jeremy Willems (7/28/04)

A Message to Robert Locke
by Kyle McDermott (7/28/04)

Prole Drift
by Paul Fussell

Heads Jews Win, Tails Whites Lose
by Max Hadden (7/26/04)

"Speak, That I May See Thee"
by Paul Fussell (7/25/04)

SS Leadership Guide [2]: Leadership and Following
by Alfred Kotz (7/25/04)

The Unraveling of the Jewish-Left Coalition
by Richard Hartmann (7/24/04)

An Alternative View on Gay Marriage
by White Proletariat (7/24/04)

Visitation Day
by Chris Fleury (7/24/04)

The Subjectivist-Moralistic Hoax of Immanual Kant
by Apollonian (7/24/04)

Movie Review: 'People I Know'
by Rich Brooks (7/24/04)

Total Relapse Into Complete Insanity!
by "Newz" Numberman (7/24/04)

by Edgar Steele (7/22/04)

Hi Hitler!
by Eugen Sorg & Horst Mahler (7/22/04)

The Chinese Situation
by Finley Peter Dunne (7/21/04)

Céline, Smasher of Every Known Taboo
by Michael Hoffman (7/21/04)

SS Leadership Guide [1]
by Alfred Kotz (7/19/04)

Whitey's Attitude Adjustment
by Andrei Kievsky (7/13/04)

Worship Flag Being Dissed
by White Proletariat (7/13/04)

The "Ten Truths" Examined: Part X
by Rich Brooks (7/13/04)

Between The Lines: Jew Netanyahu
by "Newz" Numberman (7/13/04)

Welfare for Whites
by Andre Kievsky (7/10/04)

Lohengrin, 1970
by Astrid Lawson (7/09/04)

Ten Truths: African-Americans or nogs?
by Rich Brooks (7/07/04)

Ten Truths: Cats vs. Dogs
by Rich Brooks (7/07/04)

Those "Poweerr", Broke, Backward, Oppressed, Unhappy Russkies
by Johnny O. (7/07/04)

The Anti-Christian Song of Laughter
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (7/07/04)

Demon Complexity
by Douglas Wright (7/05/04)

Movie Review: 'Cold Mountain'
by Rich Brooks (7/05/04)

A Weekend with Dr. Pierce
by Edgar Steele (7/01/04)

Saved By The Niggers
by A.P. Hill (6/28/04)

Movie Review: 'Fahrenheit 9/11'
by Rich Brooks (6/27/04)

Misplaced Patriotism
by White Proletariat (6/25/04)

Beliefs of Peril
by Max Hadden (6/24/04)

Book Review: One Sheaf, One Vine
by Rich Brooks (6/24/04)

The Ten Truths Examined: Part IV
by Rich Brooks (6/22/04)

Life for Whites in Zimbabwe Under Mugabe Tyranny
by Paul Weir (6/20/04)

Drafting a Joke
by White Proletariat (6/20/04)

Movie Review: 'The Terminal'
by Rich Brooks (6/20/04)

Letter from NYC
by White Man (6/19/04)

The Ten Truths Examined: Part III
by Rich Brooks (6/19/04)

by Mary Parsifal Bitch Shelley (6/19/04)

Media Cultivated White Self-Image
by Richard Hartmann (6/18/04)

Doubletake: Bush
by Il Ragno (6/17/04)

by Il Ragno (6/16/04)

Remembering Roosevelt
by Billy Roper (6/16/04)

The "Ten Truths" Examined: Part II
by Rich Brooks (6/16/04)

Together, We Can Take Back America!
by Edgar Steele (6/16/04)

Three Poems
by Foltaire (6/14/04)

Game Theory
by "Newz" Numberman (6/13/04)

Movie Review: 'The Stepford Wives'
by Rich Brooks (6/13/04)

Emancipation, immigration, invasion: Three Sonnets
by Ellin Anderson (6/11/04)

Hope and Desperation
by Billy Roper (6/10/04)

Race Traitor Whore
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (6/09/04)

Breaking News! The Left-Right Coalition Emerges with a Nader Interview in The American Conservative
by Rob Freeman (6/07/04)

The "Legacy" of Ronald Reagan
by Rich Brooks (6/07/04)

Movie Review: 'Master and Commander'
by Richard Hartmann (6/06/04)

Between The Lines: 'New Orleans Protocol'
by Alex Linder (6/06/04)

Problems Living in a Small White Community
by Sean Martin (6/06/04)

Movie Review: 'The Day After Tomorrow'
by Rich Brooks (6/04/04)

Media Review: Democracy Now!
by Richard Hartmann (6/04/04)

Fighting The Reins
by Billy Roper (6/04/04)

The Eurovision Song Contest
by Fredrik Haerne (6/01/04)

How to Use the Herd Instinct in our Favor When Things start to Crumble
by Rob Freeman (5/31/04)

Media Notes
by Richard Hartmann (5/30/04)

Movie Review: 'Troy'
by Iranian for Aryans (5/30/04)

Diversity - Israel's Greatest Strength
by [Anonymous] (5/29/04)

Racial War
by William Krieger (5/29/04)

Movie Review: 'Troy'
by Rich Brooks (5/29/04)

Movie Review: 'House of Sand and Fog'
by Steven Clark (5/29/04)

The Rival in the Road
by Ellin Anderson (5/26/04)

The Finlandization of America
by Edgar Steele (5/26/04)

Tyranny in Topeka
by Alex Linder (5/21/04)

44 Hours in the ZOG Gulag
by A.P. Hill (5/22/04)

White Racists Can Take America in 10 Years
by Frank G. (5/18/04)

The Low-Down on Brown vs. Whites
by Alex Linder (5/17/04)

Brown vs. the Bored
by Edgar Steele (5/14/04)

Third Reich from the Sun
by Max Hadden (5/12/04)

The Browning of America
by Ben Vinyard (5/12/04)

Hey, White Man. Could You Handle Winning?
by Douglas Wright (5/11/04)

The 'Civil Rights' Swindle
by H.R. Dunlap (5/11/04)

Gentile Genocide
by Rita Ashleigh (5/09/04)

Between The Lines: Jew Friedman
by "Newz" Numberman (5/08/04)

Movie Review: 'Untamed'
by Derek Powling (5/06/04)

Apology and Clarification
by Edgar Steele (5/06/04)

Sacramento Revisionist Conference, Conclusion
by Alex Linder (5/06/04)

Pat Tillman WAS an Idiot
by M.H. (5/04/04)

The God of War
by Alexander Shelby (5/04/04)

A Hitch in Our Git Along
by Edgar Steele (5/04/04)

Objections to Christianity
by National Socialist (5/03/04)

"Surely There's Nothing Wrong with a Little Revisionism on Our Time"
by Alex Linder (5/01/04)

The State of the Kwa: Atlantic City
by William Ventvogel (4/30/04)

In Defense of Homophobia I
by Edgar Steele (4/30/04)

Movie Review: 'Kill Bill: Vol. 2'
by Rich Brooks (4/30/04)

In Defense of Homophobia II
by Edgar Steele (4/30/04)

Historical Fact vs. Historical Fiction
by Erich Thomson (4/27/04)

Response to Burdi Interview
by Rob Freeman (4/27/04)

Jew Phyllis Chesler Says Jews Come First, And Other Shocking Things
by Douglas Wright (4/27/04)

The Jewish Revolt: Caligula vs. the Jews
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (4/27/04)

Interview: George Burdi
by VNN (4/27/04)

Smear Tactics and the Jewish Strategy
by William Krieger (4/22/04)

Book Review: The Killer Angels
by William Anderson (4/22/04)

Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (4/21/04)

On Propaganda
by Max Hadden (4/20/04)

For Freedom!
by Edgar Steele (4/21/04)

Patrick Henry, White Stud, Sired 10 Million White Babies
by Arnold Y. (4/20/04)

News from Middle Earth
by Fredrik Haerne (4/18/04)

Book Review: The Battle That Stopped Rome
by J.W. Jamieson (4/17/04)

Book Review: In Search of Ancient Ireland
by J.W. Jamieson (4/17/04)

Book Review: Gramsci, Culture and Anthropology
by J.W. Jamieson (4/17/04)

Movie Review: 'Alamo'
by Rich Brooks (4/17/04)

Update on the Trial of Matt Hale
by John King (4/16/04)

Where Do You Live?
by Derek Powling (4/15/04)

Movie Review: 'The Stendhal Syndrome'
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (4/15/04)

Movie Review: 'Secondhand Lions'
by Rich Brooks (4/15/04)

Mr. Male Whitey, part II
by Mark J. Maloney (4/13/04)

Jews Again Try to Dictate Mormon Religious Practices
by Jack Young (4/13/04)

by Mr. Outis (4/13/04)

Racialism, Revolution, and the Radicalism of Sergei Nechayev
by Joe McCarthy (4/13/04)

If Germany Had Won the Second World War
by Max Hadden (4/12/04)

Tough Love for Mexico
by Donald Pauly (4/12/04)

Talking Points for the White Revolution
by Douglas Wright (4/11/04)

Treading Water IV
by Edgar Steele (4/10/04)

The Browning of America
by Billy Roper (4/10/04)

Hitler's "25 Points" Adapted to America
by Robert Y. (4/10/04)

Why Restoring the Constitution is Not the Answer
by Joe McCarthy (4/08/04)

Where Do You Live?
by Derek Powling (4/15/04)

The Real Talmud
by William (4/08/04)

Making a Difference
by Rich Brooks (4/08/04)

Easter: The Backstory
by Jennifer Stewart (4/08/04)

Help Stamp Out Anti-Aryanism!
by Val Koinen (4/08/04)

Movie Review: 'Intolerable Cruelty'
by Rich Brooks (4/04/04)

The Force Of The Righteous
by William Ventvogel (4/03/04)

"Just Go!"
by Michael Polignano (4/01/04)

Screw the Jewish War on Terror, We Need a War on American Ignorance
by Max Hadden (3/31/04)

Two Eds Are Better Than One
by Edgar Steele (3/30/04)

Mr. Male Whitey
by Mark J. Maloney (3/30/04)

Movie Review: 'Playing Mona Lisa'
by Rich Brooks (3/30/04)

What You Have to Believe to Be a Good Republican
by Joe McCarthy (3/30/04)

Social Change at Warp Speed
by Victor Gerhard (3/30/04)

Movie Review: 'Schindler's List'
by Gott (3/29/04)

You're Goddamn Right I'm Trying to Stir Up Hatred
by Douglas Wright (3/27/04)

Treading Water III
by Edgar Steele (3/04)

The Feeble-minded Nigger and Nigger Demographics Made Simple
by James P. (3/25/04)

Why Libertarians Are a Joke
by Joe McCarthy (3/24/04)

Movie Review: 'View From the Top'
by Rich Brooks (3/24/04)

Movie Review: 'Learning Curve'
by Rich Brooks (3/24/04)

Jews in the Ancient World
by William (3/23/04)

The jewish Race Is Composed Wholly of Arabic, Criminally Inbred, Genetic
by George P. (3/23/04)

Health Hazard
by Val Koinen (3/22/04)

Movie Review: 'Dawn of the Dead'
by Jason Tate (3/22/04)

On Nietzsche
by Joe McCarthy (3/21/04)

BTL: Rumsfeld
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Letter to Matt Hale
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Dumber and Dumbestest
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An Encounter With Rich Brooks
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One More Boring Review of "The Passion"
by Gott (3/17/04)

by Edgar Steele (3/14/04)

Coming to the Truth
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Between The Lies
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Movie Review: 'Runaway Jury'
by Rich Brooks (3/11/04)

Movie Review: 'Bruce Almighty'
by Rich Brooks (3/11/04)

Self Improvement: Part I: Chapter 3: I Can Not -- I Will Not
by Rudolf Allers (3/11/04)

God Loves All His Racist Children
by Douglas Wright (3/09/04)

Self Improvement: Chapters 1-2
by Rudolf Allers (3/09/04)

Book Review: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich
by Westphalia (3/07/04)

Movie Review: 'Germany Year Zero' ('Germainia Anno Zero') (1947)
by Indyslave (3/07/04)

Endless Religious Bickering
by Max Hadden (3/07/04)

Passionate Atheism
by Mr. Outis (3/06/04)

Treading Water II
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A Passion for Lying
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Force-field Victory
by Edward the Furious (3/05/04)

Movie Review: 'Mystic River'
by Rich Brooks (3/05/04)

Some Election Day Thoughts
by Rich Brooks (3/05/04)

Movie Review: 'Passion'
by Kevin Perrell (3/03/04)

We're from the Government and We're Here to Help You
by Val Koinen (3/02/04)

More "My Own Fuckin' Israel"
by Edward J. (3/02/04)

Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (2/29/04)

Of Man and Men ("Passion" Review)
by Alex Linder (2/28/04)

Better Red Than Dead
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (2/28/04)

"Passion" in NYC
by Douglas Wright (2/28/04)

I'm Gonna' Get My Own Fuckin' Israel
by Edward J. (2/28/04)

Movie Review: "Ride with the Devil"
by Alex Linder (2/28/04)

The Browning of America
by Michael Polignano (2/28/04)

Treading Water I
by Edgar Steele (2/24/04)

Mock Messiah: Jewish Humor and Cultural Subversion (Conclusion)
by E. Michael Jones (2/24/04)

Mock Messiah: Jewish Humor and Cultural Subversion
by E. Michael Jones (2/24/04)

AmRen Conference '04: All My Racist Dawgs Was In Da House
by Dawg Dee-Dub (2/23/04)

Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (2/22/04)

Female Psychology Part VI: Decadence and Rot in America
by John Allington (2/21/04)

Media Notes: The Lost Episodes
by The Crux (2/21/04)

The Future of White Women -- A Speculation
by William Ventvogel (1/20/04)

Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (1/19/04)

Driving Down
by Dresden (1/19/04)

What MLK Day Means to Me
by Dresden (1/19/04)

The Perfect American Holiday
by Edgar Steele (1/19/04)

The Mexicans Are Playing Us For Fools
by The Red Baron (1/19/04)

Whites Rally in Newport
by Billy Roper (1/19/04)

What to Teach Your Kid
by Alwyn T. (1/19/04)

No Place Like Home
by Michael Polignano (1/16/04)

The Agony of Yugoslavia
by Milan Banic (1/14/04)

Protocol X, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Ultima Thule
by 108 (1/14/03)

The Old Gray Lady Is An Arrogant Little Jew
by Douglas Wright (1/12/04)

On Hope and the Turn of the Tide
by John Flynn (1/12/04)

Genetic Determinism: The Foundation Principle of White Nationalist Ideology
by Carter H. (1/12/04)

Come Fly With Me! - The Racial Caste System of American Airports
by Alexander Macdonald (1/09/04)

Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (1/09/04)

Jack the Ripper and the Jews
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Hate Speech: Anything Jews Hate to Hear
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Jew Flattery Will Get You Dead
by Douglas Wright (1/09/04)

Conclusion: Usher F. Linder: Orator from Coles
by Roma Linder Bradley (1/08/04)

Who Was That Fat Lady?
by Edgar Steele (1/06/04)

Usher F. Linder: Orator from Coles
by (1/05/04)

Skin and Discourse
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The Revolutionary Jew (Conclusion)
by E. Michael Jones (1/02/04)

The Revolutionary Jew and His Impact on World History
by E. Michael Jones (1/02/04)

On Andrew Jackson
by Arthur H. (1/02/04)

Jewish Special Interest Groups - Women and Feminism
by Gott (1/02/04)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal
by Robert Crockett (12/31/03)

Tell a Joke, Go to Jail
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Jews Have Penetrated the NRA
by William Ventvogel (12/30/03)

John Logan and the Jumper
by Robert Crockett (12/30/03)

Top 10 Reasons for Being an "Anti-Semite"
by Val Koinen (12/28/03)

On Tom Paine and Other Things
by P.T. (12/25/03)

Merry Christmas, Infidels!
by T.C. Lynch (12/25/03)

Aristotle On Existence
by Max Hadden (12/24/03)

Christianity and White Nationalism
by George Crane (12/24/03)

A Christmas Tale
by Rich Brooks (12/23/03)

The Russkies, a Lot to Like
by Arthur H. (12/23/03)

On Tarantino
by Gott (12/23/03)

How Terror Alerts Almost Ruined My Christmas
by The Red Baron (12/22/03)

The Jewing of China
by William Spencer (12/21/03)

Reply to Val Koinen's "Brainstorming Session"
by Andrei Kievsky (12/21/03)

La Dolce Vita Does Not Include Lots of Niggers
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How to be a Woman
by Kelli Krieger (12/20/03)

by Squid (12/19/03)

That's Mr. Antisemite to You!
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Brainstorming Session
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Scientific American on the Reality of Race
by Michael Polignano (12/18/03)

Pipe Dreams of the "Reich": Romanticizing Nationalism in Germany
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Wake Up and See the Jew -- Hooray for the VNN Forum
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Paris, 1787 (De Sade)
by E. Michael Jones (12/15/03)

Real History, Real Community
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Cheech and Chong Meets The Order
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The HUTAD Syndrome
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Ingolstadt, 1776
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Forward Momentum
by T.P. (12/05/03)

A Revolutionary Act
by Michael Polignano (12/05/03)

Response to Mr. Gott's Pathetic Anti-Christian Sociology
by P.T. (12/04/03)

Intro to Sexual Liberation as Political Control
by E. Michael Jones (12/04/03)

Judaism & Christianity: Different Names, Same Racket
by Gott (12/04/03)

The Fall of the American Empire?
by Victor Gerhard (12/04/03)

Jews Got A Hugely Better Religious Theology than Christians
by Arthur H. (12/04/03)

LOW Birth Rates and MORE Jail Time
by George Crane (12/04/03)

The Direction Home
by Terry Phillips (12/03/03)

Defense of Christianity Among Nordics
by P.T. (12/03/03)

The Zen of Tractor Maintenance
by Edgar Steele (12/02/03)

Special Edition Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (12/02/03)

"Christian" Destructiveness: Importing Africans for Money
by George Crane (12/02/03)

Dr. Goldstein, the Human Genome Project and Leroy
by Carter H. (12/02/03)

Eat, Meet and Move Forward
by Michael Polignano (12/01/03)

Buddha Clause, an ode to the Original Santa
by Andrei Kievsky (11/30/03)

The Jungling
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The Folks Bond Religion Sales Manual, Ch 1, "Qualifying"
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White Revolution Report
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"Frog on Wall with Mad Monk"
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Questions Needing Answers
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Setting up the White Religion
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One World One Tribe?
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Nobody Knows How to Act Anymore
by Glenda (11/24/03)

Your Daughter Can be a Hero Also!
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Canards and Cabals
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Knocking Holes in the Line
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Worth The Price
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Nightmare on Elm Street
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One Step Forward, Two Steps Black (sic)
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The Tide is Turning, Don't Quit Now
by Derek Powling (11/19/03)

Response to Senator John McCain Article: "Why Israel"
by Val Koinen (11/19/03)

One Is Only as Good as His Word
by Eric Thomson (11/19/03)

Everyday Activism for Every White Nationalist, part three
by George Crane (11/19/03)

Potok's Gossip Rag, And Other Incredulities
by Billy Roper (11/19/03)

The Folks Bond: One "Salesman's" White Religion
by Arthur H. (11/19/03)

It Wasn't Arabs
by Edgar J. Steele (11/19/03)

Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons: Which Religion Sells the Most White Men the Fastest?
by Arthur H. (11/17/03)

On Anti-Semitism
by Glenda (11/16/03)

Boycotts not Bombs, or How to Crash the Economy and Save Our Lives
by Andrei Kievsky (11/16/03)

Severing Loyalties
by James DiMarco (11/16/03)

The "Good" Jew
by Rich Brooks (11/15/03)

On a Mission from God
by Edgar J. Steele (11/15/03)

The War in Iraq: Lies, Costs, and Motives
by VNN Staff (11/15/03)

Part Two: Everyday Activism for Every White Nationalist
by George Crane (11/14/03)

Part One: Everyday Activism for Every White Nationalist
by George Crane (11/14/03)

Yahweh as the Eater of Nations
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (11/14/03)

Illegal Aliens Spreading Diseases Across the U.S.A.
by Frosty Wooldridge (11/14/03)

Jehovah's Witnesses, Part 4, The "Cult" Community at Kingdom Hall
by Arthur H. (11/14/03)

Newz by Numberman
by "Newz" Numberman (11/14/03)

No Rights for Whites
by Michael Schneider, Orthodox Bishop (11/12/03)

The Desperate Hermeneutics of Hymie
by Andrei Kievsky (11/10/03)

White Religion, Part 3: Jehovah's Witnesses' Morally Impeccable "Auto Dealership"
by Arthur H. (11/10/03)

White Religion, Part 2, "DOOR-TO-DOOR"
by Arthur H. (11/7/03)

Onward Christian Terrorists
by Edgar J. Steele (11/7/03)

Age of Female Sentinels, part four
by Eduardo (11/7/03)

Of Aryan Bondage
by Alex Linder (11/6/03)

White Revolution Report, November 5
by Billy Roper (11/5/03)

Age of Female Sentinels, part three
by Eduardo (11/5/03)

The Nature of Our Quest
by Arthur Keith (11/3/03)

New Orleans Horde Invasion
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (11/3/03)

Jewed America in the Eyes of History
by Andrei Kievsky (11/3/03)

Age of Female Sentinels, part two
by Eduardo (11/2/03)

ACTIVISM: One Man, Two Feet
by George Crane (10/31/03)

White Religion
by Arthur H. (10/31/03)

by Rich Brooks (10/31/03)

Then and Now: Thoughts Occasioned by Betty Crocker
by Toni Brian (10/31/03)

Stressor Transference: Another Joy of Diversity
by Douglas Wright (10/30/03)

Age of Female Sentinels, part one
by Eduardo (10/29/03)

Another Encounter with Jack Young
by Rich Brooks (10/29/03)

The Eurasian Alternative
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (10/27/03)

Nationalism in Germany: FICHTE'S IDEAS
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (10/27/03)

Tar Baby II
by Edgar J. Steele (10/25/03)

Gene Pool Romanticism
by Constantin von Hoffmeister (10/25/03)

Judaism's Useful Idiots
by Chris Conole (10/24/03)

CBS Survivor Pearl Islands
by Victor Wolzek (10/25/03)

Wager of Hate: The Myth of Media Profit Motive
by Victor Wolzek (07/21/03)

VNN Interview: Von and Doc of The Vonbluvens Show
by Victor Wolzek (05/08/03)

Swindler's Lust: The Truth Behind Public Enemy's "Antisemitism"
by Victor Wolzek (07/21/03)

Adolf Hitler: The Original Fonzie
by Victor Wolzek (03/31/03)

Howard Stern: Jew Liar Caught in the Act
by Victor Wolzek (03/13/03)


The Betrayal: How America was Murdered
by Victor Wolzek (12/22/02)

Who's The Jackass?
by Victor Wolzek (12/04/02)

Racial Molecular Atmospherics
by Douglas Wright (09/30/02)

Whip some Talmud on the jew, White Man
by Don Hines (8/21/02)
The bottom line on what drives jews in their treatment of Whites, and how we must say, "Right back at ya, kike."...

How the Jews Won the West
by Douglas Wright (8/21/02)
On Jews attempting to remake the potato state...

Why We Are Right
by J.R. Colson (8/16/02)
Colson explains his beliefs are based on facts and experience...

And Now They Come For The Printers - Again
by Vidar (8/16/02)
Jews in Britain are attacking a man for printing something they don't like...

Raising Elite White Children
by Andrei Kievsky (8/16/02)
Racial consciousness alone is not enough...

Individualism and the Folkish State, Part II
by Dale Peterson (8/15/02)
We can choose not to be lemmings, but we must understand what paves the path to lemminghood...

Where's the White Sharon?
by Don Hines (8/15/02)
We can bitch and moan, but the bottom line is Mugabe and Sharon are heroes to their tribes, and Whites need a similar hero of their own....

The Racial World-view Of H.P. Lovecraft, Vol. 1, No. 3
by A. Trumbo (8/13/02)
Lovecraft expresses his pride in Nordics....

Individualism and the Folkish State
by Dale Peterson (8/13/02)
On the true meaning of sacrifice...

What Are You Worth, White Man?
by Don Hines (8/13/02)
A different way to measure your net worth...

Sand Castles
by Marc Moran (8/12/02)
Few things are permanent, but duty is one of them....

The Second Plight
by Mary Streitenberger (8/12/02)
On the horrors suffered by Germany after WWII and their relation to what the U.S. is undergoing itself today...

by Founders' America (8/12/02)
What the Jewish hate group intends...

Why Whites Should Be Racially Conscious
by Max Power (8/12/02)
Some suggestions for making whites Whites...

Let Them Eat Cake
by Edgar Steele (8/12/02)
On conditions in Africa, and attributing responsibility for them...

How I Spent My Summer Vacation
by Mark Rivers (8/12/02)
After the pause that refreshes, VNN's stalwart racist movie reviewer is ready for more...

A Few "Good" Men
by J.R. Colson (8/12/02)
On drawing the line...

Paper Tiger vs. Zippo Lighter, Part 3
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (8/11/02)
On getting the lemmings to laugh along with you at the absurd productions coming out of Hollywitz, such as action movies...

An Open Letter to President Bill Clinton
by P.L.W. (8/10/02)
On the way the dirty Semitist president will go down in history...

An Idea
by R. Joans (8/10/02)
On a Gathering of Whites, each of whom puts $50,000 into the kitty...

Riddle Me This, White Man!
by P.L.W. (8/10/02)
Some White jokes...

The Genocide of White Western Civilization in America
by Founders' America (8/11/02)
The biggest story of our time goes uncovered...

The Framingham Files: Jew Censors White Speech
by Andrei Kievsky (8/8/02)
Latest report from Framingham Human Rights Commission meeting has White denied permission to speak by jewish trickery, while race-traitor cowards slink from room...

The Faustian West, The Propasphere, and "Signs"
by Karl Kammler (8/6/02)
On Whites and their purpose in the universe...

Heritage and Hate
by N.B. Forrest (8/4/02)
Thoughts inspired by the narrow defeat of Kirk Lyons as head of Sons of Confederate Veterans. Now is not the time to crouch and lick, it's the time for the boldness of old....

by Marc Moran (7/31/02)
The story of a single woman reveals the meaning of family, community and nation....

Advice for the Would-be Vocal White Nationalist
by P.L.W. (7/31/02)
Responses to commonly voiced anti-White racist comments...

A Moment of Clarity
by Jack Boot (7/31/02)
The Jews have declared violent war on the White race, using their negro tools, responsible for tens of thousands of rapes and murders of Whites each year, to commit White genocide....

Eight O'Clock in the Morning
by Ray Nelson (7/30/02)
The 1963 short story on which was based the movie "They Live"...

Loyalty is Our Honor
by John Michael (7/30/02)
On honor and loyalty as the original Aryan virtues...

A Glorious Defeat
by John Michael (7/30/02)
On fighting your hardest and never giving up...

The Death of Free Speech and Individualism In the New World Order of America
by Edgar Steele (7/30/02)
On America circa 2002 as a genuine tyranny that would have led the Founders to pick up guns...

Thoughts on Revolution
by Freiheit (7/30/02)
A response to Adams and Morris, with respect to German, French and Russian revolutionary examples...

Concord and Salem
by Henry James (7/30/02)
A chapter from his 1907 book, The American Scene, includes slighting reference to jews and comments about 'The American Weimar'...

Can You Count, Part 2
by Frank Mimms (7/30/02)
One White family and its descendents, a lesson for modern women...

Moving Day
by Sharon A. Hutchinson (7/30/02)
On a White woman driven out of her home by colored invasion...

The Right of a People
by Douglas Wright (7/28/02)
On Whites' rights under international as opposed to America law, with the ultimate right of armed revolution always available if necessary...

John Walker Lindh -- Betrayed by His Nation
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (7/28/02)
On reclaiming lemmings by ridiculing televitz news and dramas...

Paper Tiger Vs. Zippo Lighter, Part 2
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (7/28/02)
On reclaiming lemmings by ridiculing televitz news and dramas...

The Real Haters
by Founders' America (7/27/02)
On Dan Rather and the emotive Marxists destroying America...

A Trip to the Local Mall in a Still-White Town
by Andrei Kievsky (7/27/02)
Thoughts on "White Vacations," multicultural mall ads and White retail...

The Paper Game
by Ryan McMahon (7/26/02)
First chapter of a serial novel about a man fed up with the Jews murdering America and doing something about it...

Why We Fight
by William Pierce, Ph.D. (7/25/02)
On racial idealism...

Jewish Supremacist Groups Oppose School Vouchers
by Robert Ericsson (7/24/02)
Jews want to deny Whites the options their kids have....

Jared Taylor is Not a White Nationalist
by Kevin Hannan (7/24/02)
If you won't name the jews, you aren't one of us....

Normal Is Abnormal
by J.R. Colson (7/24/02)
Jews say White America is sick, but they are the sick ones....

A Practical Way to Help Advance the Struggle
by Vibeke Østergaard (7/24/02)
On getting involved in the neighborhood as a simple, effective form of activism that builds goodwill and lays the groundwork for overt politics...

Dr. William Luther Pierce, R.I.P.
by Billy Roper (7/23/02)
Some words from NA's deputy membership coordinator...

Dr. William Luther Pierce, 1933-2002
by Victor Gerhard (7/23/02)
An obituary for the founder of National Alliance who died of cancer today...

Jew Hoogstraten
by Meister Eckehart (7/24/02)
On the criminal Jew behind Mugabe....

Playing Marxists' Bet-Your-Life Lotto in America
by Founders' America (1996)
The destruction of segregation by jews has left us all unwilling participants in death lotto....

The New Manifest Destiny
by Sean Devane (7/23/02)
We must reclaim our destiny....

The Hornets Nest
by Marc Moran (7/23/02)
On a child's lesson many adults fail to grasp...

On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Senior Citizens
by Toni Brian (7/23/02)
Blames generation that produced Baby Boomers for actions then and complacency now...

Degrading Christians, Women: Is It Good For Whites?
by F. Lee Conscious (7/21/02)
Response to Mimms suggests seductive approach beats scalding...

Wish of Tomorrow
by Fredrik Haerne (7/20/02)
Fiction about nationalism in Europe...

Ten Reasons Why Repatriation of Blacks is a Good Idea
by Jack Halliday (7/20/02)
Spoof of Jew Horowitz's "Ten Reasons Why Reparations is a Bad Idea"...

On The Current Pathetic Crop Of American White Females
by Frank W. Mimms (7/20/02)
On White girls waiting, making excuses, not babies, unlike every generation that came before...

Race: a Living Organism
by Dave Neesan (7/20/02)
What Whites share, and what they must do...

Dr. Laura Endangers White Girls
by Founders' America (2000)
Dr. Laura denounces opposition to interracial marriages, which are extremely dangerous to White females...

Paper Tiger vs. Zippo Lighter
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (7/19/02)
On mocking Jewish media as a way to undercut its effects in the brains of whites...

Why They Won't Allow Ordinary Whites Any Exclusive Living Space
by Andrei Kievsky (7/19/02)
On the need to develop Whitetowns...

Love Groups Cause the Hate They Decry
by Founders' America (7/19/02)
On the results of and mindset behind the forced integration that has murdered White America...

Cherry Bombs and 747s
by Billy Roper (7/19/02)
On independence, its threateners and resisters...

History of the Jewish Assault on the World: An Evolving Work in Progress
by Victor Wolzek (7/15/02)
Timeline record of the Jews' attempt to murder the White race....

The "Suckpoop" Responds to Village Idiot
by M. Adams (7/15/02)
Adams responds to Morris on the proper way to make a revolution....

Using Their Fight As Our Own
by F. Lee Conscious (7/15/02)
On framing and phrasing White arguments with regard to the Jew-Palestinian war...

Our Racial Enemies: Ugly, For Your Protection
by Douglas Wright (7/15/02)
On using eyes and nose to sniff the ZOG-obscured truth about minorities...

Children: The More, the Merrier
by Raina Wilhelm (7/14/02)
Refuting the lies jews propagate about giving birth and motherhood compared to education and career...

Conservatives Misunderstand Nazism
by J.R. Colson (7/14/02)
On the true racial struggle compared to the superficial political struggle...

Nationalism: The True Anti-Globalization Movement
by Karl Kammler (7/14/02)
On nationalism as the only true opposition to globalization, in contrast to jew-built, leftist sham opposition...

The Future of European Nationalism
by Fredrik Haerne (7/14/02)
On nationalism in Sweden and Europe...

M. Adams on "Achieving Power": A Study in Suckpoopery Par Excellence
by Gerald Morris (7/13/02)
On making the revolution...

Papa's Got a Brand New File
by Marc Moran (7/10/02)
A pillar of the community finds he has an FBI file full of non-facts thanks to little more than a few letters to the editor: a portrait of the fear with which the Jewish Tyranny views normal White men...

Nation of the Apes
by Frank Shell (7/10/02)
The jungle closes in, the hoots grow louder. And nothing will change until Whites produce a leader....

America's National Extroversion Proves Lethal
by Karl Kammler (7/10/02)
On the Roman decline of America, now swearing in foreigners to "defend" our non-nation...

Minority Report on "Minority Report"
by Victor Wolzek (7/8/02)
Comments on points raised in Cat Lady's review of Spielberg's "Minority Report"...

Homosexuality: Tolerate It As Long As It Stays In The Closet
by Michael Coss (7/5/02)
A response to Westphal and Clarke...

Come to Ireland
by Peter in Ireland (7/5/02)
A description of the benefits invaders enjoy over natives on the Emerald Isle...

Asian Political Correctness Rash Afflicts America
by Karl Kammler (7/3/02)
Asians become the latest aggrieved non-White minority, demanding the right to slant descriptions and accounts in their favor, just like they were nigs, mex or yids...

On Achieving Power
by M. Adams (7/3/02)
Contrasts ways of Whites with historically successful revolutionaries, urges flexibility, adaptability and infiltrating the System...

Fourth of July
by Marc Moran (7/3/02)
On the true meaning of nation...

Stop the Hate!
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (7/3/02)
To succeed, White Nationalism demands discipline...

Waiting for the World
by Carol Ward (7/2/02)
On the moral necessity of anti-Semitism and a world slowly awakening to the horros jews have wrought...

PC Games: Securing a Beachhead
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (7/1/02)
On White PC games as a way to make inroads on Jewish media...

by Edgar J. Steele (7/1/02)
On going public with jew-criticism, includes sound files of Jewish threats against 7-year-old daughter...

The Racial World-view Of H.P. Lovecraft
by A. Trumbo (6/29/02)
HPL letters bearing on race from the time of the first world war, part two...

Tolerate Homosexuals? NEVER!
by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski (6/29/02)
The reasons homosexuality must not be tolerated in White Nationalism...

Is Zionism "The Second Beast" of Revelation?
by Joseph Sarandos (6/29/02)
A look at what the Jews are up to, from the Bible-believer's perspective...

Dr. Laura, Miscegenatrix
by Founders' America (6/29/02)
Nobody providing mass-advice is allowed to from the Jewish line, whether sisters Lederer (Dear Abby and Ann Landers) or this spunky jew-convert ...

Mossad and the Jewish Problem
by William Pierce, Ph.D. (6/29/02)
On Mossad infiltration of the FBI...

My First National Alliance Meeting and the Unexpected Entertainment
by Jasa P. Slovjanski (6/29/02)
An amusing account of White Nationalists beset by human gerbils...

The Racial World-view Of H.P. Lovecraft
by A. Trumbo (6/29/02)
HPL letters bearing on race from the time of the first world war...

by Marc Moran (6/29/02)
On heritage, and what respect for it demands of us...

Me vs. Malzberg
by Victor Gerhard (6/28/02)
E-battles with a Newsmax columnist...

Elevators Smell Different to Midgets
by Edgar J. Steele (6/28/02)
Blaming the Jews for the court decision that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional because it mentions God...

Oy Veh for Hymiewood!
by Gregory J. Krupey (6/28/02)
On building a White film industry...

Homosexuality and White Nationalism: Two Arguments for Tolerance
by F.C.I. Clarke (6/28/02)
On queer-bashing as bad for nationalism...

The Multicriminal Society
by Fredrik Haerne (6/28/02)
Facts on immigrants and crime the Swedish government doesn't want you to see...

Bring It On
by Marc Moran (6/28/02)
Recruiting grows easier as ZOG's collapse draws nigh, and its ridiculous hypocrisies and contradictions leap from the headlines...

The European Union - A Threat to Nationalism
by Fredrik Haerne (6/27/02)
On the European Union and the socialists and Jews it serves, an the nationalist sentiment it suppresses...

WWII: The Second War to End the White Man
by Porter Reed (6/27/02)
While we were murdering their enemies abroad, jews were murdering our culture and race at home...

Congratulations: You're a Fascist
by J.R. Colson (6/25/02)
Contrasting the nationalism of fascism with Jew-controlled democracy...

Race-Mixers Take Heed -- Today's Fashion May Be Tomorrow's Sorrow
by Andrei Kievsky (6/25/02)
On race-mixing and shifting fashions...

Who Rules Sweden?
by Fredrik Haerne (6/24/02)
On socialists, big business and jews working together to prevent nationalists from getting a word in edgewise...

A View From My Son's Window
by Yankee Jim (6/23/02)
Cops show up to give an NA member a ticket for passing out flyers at a pro-Israel rally -- weeks later. And, at the same time "Nazi scum" appears on the road outside his driveway....

Runeberg's "Our Land"
by Fredrik Haerne (6/23/02)
A translations of an ode to Finland and the Finnish spirit...

Church Ladies Whistle Past the Graveyard in Hopkinton
by Andrei Kievsky (6/22/02)
On the 6/20/02 "affordable housing" forum in Hopkinton, Mass., and the religious insanity of those who would fill others' neighborhoods with subsidized Third Worlders...

Jewess Dr. Laura Casts First Stone
by Founders' America (6/22/02)
Racialism contra mongrelism... Essay from 1999...

Adoptions Are Sign of Deepening Social Decay
by Founders' America (6/22/02)
On the deeper meaning of the trend toward adoption, particularly interracial adoption and its celebration as something noble...

Anti-Racist Inaction a No-Show in Hopkinton
by Andrei Kievsky (6/22/02)
On the ARA's no-show at Hopkinton "affordable housing" meeting...

Take Heart, White Man!
by Chuck Pearson (6/22/02)
A response to recent reader letters...

Fiction: "The Case Of Euphemia Raphash"
by by Count Villiers de L'Isle-Adam (6/20/02)
A short story...

Fiction: "Torture by Hope"
by Count Villiers de L'Isle-Adam (6/20/02)
Short story by the French Poe...

Who Is to Be Master of the World?: Lecture IV: Nietzsche the Moralist
by Anthony J. Ludovici (6/20/02)
Concluding lecture originally delivered in 1908...

Mark Rivers' Top Ten Movie Lists
by Mark Rivers (6/20/02)
Favorites, former favorites, despiseds...

The Fear Behind Becoming a Racial Activist
by F. Lee Conscious (6/20/02)
Ways to overcome it...

The Cat Lady's Favorite Movies
by The Cat Lady (6/20/02)
Ten good ones...

On the Effectiveness of Debate
by Dale Peterson (6/19/02)
On productive use of debate time: going after the thinking White minority...

Televitz Review: 'Nick News Special Edition: My Family is Different'
by Raina Wilhelm (6/19/02)
Review of Nickelodeon show aimed at selling to young kids the idea that homosexuality is a good thing...

Red Gold: Groups, Power, and Equality
by Karl Kammler (6/17/02)
On the New Hardness and racial reality versus the failed policy of out-group altruism....

To Stop the Hemorrhaging of Our People
by Andrei Kievsky (6/17/02)
On building pro-White health centers to restore White female land manatees to form, thereby reducing the appeal of race-mixing...

Stop Jew Jacoby Now!
by Andrei Kievsky (6/13/02)
Information to counter the turtle-faced Zionist and Boston Globe columnist....

Raise Your Children Racist, If You Don't Want Mixed-Breed Descendants
by Joan of Arc (6/13/02)
The right conversations around the dinner table now will ensure the wrong thing won't show up there with your daughter in the future....

The Dysfunctional Urban Catch Basin
by Andronicus (6/13/02)
Cities by their nature attract perverts, deviants and the otherwise undesirable...

Bay Area Boobs
by Angry White Female (6/12/02)
A trip to San Francisco by a modern-day Kurtz....

Father's Day
by Marc Moran (6/12/02)
On traditions we carry on, sometimes without even knowing it...

Debunking Einstein, Part II
by Chris Verral (6/12/02)
Lorentz and other gentiles did the work. Einstein got the credit...

Seizing a Piece of Free Speech at a Palestinian Protest
by Andrei Kievsky (6/9/02)
Kievsky and fellow pro-Whites from NA and WCOTC go out and spread a little cheer at an anti-Israel rally. Thoughts on Conrad's Secret Agent and the non-nobility of failure and weakness....

Radio Review: The Right Perspective with Frank & John
by Victor Wolzek (6/9/02)
On a new radio show on the Hal Turner Radio Network that describes Western sickness but avoids the disease...

Tips on Awakening Whites
by F. Lee Conscious (6/8/02)
On different types of Whites, and tailored ways to get them to see the world factually...

The FBI, the ADL, and Christina Long
by William Pierce, Ph.D. (6/8/02)
Evil jews indoctrinate young White girls and adult White cops alike...

Global Genetic Warfare
by Dale Peterson (6/8/02)
The inspiring story of Paul Joseph Göbbels...

Global Genetic Warfare
by Aryan Species (6/8/02)
On policies put in place by jews to ensure the genetic destruction -- the genocide -- of the Aryan genotype...

How I Spent My Weekend...
by Yankee Jim (6/6/02)
Distributing flyers at a pro-izzy rally draws more cops than your average murder...

Behind the Transcaucasian Mirror
by Para Bellum (6/6/02)
A look at the great game in the Transcaucasus...

Racist Horoscope
by Mark Rivers (6/6/02)

Melrose Meeting
by Andrei Kievsky (6/4/02)
On a human rights commission meeting in Melrose, Massachusetts. Anti-Whiteism was on the agenda, but Kievsky turns the tables, brings out the truth about the real haters: the jews who brought us the Ukrainian Holocaust -- the cousins of the Jews setting the agenda for meetings like this...

The Stockholm Syndrome and White America
by Raina Wilhelm (6/3/02)
On White Americans identifying with their Jewish captors...

Quilting - A White Woman's Art
by Toni Brian (6/3/02)
On an old White tradition that substitutes nicely for televitz even as it stitches together the generations...

Jews Suffer Genocide; Whites Accept Diversity
by Douglas Wright (6/3/02)
On the double standards behind the application of the term 'genocide'...

The Importance of Leadership
by William Pierce, Ph.D. (6/1/02)
On turning wiggers into White men, and the broader transformations that must take place before it's possible.

Media Review: New York Sun
by Alex Linder (6/1/02)
New rag, old lies...

Civilization's North Star: Historical Truth
by Marc Moran (5/31/02)
On historical lies and the purposes they serve, and the need to rebut them and deal with the liars...

Genocide, Anyone?
by J.R. Colson (5/31/02)
A consideration of what should be done with non-Whites after the revolution...

Those Who Don't Care To Help Themselves
by Dale Peterson (5/31/02)
On the need for the natural fighters and leaders to forge ahead, and leave the lemmings to their folly...

Our Social Alienation
by Angry White Female (5/30/02)
Thoughts resulting from the placement of her pro-White personal ad...

Dear Israel: You Make Me Ill
by Douglas Wright (5/29/02)
The World responds to charges leveled by jews in an internal NYC publication...

Jews Create Their Own Legends
by Chis Verral (5/28/02)
On Einstein as a creature of publicity more than ability...

On "Hate" Crime
by Resisting Defamation (5/27/02)
Some of the ways the FBI and media lie about crime, always to the detriment of the White man, particularly the young...

The Jewish Question in Education
by Fritz Fink (5/27/02)
Translated portions of a German nationalist pamphlet that suggests ways to teach the young, girls in particular, about the danger of our racial enemy the Jew...

Fiction: The Street
by H.P. Lovecraft (5/26/02)
A short story depicting the replacement of Americans by Jews...

Laughter: The Final Frontier
by Marc Moran (5/02)

Newark's King Nigger Out-Niggers the Half-Nigger
by Douglas Wright (5/02)

Racist in High School
by Demi Weissmann (5/02)

Israeli Embassy Demonstration Photos (3 pages)
by Vic Gerhard (5/02)

Israeli Embassy Demonstration a Huge Success
by Vic Gerhard (5/02)

The Tale of Camp Hepburn
by Kevin Hannan (5/02)

Think Big or Die
by Andrei Kievsky (5/02)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Whites
by Douglas Wright (5/02)

Their Nature and Ours
by Marc Moran (5/02)

A Form Letter for Fortuyn
by M.X. Rienzi (5/02)

Club Sam
by Marc Moran (5/8/02)
The third world is alive an on display at a giant food warehouse near you. Diversity is every bit as unappetizing as a 900-lb. bag of asparagus...

Viacom Shareholder Letter, April 15, 2002
Insight into the far-flung operations and mindset of one of the top two or three media giants in the world...

Irving Speaks...
by Marc Moran (5/6/02)
Persistence gets to the bottom of what actually happened in WWII -- and the reasons Jews came under attack...

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Neo-Conservativism and the Jewish Strategy
by William John (5/6/02)
On Jews as a race with many guises, neo-conservatism being merely the latest. Two things remain unchanged: Jews only care about what's "good for Jews," and the blending out of existence of the White race is tops on their agenda...

You Tell Me
by Marc Moran (5/6/02)
On revisionism and penalties imposed on questioners...

Hang Together or Hang Separately
by M.X. Rienzi (5/4/02)
European nationalists must take a broader, racial view of their struggle rather than carping at one another across national borders...

How to Marry a High-Quality Woman, Chapter 9
by Elizabeth Bennett (4/29/02)
Chapter #9: Childbirth, Circumcision and Sex Dysfunction...(Note that chs. 8 and 10 will not be posted.) A jaw-dropping insider's view into the scam that is the medical industry, corrupting nearly everything related to sex and childbirth; creating artificial problems, bogus solutions -- and double-billing for everything. How to fuck and breed naturally and stay out of the clutches of the Jew-riddled medical establishment...

Why Our Struggle is Necessary
by Angry White Female (4/29/02)
On a New York high school surveying showing that Whites are disproportionately victims of "hate" harassment. Jews create the crimes, Jews create the environment, Jews cover up the causes. White kids -- White adults -- just suffer...

Trollope's "The Way We Live Now"...
by Gerald E. Morris (4/28/02)
Sinister jewry exposed and quashed by a couple determined White Men...

Now Is the Time...
by Marc Moran (4/25/02)
On the country and the men who made it, and the men who are going to take it back...

Be a Kievsky
by Marc Moran (4/25/02)
On standing up for what is true, no matter what others think. There is no replacement for courage...

Black Riot Season Opener
by Angry White Female (4/23/02)
Black riots are kosher, White self-defense is not. The System is more threatened by White words than black gang rapes and murders, and that's leading more Whites to see that judeo-government, ZOG, is their enemy....

Greedy Shyster Jew + Greedy Shiftless Mud = Big Profit
by Douglas Wright (4/22/02)
On the personal-injury lawsuit as another minority-fronted jew swindle...

by Andrei Kievsky (4/20/02)
Outed by the Jews' Boston Globe, Kievsky is encouraged to remove his daughter from Waldorf school. Jews have destroyed the White West, and we are getting to the point there's nowhere left to run. And that is the same point that even the deracinated White liberal fools will turn on the Jews.

by Anthony J. Ludovici (4/17/02)
Lecture III, on the transvaluation of all values...

Niggers in Uniform: They're Uniformly Niggers
by Douglas Wright (4/15/02)
Niggers in uniform are far more like orangutans in used-car commercials than the Bespangled Heroes the Jewsmedia present us with....

The Australian Situation
by Rob Grey (4/15/02)
A look at the way the Australian media slant terminology to push colored immigration....

Lunatic Zionist Attacks NA Members with a Baseball Bat in Hamilton, Mass.
by Andrei Kievsky (4/1/02)
Zionists reveal nescient thuggishness at NA demonstration in small Massachusetts town....

Nationalist Activists: Don't Rest on Your Laurels
by Karl Kammler (3/28/02)
On fighting default liberalism and thinking long term....

Tawana Brawley Goes Up(Hymie)town
by Soldat X (3/27/02)
Slavery reparations is just another jewish scam....

'Groid-Destroyed Paradise: CBS Survivor Mirrors Reality
by Victor Wolzek (3/25/02)
Edit and produce as they will, the Jews can't prevent nog nature from shining through in the Survivor "reality" series...

Magazine Review: Heeb
by Alex Linder (3/25/02)
Hip new "cool Jew" pub ain't...

Usury and its Effect on Rome and Early Christianity
by Eduardo (3/24/02)
On Jews and their usury as a primary cause of the downfall of Rome...

The Anti-Racist Pathology
by Robert Grey (3/24/02)
Types and motivations of anti-racists...

PaleoAmerican Ethnic Diversity
by Billy Roper (3/23/02)
National Alliance's Billy Roper's master's thesis lays out the evidence that, contra the 'Clovis' theory, America was peopled by Europeans even before today's so-called 'Native Americans'...

Proud to be White
by Kathy Robertazzo (3/22/02)
Stark facts about race and the double-standards applying to minority pride vs White "hate"...

Racist Haiku
by Mark Rivers (3/22/02)
Pro-White poetry, using "honorary Whites'" form...

Why Children?
by Christian P. Anderson (3/22/02)
On White breeding as the route to environmental and genetic conservation...

Who is to be Master of the World?
by Anthony J. Ludovici (3/19/02)
Lecture II, from 1908, on Nietzsche's concept of the Superman...

by Arch Stanton (3/18/02)
On using economic power to make our revolution, just as the Jews made theirs. Money lessons for White Nationalists....

Jews "Legislate Reality" and Invite Insurrection
by Karl Kammler (3/18/02)
On Jewish attempts to henpeck away remaining White freedom and the nearing revolution...

Letter from Ward Kendall on the Publishing of Hold Back This Day
by Ward Kendall (3/17/02)
Writer details difficulties publishing and self-publishing his pro-White novel...

Report from Human Relations Commission Meeting, 3/14/02
by Andrei Kievsky (3/15/02)
Kievsky and a dozen nationalists confront the Jews and stooges, but are denied a chance to speak...

The True Ignorance
by S. Corvinus (3/14/02)
Explains White racism as the product of experience, and White liberalism as the product of miseducation and ignorance....

Making Western Horses Drink
by Karl Kammler (3/14/02)
On building genuine race-based resistance to the Semitically Correct status quo...

Racak, "Genocide," and the Measure of a Massacre
by Karl Kammler (3/14/02)
On the Milosevic trial and the 'eternal verities' of human nature...

Do-It-Yourself News Article
by Mark Rivers (3/13/02)
Satire of typical Semitically Correct "news" story day after "hate" leaflet distribution...

Some Conservatives Fear White Nationalist Success
by Karl Kammler (3/13/02)
Rebuts neo-con Scott McConnell's New York Press article on the AmRen conference. The neos recognize White Nationalists are serious, while they're just careerists...

And the Answer Is....
by Victor Gerhard (3/13/02)
Gerhard explains to a respondent that ZOG is geared to make "decent" White resistance futile. Violence is required if we are to avoid genocide...

SPLC's "War on Women
by Angry White Female (3/13/02)
Comments on latest SPLC report's story on Blee and her book on 34 unidentified extremist women...

Save Now, Buy Later
by Kevin Hannan (3/11/02)
Advises young Whites above all to avoid debt...

Majority-White Environments Are Worth Preserving
by George Cabot (3/11/02)
To avoid WWIII: The Great Oil War, we need to shout like hell against ZOG and find ways of living that save energy...

Off-White Like Me: Those Who Don't Learn From Past Mistakes Of Black Nationalists Are Doomed To Become Future White History
by Miss Ann Thrope (3/11/02)
The Semites' System has screwed blacks and Whites alike...

The New Feminism
by J.R. Colson (3/11/02)
On corporate feminism: The hairy legs may not be there, but the Jewish dogma is....

Computer Security for Home Users with Internet Access
by K. Thompson (3/11/02)
Cheap and simple ways to protect your data and browsing information, including links to software providers...

The Orwellian Tidal Wave: Bush's New Police State and WP Activists
by William Randolph Royere III (3/11/02)
How the government has used 9/11 to destroy civil liberties, clamp down on White Nationalists....

Who Is to Be Master of the World?
by Anthony M. Ludovici (3/11/02)
An introduction to Nietzsche's philosophy; the first of four lectures. Deals with master-morality and slave-morality, moving beyond good and evil....

The New "Patriotism"
by Dr. William Pierce (3/9/02)
Patriotism used to mean blood ties, now it means clapping along with the media. Remarks on Billy Graham's comment about Jewish "stranglehold" over American media...

Does Racial Nationalism Trump "Xenophobia"?
by Karl Kammler (3/7/02)
Foreign models aren't necessary. The idea of a free, independent White Nationalist America has been with us from the beginning, awaits only its champion....

Closing the Gap Between Conservatives and Nationalists, Part Two
by J.R. Colson (3/7/02)
Toward understanding the Jew and his role in debasing the institutions both groups with to preserve...

Legos and Laughter: Tools to Defeat the Jew
by Karl Kammler (3/4/02)
Thoughts on Jewish brainwashing and laughter as a means to thwart it, pegged to the story of the "designer" "Holocaust" exhibit...

An Intro to the Jewish Question
by Angry White Female (3/4/02)
Vital information about the race dedicated to White genocide, including links for further study... - A Search Engine and Home Page for White People
by Victor Gerhard (3/4/02)
Announcement of "," the world's first search engine for White people...

Do-It-Yourself Movie Script
by Mark Rivers (3/3/02)
Follow these plot lines, plug in these attractive characters, and Hollywood is yours!...

You've Got to be Yidding Me: The Semitically Correct Limits of Satire
by Victor Wolzek (3/2/02)
The "cutting edge" always pulls up short of Jewish interests...

Jewish Hate, the Media, and the ADL
by Dr. William Pierce (3/2/02)
On the VH1 special, Resistance, ADL and the media...

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, Column #4
by Elizabeth Bennett (3/2/02)
VD testing, very serious stuff...

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, Column #3
by Elizabeth Bennett (3/2/02)
Advice to Unhappy Bay Area Computer Programmer on finding a woman...

Sophisticated Homespun Advice, Column #2
by Elizabeth Bennett (3/1/02)
Advice to a German girl, Claudia, on catching a man...

In Case of Jewish Co-Option, Break Glass
by Karl Kammler 3/1/02)
We must not allow Jews to infiltrate and neutralize White Nationalism the way they did conservatism. In other words, No Jews. Just Right....

The Most Rational Place on Earth
by The Cat Lady (2/27/02)
A report on Jared Taylor's 2002 American Renaissance conference...

You Might Be a Yahoodi!
by J. Loxworthy (2/25/02)
If you're named after anything studied in geology class -- you might be a yahoodi!...

Kievsky Bells the Katz
by Andrei Kievsky (2/24/02)
Kievsky goes to synagogue to confront "hate" "expert" Jack Levin with the truth about Jews and their behavior. They respond in classic Hate Jew fashion....

by Douglas Wright(2/24/02)
Why we use the term...

Fiction: It's a Wonderful Race
by A. DePascale (2/24/02)
A classic tale about what it means to be White, modeled after the Capra movie...

Dachau Now, Part One
by J.B. Hood (2/23/02)
A short story about AmeriKwa a few years from now, when Lieberman's president and white skin's proof of a hate crime. Part one of two...

A Letter to My Nigger-Loving Cousin
by W.P. (2/23/02)
A woman describes what happens when her foolish White relative takes up with a nigger...

Gross Queers and National Public Radio
by Andrei Kievsky (2/21/02)
On public radio and public schools pushing pedophilia in Massachusetts...

Louie Hooey
by Carol Ward (2/20/02)
On the brave new world of AmeriKwa, with barcoded bovines and beefmasters...

Snowdrifts: Part Two
by William Randolph Royere III (2/19/02)
On the Movement and definitions...

Do-It-Yourself Hate Letter
by Mark Rivers (2/19/02)
Want to write a hate letter to VNN but too stupid/lazy to think one up? No problem, we've got you covered!

Psychological Terrorism

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The Taliban Home Video

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Operation 911: NO SUICIDE PILOTS

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