13 August, 2019

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A news quote from Aug. 13: “Following last weekend’s mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he and President Trump are considering stricter background checks and ‘red flag’ laws.”


Did you know that, if a newborn baby doesn’t properly bond with his mother at birth and immediately after birth, he’ll be more-or-less ruined forever? Yes. The baby needs a strong psychological connection with his mother in order to grow into a normal human being. Consider that, all of you liberated, family-destroying “working moms.”

The foundation of any healthy Western country is the nuclear family (i.e., a father, a mother and kids). The family, by its very existence, creates, in the minds of its members, feelings of belonging and acceptance. The family is an anchor. The family has a psychological “centering” or grounding effect on humans. Family is “the one constant thing” in life. Friends come and go, but family is forever. Without strong, loving families, Western societies collapse. Without families, children grow into stunted, warped, ugly human beings. And some of them become mass murderers.

So it’s funny, and sad, to see politicians offer ridiculous, band-aid “cures” for what ails America.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know what ails America. The rot is at the very core of our society.

Thanks to feminism and liberalism (translation: thanks to Jewish-led political activism since circa 1945), half of all White kids today don’t have families or come from broken homes. It’s no wonder that America is currently in deep shit. (Trivia: welfare, a huge liberal program which began in the 1960s under President Johnson and has cost $22 trillion dollars so far [paid for by White people], played a major role in destroying the American family. Under welfare, the government replaced fathers in the home, becoming a substitute “daddy”).


12 August, 2019

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(Above: Apache Indian chief Geronimo had heap big medicine. Chevrolet even had a pick-up truck named after the Indians: the Apache).

The “American Indians” are basically worthless people. They’ve given the world…let’s see…”slaughtering White people” and corn. And some of them made cool — if somewhat gaudy — silver jewelry. Not exactly inventive people, is my point. And, go to any Indian reservation in America and it’s a dysfunctional slum. It’s like a New York City ghetto on the plains.

So imagine this:

“…both polls found 9 out of 10 Native Americans were not offended by the team’s name” (i.e., the Washington Redskins football team).

Those Injuns seem to be smarter than I thought. They seem to know that, far from being offensive, the team name actually honors the Injuns. As do many other team names: the Cleveland Indians, the Kansas City Chiefs, and so on.


11 August, 2019

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“Queer Theory has infested all of our public and private institutions. Corporations, social media, churches, schools, colleges, libraries, city governments, and the corporate media have all partaken of the queer Kool-aide. With cult-like devotion, they spread the insanity that gender is just an idea and a feeling rather than a biological fact. Queer theory is a complete rejection of biological sex, traditional couplings, and western civilization as we know it. It rejects hetero-normative couplings and embraces all forms of sexually depraved fetishes including pedophilia, bestiality, sado-masochism, and incest as legitimate and perfectly acceptable.” [1].



[1] caliphate = a government under a caliph (leader). Or, a political/cultural beachhead established before the rest of the troops arrive

11 August, 2019

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(Above: Victor Borge: not a “Dane” but a Jew)

Based upon several genuine studies, it is apparent that one of the key traits of White people is honesty [1]. They are usually truthful to a fault. Not so the Jews — they are just the opposite. The Jews are The People of the Lie. They live by lying and faking.

The “musical comedian” Victor Borge (1909-2000; real name: Borge Rosenbaum) was funny enough, I suppose. But that’s not the issue here.

Borge was billed as “The Great Dane,” implying that he was Danish — in other words, implying that he was White European.

But Borge wasn’t European. He wasn’t Danish. He may have lived in Denmark, but that doesn’t make someone Danish. Borge was a Jew who happened to be born in Denmark. He wasn’t White. Yet, he spent his life posing as “White.” (Jews are, genetically speaking, “near Eastern” and are similar to Arabs and Armenids).

Jews have had amazing success posing as White people.

Jews are the People of Lying. They live their lives posing and deceiving.


[1] “A country’s average honesty correlates with the proportion of its population that is Protestant” (you can translate “Protestant” to mean “White” in almost all cases, i.e., he’s talking about White countries, not African or “Latino” countries); study titled “Honesty and beliefs about honesty in 15 countries” by David Hugh-Jones, October 2015

10 August, 2019

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Liberal #1: “Oh, thank God! Now, 400 powerful liberals won’t be going to prison!”

Liberal #2: “Thank you, Lord!”

Jew #1: “Praise the Mossad!”

Jew #2: “Praise the sayanim!”


10 August, 2019

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“Systemic racism is a white problem” — Pete Buttigieg.

Here we go again. What about “the system” in many places such as Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit or Santa Ana, CA? In those places, “the system” is Brown or Black, not White. But regardless, ethnocentrism (a.k.a. racism) is more common among Browns and Blacks, who are raised on it from birth (e.g., parents telling their kids “White people hate you,” etc.) [1]. In the White community, racism has nearly vanished, thanks to decades of multicultural propaganda pushed by the schools, the media and Hollywood. And the Jews are the most ethnocentric of all humans; indeed, Judaism is a racist creed posing as a religion; Jews were the first people to claim racial superiority (“the chosen”!) in their official doctrines and in their day-to-day lives; read about Judaism’s halakhic/Talmudic laws [2].



[1] “In general, blacks and other minorities have much stronger explicit ethnic identities than whites do.” — research paper “Psychology and White Ethnocentrism” by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, The Occidental Quarterly, Winter 2006/2007

[2] the halakhic religious laws are strictly followed by orthodox Jews; those laws compare non-Jews to dogs and farm animals and they allow Jews to cheat, and steal from, non-Jews

9 August, 2019

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Before John Bonham, there was Ginger Baker: [Drum solo; duration is 10 minutes].

9 August, 2019

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Yes, we must be intolerant of the people who are intolerant towards traditional Americans, who hate us and attack us daily. We need a giant PAC (Political Action Committee), so to speak. A huge one. Five-million-people, or more, strong, acting as one giant unit, one giant body, one giant mind, to respond to the haters who hate traditional America. Groups of people are always much more powerful than lone individuals. (Disclaimer: this is not a call to any violence — see VNN’s legal disclaimer far below, at bottom of page). [Article].

9 August, 2019

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“Life under Robespierre and Stalin meant the relentless threat of anonymous charges, secret investigations, and public executions. We face similar threats today. If they are more subtle than the guillotine, they are equally ominous with respect to freedoms that Americans have long taken for granted. The great authors of the twentieth century have provided us with a chilling forecast and new adjectives: Orwellian and Kafkaesque.”

Indeed, according to today’s Left, if you are White, you are “guilty until proven innocent.” Just ask the Covington Catholic High School students. Just ask Donald Trump.


9 August, 2019

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Liberal #1: “Okay, we have two strategy options for winning the 2020 election. Option 1: we tell the American people the truth: that we’re going to raise their taxes 3,000 percent in order to pay for health care for illegal alie…oops, I mean, undocumented workers. Option 2: we call Donald Trump a ‘racist Nazi hatemonger’ as many times as humanly possible.”

Liberal #2: “Don’t we have any other options?”

Liberal #1: “Nope. That’s all we have. We’re liberals, remember? We don’t have many weapons in the armory. Taxing, name-calling, banning things, that’s about it.”

Liberal #3: “Uhhh, I vote for Option 2.”

Liberal #4: “Yeah, let’s go with Option 2.”